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I remain sporadicblogger February 27, 2007

Posted by K in contemporary, Life, Nature.
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 It’s spring! I don’t think I’ve ever noticed spring in delhi before. I imagined it to be like in the movies. Bare naked trees suddenly spouting colour. Which, ofcourse, is not something you get to see in Delhi’s climate, and hence I’ve missed my first sight of spring for years. Yesterday, however, it suddenly struck me that the big red/orange flowers that I kept seeing every now and then, on tall, white-trunked trees, were a  testimony to the fact that spring does hit Delhi 🙂 They look beautiful, so many  of them dotting the branches, and the trees are tall enough for them to be framed by the sky, which has kept amazing colour for the past few days. These trees even manage to make ugly buildings look presentable, so powerful is their effect 🙂 I seem to remember these flowers from my childhood. I think we had one of these trees in our colony. And if I remember correctly, they don’t smell too nice, and to a kid of eight, smell is boss. I used to turn up my nose at anything that didn’t have atleast a faint fragrance,:). Wisdom comes with age,lol 😉  wish I could stand with a camera, in the middle of the road, capturing these trees in bloom. However, my cranky cam, traffic, and distance to the nearest tree ensure that this will remain a dream, atleast for a while 🙂

Hell Hath no Fury like Nature Spurned February 23, 2006

Posted by K in Calamity, Death, Nature.
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You would think that in todays world it is impossible to be cut-off from civilization. I thought so too. But Nature is Boss. Trees uprooted,many falling on men and women running here and there. So much rain, like long knitting needles, scarring you maliciously. A sadistic pleasure, almost, in proving that anything can be unmade. The relief started coming in, but ours was a small place away from the lime light.

In a little shelter. Beds,cots, mattresses all thrown together. Still people sleeping on the floor. Sweat, tears, even love. A man next to me, always doing things that made people hate him. Why? It was as if he needed others to punish him for being unable to save his family. Even his oldest son was not spared. The old woman next to me, the orphaned girl, bother equally besieged by hysteria. Madness,madness! And why not? One devastating second- and suddenly, people dead everywhere! No warning, no time to prepare; how can you prepare to lose loved ones? Emptiness clawing at you. You want to believe. It agonises you that you cannot .An overwhelming sense of being all alone, even when you’re forced to share your blanket with two others.

So much activity, suddenly an avalanche of cameras. A donated radio tuned in to the local news-nothing but endless warnings about the turn of the weather .Experts predicting other such disasters in the near future.

I like your concern. Thank You for Feeling For Me.

My Love February 23, 2006

Posted by K in contemporary, Life, Nature, Poem.

I am the Spirit

Of all living things,

I am the Spirit

Of all green things.

I am Nature,

I am a human being;

I am the stars,

I am the seas.
I flit across,

I travel afar-

I move with the waters,

I flow with the breeze.

I dance on tree tops,

I sing with the bees;

I grow with the flowers:

I whirl through the streets.

I am here, there, everywhere;

I am so small,I am so big,

I am the Creator, the overseer-

Of all things on earth.

I used to feed my hungry eyes, I stared at fields of green,

The colour of the grass, of the charming flowers-

Bathed in the rays

Of the yellow sun.

I used to inhale, I used to breathe-

The scent of the flowers, the breeze from the trees;

A whiff of wet earth, a whiff of the seas-

Would cleanse my soul, would cleanse my being.

I used to taste the fresh morning air,

I used to taste the starry nights:

I would feed on wild berries, I would drink from the cup

A brew made by me, the elixir of life.

I used to touch the air around me,

I used to touch the skies;

I used to feel the rays of the sun,

I used to touch my Earth.

I used to hear the sounds of the woods,

The roaring murmur of immortal seas;

I used to hear the footfalls of all creatures:

Now I hear only one.

I hear the ever-loudening footfalls of Man.

He, who holds humanity in his hand

He, whose mind is brittle, thoughts impressionable;

He, whose heart will obey, those who can dictate to it.

He, who thinks he alone is right-

He, who is a foolish fanatic.

He, who will crush those who stand in his way-

He, who is destroying Nature, he who is destroying me.

He is uprooting the green of the fields:

He is slashing away the red of the flowers;

I am turning blind; my sight is gone-

There is nothing left for me to see.

He is flinging fumes into the air-

He is polluting the seas.

I am choking! God help me!

What do I breathe?!

The fresh morning air? The cool starry nights?

Have changed into black day, and night.

The berries are gone, the elixir contaminated;

I cannot eat, therefore I starve.

No more can I touch the air around me, nor can I touch the skies;

The skin on my fingers just shrivels away, with every tentative thrust.

I can feel no more, my touch is dead.

Oh woe! What use is a senseless thing?

The sounds from the woods I hear alright-

The sounds of trees being felled:

The sounds of cars, the sounds of machines-

Have torn my ears, now I hear no more.

I see my creatures die everyday,

I see my trees bleed to death:

I am seeing my Earth wither away;

Grief is strangling my heart!

Tears may well fall from my sightless eyes,

But what can be their use?

Can they reconstruct oceans?

Can they bring back what is lost?

I am completely at Man’s mercy-

But is that always so bad?

Every now and then a glimpse I catch-

Which fills me with undying hope…

They are waking up, they know that they need

All the forest’s creatures, all the forest’s trees;

They know that with me their souls too will die,

For I am the Spirit, the Spirit of ALL beings.

The day draws near, when I become whole again,

I know aeons may pass before that happens again.

I shall wait, I won’t lose hope:

I am reassured by the voices that call-

“Wake! Wake!

Before it is too late!”