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June 14, 2009

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Monalisa thought she smelt leaking gas, so she went to the kitchen and lit a match. Monalisa(her parent was a fan) had time to utter a mildly surprised, oh, before the flame was snatched out of her hand. Ah, I was right, she thought to herself, watching the flames curl around her.

Just as the last bit of her turned to ash, she blinked her eyes and woke up.

“Welcome to Heaven” said a disembodied voice.

“Ah, but I am an atheist”, said she (now nameless, owing to death).

“Yes I know,” said the disembodied voice (no thunder bolts of lightening, very, very frightening. Just a woosh sound).

And Monalisa (just so you know who I am referring to) woke up to find she was now —- . The Grandmother was a fan.

The disembodied voice clicked off google and had a giggle.


On Hold… June 12, 2009

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…sort of indefinitely. I began my internship from 1st June, and after a 7 hour day staring at the computer screen, and 4 hours of travelling thrown in, I just don’t have the inclination to turn on a computer. My desktop, with its MTNL broadband also refuses to open any wordpress sites, so weekends is the only time I get,really 🙂

I’m reading (re-reading actually, though its been so long, it feels like a first time read) the Bartimaeus trilogy, and the narrative style I do like. I’m very much a P.S. person- life’s not complete without P.S.’s, and Bartimaues’s narrative is peppered with footnotes. That was one of the things I loved about No Smoking, too; those thought bubbles. I wonder why people don’t use it more often. And an informal, casual, but tight, method of presentation.

Oh, btw, IPTV, anyone? It’s cheaper than Dish, Tata Sky, etc., and claims the quality is superior. We installed it a few days back, and so far, its been ok. The connection conks off sometimes, but after more than 2 years of no TV, it feels fine! It has very decent channels on offer (which is why its cheap- for a flat rate, you get pretty much all the channels you want.) I only wish SOME provider would offer Hallmark. It used to be my favourite channel, and nobody offers it anymore 😦

My work is pretty interesting, mostly because I’m stepping into an alien environment. Most people give me blank looks when I tell them I’m interning with a Trade Union, but the work atmosphere is great. Lunch is cooked in the office and everyone sits together to eat. Its a tiny place, and 2 of my bosses often bring their kids to work as they don’t have any other option. I’m going to work on stuff I have never worked on, and mentally attuning myself to their radar will be an interesting process. I like it here.

I’ve been told I’ll follow one policy issue and one labour issue throughout my 6 month tenure, and spend a month-ish at an affiliate trade union in west bengal or north india. At the moment, I’m reading up on the India-EU free trade agreement (I REALLY don’t like economics 😦 )

The weather was lovely yesterday, wasn’t it. The sky was that colour which offsets trees and flowers to their best. You know…the greens glow and the reds literally pulsate. Picturesque background to the man on the footpath who looked ill. There were flies around him. I knew I was never going to take him in an auto to a hospital and see him through his treatment, but I thought what if I did. I kept imagining myself ill on a footpath. I can’t.