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Gig Update September 30, 2007

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Maiden’s 2008 schedule will be up on their site in October; they have had to add extra Aussie dates because Sydney and Melbourne sold out within minutes. Ticket sales for most countries will begin November (this be for the first leg of the tour)

Sepultura will play in Delhi. They have a three city tour planned, and they hit Delhi’s Hamsadwani theatre- for once Delhi gets not the miss.

I dislike Sepultura, but who knows. If they come at a convenient time, I may not be able to resist the lure.


September 30, 2007

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What will happen is this: once third year finishes, I will regret its being finished. I am sure I won’t want to go back to undergrad school, but I will miss an undefinable something. It’s the chronic nostalgia syndrome: you miss an idea you create in hindsight.

Nostalgia’s grip can be cruel, it depends on your present. If it is cherry and peaches, then the ache of the past is pleasant; if you are wandering clueless and blind, the pull can be dangerous.

As of now I have no clue how the N word will hit me…I do not know what I will do post graduation. But then again, it was in the last few months, or was it post-board exams, that I knew I was going to study literature. Chances are history will repeat itself.

Hair Cut September 26, 2007

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Olmert Oble wanted a hair cut, but nobody was willing to cut it for him.

The barber wanted a nap. The barber’s assistant was practicing being Head Barber by cultivating the artist’s atitude.

Olmert’s mother was a sweet old lady, but if there was one thing she stopped short of, it was wielding silver on a Wednesday.

The neighbour hesitated, but finally decided against it, because what would They Say, she an unmarried woman, and he, obviously on the lookout for a wife.

Finally Olmert came to me. Now I can do most things, and it would be a fair to assume that cutting hair would be included in my jack set.

Olmert has funny hair. Actually, he has very little hair, but most of what he has, is funny. It looks like mice have nibbled on it. It looks as if mice have had an unsatisfactory nibble at it.

When my daughter came into the room and Olmert told her that her Papa was cutting his hair, she looked startled. She took the clove out of her mouth and said, “But Papa, Olmert Oble has no hair!” And before the situation could get uglier, she stuck the clove back in, and went off to the kitchen to get more.

Olmert promised me two cans of plastic paint for my services. “I can’t pay you, you understand…you are not my barber. I cannot not pay you because you are not my friend…” He solved his moral dilemma but reaching a compromise- a can of paint for half his head. I did try to point out to him that not more than half his head needed a grooming, but he is hard of hearing at times.

Olmert picked my orange stool, and white towel. “Go, then, neighbour. Shear away, but prudently.”

And so I did. I must admit, I am rather fascinated by scissors. The shiny silver and the way they go ‘clip, clip’. My wife claims silver hypnotises me, but silly woman, there’s not much she gets right. Snip, snip, snip.

Olmert held the mirror behind his head. “Hold me head and position it, will you?”

He looked left-centre, then he looked right-centre. “Hm. You have made me rather bald, haven’t you? You Papa (to my daughter) is a particularly incapable hair dresser, isn’t he?”

Sucking on a clove she looked at him, blinking as little girls do. “Want a clove?” she asked.

“No.” he said.And picking up his hat, he turned around and left.

An evening of music, maggi and…other things :) September 24, 2007

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IIT Delhi just finished with Rendezvous (what a brilliant demo of coordination!) and me, I came away smitten by two things-Decibel(and HBH) and one question from the AV Quiz. First, the AV question-

A poster of Babel followed by a shot of a group of people holding weird cloth things. The question-connect the two (incidentally, the entire quiz was driven by CONNECT! questions 😀 ). The answer- Hitchhiker’s Guide. *applause* The cloth things were towels, and babelfish and towels…quite a delicious question, I must say 😀

The rockshow, Blitzkrieg, was quite amazing- the sound in the amphitheatre was mindblowing (but maybe I’m easily pleased,hehe… the amphi in my old school had horrendous accoustics…). This, incidentally, was also my first rock night. The Maiden tribute in TC doesn’t really count. The first band to play was Hell Bound Harmony (their name caused me much distress- I must have asked Pallavi what they were called some five-six times) and they were my personal favourite. I had thought they would be a thrashy/death metal-y band (the name, the name!) but their clean sound literally swept me away.

Decibel was the other band that caused me much happiness- Naagin is a future classic.

The most annoying feature of the evening was undoubtedly Vayu- fronted by a Jerk. The music is boring, the 30+ vocalist thinks we want to see him pretend kiss his Kazakhstani girlfriend while singing, informs ‘all the pretty girls’ that they are available on orkut, and considers Blitzkrieg a great forum to advertise their upcoming album. Their (too long) set was a great demo of self-aggrandizement. I hope to never suffer them again *shudder*

PS- I shall be a very sporadic blogger for some time.

