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Gig Update September 30, 2007

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Maiden’s 2008 schedule will be up on their site in October; they have had to add extra Aussie dates because Sydney and Melbourne sold out within minutes. Ticket sales for most countries will begin November (this be for the first leg of the tour)

Sepultura will play in Delhi. They have a three city tour planned, and they hit Delhi’s Hamsadwani theatre- for once Delhi gets not the miss.

I dislike Sepultura, but who knows. If they come at a convenient time, I may not be able to resist the lure.



1. sahil - September 30, 2007

hmm….me does not like sepultura much either……

2. keshav - October 1, 2007

check out Sepultura’s Chaos AD..

im alive.. and so is my blog now!

3. sporadicblogger - October 1, 2007

sahil- You have good taste 😉

keshav-greetings! One thought you had gone into hiding! Chaos AD shall be checked out…

4. sahil - October 1, 2007

thanks 🙂
yeah, i’m very selective when it comes to metal…..well, basically any genre, really

5. Keshav - October 4, 2007

I like hiding!

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