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Sabrina November 14, 2008

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Humphrey Bogart is HAWT! 😀 My old department at college is Litmusing again, and Sabrina was screened. I loved the movie and, yeah, Mr. Bogart. Grin. Although in the scene where he punches his brother he’s really funny, because he simply isn’t the punching kinds 😀

(Oh, talking about litmus- Litmus 2008 is underway and Lord Mani shall be conducting another excellent quiz tomorrow. Any stray Delhi people here might find it worth their while to check out the quiz.)

Audrey Hepburn looks like an alien. I’ve only seen a handful of her movies and she is fascinating. There was something very unearthly about her. I love how she has thick eyebrows in the movie 😀

November 13, 2008

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Children grow up to lose their childhood; that is the
pattern, yes? But that’s not really true, is it? We grow up to find our
childhood, we live as children of the adult world. Our sorrows and worries,
they come and go, but while we live in them, we think they are so big, don’t we?
Just like as children, an argument would seem like the end of happy life, only
to be forgotten the next day, as playtime approached again. Forgiving becomes
harder in the second childhood. Or maybe I mean forgetting.

Nothing really matters. But paradoxically, everything does.
Passing that exam, washing those clothes, satisfying that craving for food. And
if ignored, we realise that we could go without just as easily.

I’m glad I’m alive. I don’t know what I’m doing here, I don’t
have answers. I’m looking. And every now and then, when banality enters my
life, I realise the perfect answer is available.


‘E flicked his nose and blew a raspberry.

(I was going to make these into three separate posts, but
unfortunately, my internet connection is indirectly suggesting I shrink it to
one. My connection has been really slow for the past two days…I’m wondering
if I’ve picked up an ugly.)

I’ve been back in Delhi since November 24. I’ve been to the
library-once. I have met a friend-once. I have met another friend-twice
(principally because she lives closer to home). The rest of the time I’ve just
sat at home doing- nothing. Ok, so I stay up nights downloading and watching
Season 5 of Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve watched most of the movies I had collected on
my laptop. I’ve read the books I borrowed from the library (Ice-Candy Man-nice.
Agatha Christie x 3-cute.)

Why is it that most (all?) hoardings depicting women have so
much cleavage on display? I mean, yes, secret project objectify and all that,
but in our context (read-‘Indian’) that is so far removed from reality. Is that
why ‘Indian’ men have such a problem with the female body? Quite a disconnect-
hoardings suggesting an image that doesn’t find confirmation on the streets.

That bit in Ice-Candy Man where the ice-candy man suggests
to his Sikh friend that he can get rid of his tenants by arranging a mass
flashing of genitals at the women. I found that very disturbing. Why should the
sight of a penis offend someone? How can it be used to insult the watcher? And
I was even more disturbed to realise that I would be distressed if I were
flashed like that. Not because my eyes are delicate-but because of the
assumption that one gender can exert its sexual power on me by the mere
suggestion of violation.

November 5, 2008

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How on EARTH do people move?? More pertinently, how on earth do nesters move?

To put the above questions in perspective-a) we’re moving, and b) half the family nests.

To illustrate b)- I have a pencil box that I have used since I was 10(green and yellow. Lion King. Simba and Timon(the little fellow?) repose in blessed bliss on the cover. And yes, I’m 21and I still use a pencil box). I was highly distressed when said pencil box disappeared a while back and wept with joy when it was recovered the following day, albeit missing a few beautiful implements (a pen which sheathed like a sword).

Oh yeah, and I have reports and projects and dried flowers and used wrapping papers and much much more to remind me of the years past. Other members of the family hoard pen cases and much, much more for pretty much the same reasons. Some also go to the other extreme and want throw away EVERYTHING, like old artwork and other things which, in most cases of relatively normal human beings, would hold sentimental value. The ‘some’ would actually go by the name of my brother, who in all his wisdom, nevertheless manages to create clutter by buying endless amounts of needlessly fat Commando Comics (and other needless books), needlessly frequently, and needlessly eating up space on the book-rack. And I have needlessly used needlessly too many times.

So, we move in less than a month. And I’m wondering how the hell it’ll ever happen.

Clever packing tips shall be appreciated. Jokes aimed at the pencil box shall not. Harumph.