Psps- I find out today that Vayu will play in our fest as well-NOoooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!*Sob**S.O.B*

Amusingness September 23, 2007

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“Are you someone?”

“Er, what?”

“Are you someone?”

“Er, WHAT?”

“I mean, are you with someone?”


“I want to get two of my friends into RDX. Are you both free?”


Amused smile. Silence. (Drug fest? Drug fest! Drug fest!)

“But what is RDX??”

“A place where people dance. Only couple entry” (Damn, and I thought it was a drug fest…)

“Will you go with them? Are you free?”

We are not interested aur actually ham free bhi nahi hain.”

Hahaha*blink*.  And RDX is still a mystery- it is either a poolside party or a disc within IIT…

September 20, 2007

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The feather wanted to stay, but the wind blew it along. The journey wasn’t unpleasant, but feather would rather stay. Uprooted every third second, just when it thought it had found a comfortable nook or cranny. Away,away.

Sigh,said the feather.

More Nonsense Poetry September 15, 2007

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My love affair with nonsense poetry continues. Sample these gems from The Nation’s Favourite Comic Poems


Gelett Burgess wrote the Purple Cow


I never saw a Purple Cow,

I never hope to see one;

But I can tell you, anyhow,

I’d rather see than be one.


Some years later he wrote again:


Ah yes! I wrote the ‘Purple Cow’-

I’m sorry, now, I Wrote it!

But I can Tell you, Anyhow,

I’ll Kill you if you Quote it!


This one from Hilaire Belloc-


Lord Finchley

Lord Finchley tried to mend the Electric Light

Himself. It struck him dead: And serve him right!

It is the business of the wealthy man

To give employment to the artisan.


By John Hegley-


In the Arms of my Glasses

they can call me softy

as ofty

as they please

but still I’ll stand by these

my little optical accessories

as they stop me walking into lamposts

and trees

when it’s foggy

and I’m out walking with my doggie



This is my favourite-


Spring in the Bronx


Spring is sprung,

Duh grass is riz

I wonder where dem boidies is.

Duh little boids is on duh wing-

But dat’s absoid:

Duh little wing is on duh boid.

Walk-Its the same road. September 9, 2007

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This post should have come up earlier, but owing to my insufferable laziness (more on that later…maybe), I left it till today.

DU demands that you do one of three compulsaries-NSO(sports), NSS(social work) or NCC(walk around in police uniforms) while you get B.A’d. Early on, I discovered the system was hollow- ours was one of the few colleges that actually enforced the diktat. My friends from other colleges would look at me like I’m from some other planet when I would ask them how they intended to finish their hours. Moreover, if the idea was to inculcate the love of sports or embed a sense of society in the undergrads, then they failed miserably-atleast in the case of the majority.

I had picked sports in my first year, and enthusiastically played more than the required one hour. The first year timetable was very easy(ah, the good ol’ days) and I never played for less than one and a half hours, and very often, would stretch it to two hours. When I inquired if the extra hours could be added to my daily quota (after all, I was coming a fair distance criminally early in the morning) I was told no. No matter how long you play, you can only put down one hour against your name. Thats when it hit me that this was all about mechanical rules-not the love of sports.

In my final year, I switched to NSS; not because I was struggling for hours, but because I felt I was now ready to interact with people (it was my fear of teaching and teaching little kids that had kept me away from opting for it in the second year, post-NSO disillusionment) . I was attached to a project which required me to do admin work (phew! 🙂 ) and last saturday was my first day of work.

My project is located in a clum cluster close to home, and when I met the project coordinator from that particular NGO, the first thing she asked me was whether I’d ever been in a slum. She said she’d let me discover what it was like on my own.

She took me to two of their centres within the slum, and it was a new experience for me because I had never been in one. Village,yes, not slum; and as she pointed out, the two were quite different.

One thing that hit me was how…not different…it was. It is a very big slum cluster, and all the little huts had an address painted on them. Children were doing children things, and the coordinator seemed much at home. Two pre-nursery teachers were engaged in painting one of the rooms. One kid was beating up another kid-a mock fight, apparently, with the beater and ‘beatee’ forgetting the ‘mock’ part of it. More kids were playing, what else, cricket, with improvised bats and balls.

She walked me around the area, and I saw the narrow but clean lanes, the cramped quarters that housed families, and more narrow lanes. I felt I was in Calcutta. I don’t know what I sub-consciously expected- an aura of sadness and anger? A pervasive sense of hopelessness? I was there for a mere two hours, but in that time I felt neither. Ofcourse the time was too short, but maybe I need to rearrange my sub-conscious(and patooee to those who say one can’t).

I’m looking forward to my next visit, when I shall paint some walls and do up some boards. Maybe one day I will teach.

Maiden India 2008…Eddie gets high and goes global :D September 8, 2007

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Yes, they come again! In their own jet plane! Let the insanity begin! 😀