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MAIDEN!!!! INDIA!!! 2008!!! SCREAM FOR ME ‘M’BAI! February 2, 2008

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I’m baaaack!!! Time for a review, and this time, since the hysteria of seeing Iron Maiden for the first time isn’t applicable, it will be a more mature account. *cough*

I SAW THE PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SAW THE PLANE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I SAW THE PLANE TWICE!!!!!!!!!!! I saw it parked in a bay when I landed (distant view, but oh, most faintworthy!!!!) AND TODAY WHEN I WAS ON THE WAY TO THE AIRPORT I saw it taking off. I mean, this is sweet justice, for short people like me. We may not get to see much of the stage (Sob. Boo hoo.) BUT WE SEE THE PLANE!!!!!!! Or I did, at any rate smilie

In case you’re wondering why I go on so about the plane, here’s why.



Custom made piece of genius smiliesmilie Flown by Captain Bruce Dickinson.


(Photo courtesy Melville Sequeira)

In case I haven’t mentioned already…Ed Force One (Flight no. 666; seriously, and always) carried some 20 tonnage of equipment (Every song had a different back drop), all the band members and all the crew!

Okay, back to the gig. I was quite apprehensive about the Mumbai crowd because I had heard bad, baaad things about them. I was supposed to meet two lots of friends at the grounds and funnily enough it turned out that they knew each other and were meeting up anyway 😀 I ended up seeing a lot of familiar faces, 3 people from school.

However, back to outside, at 3:PM when I reached the MMRDA grounds, Bandra-Kurla Complex, I was astounded to see a line a few 100 people deep. Gates opened at 4, so I was fretting and expecting to see a mile long line by the time I reached, as is what happened in B’lore.

Not Mumbai, it seemed. There were ticket counters outside the venue, as was an official merchandise outlet. The infrastructure was waay better this time; not only was there no shortage of drinkable fluids, vendors were actually bringing them up to you throughout the concert.

I was very surprised at the size of the venue. I had imagined it to be bigger or atleast the same size as the Palace Grounds. It seemed tiny and till just before Maiden, there didn’t seem to be too many people around. We had decided to stand centre middle; ie. close to the mixer board where the sound is generally the best, and where, we imagined, we would get the best view, all things considered. The other option was go right up front and risk being caught in a mosh pit. Well, the sound was good, way better than Bangalore, and even though we were so far back, I got to see more of the band on stage than last time, although I missed the energy that comes with standing closer to the stage. As far as I could make out, the stage was built higher this time, and there was a ramp at the back for Bruce to do his stuff. And ofcourse he climbs the steel supports on the sides again smilie

There was some serious pushing once Maiden began, but thankfully it subsided before it got crazy. There were, apparently 3-4 mosh pits somewhere about, however and I REALLY wonder how people can mosh to Maiden…Maiden is headbanging stuff, not let-me-hurt-you-you-hurt-me-stuff…

The opening acts finished their stuff quite quickly this time, which was strange. There was a good half hour-forty five minute gap before Maiden came on. Nervereck, the CRI winners, were quite good; I liked them although the crowd was impatient to get Maiden on-stage. They did not get half as horrible a reception as fTn last year, and deservedly. Lauren Harris came next (good on you, Steve 🙂 ) and she was waay better(than last time). Her USP was more than simply her looks (all the men and some women couldn’t take their eyes off her…as usual) or, as Akriti put it, ” I have to admit she has great hair”, and she didn’t repeat her annoying HOW YA DOIN BANGALORRE this time. She has a powerful voice, and I don’t think I’ll mind seeing her opening for Maiden once again. It’s not my type of music but I dig her vocals 🙂 Her drummer is one cool cat, hehe. She looks to be oldish and has a platinum blonde almost mohawk, and the guitarists are pretty good too. Parikrama was the last and final opening act, this was their fourth time opening for Maiden in a year, and they were naturally ver grateful to Maiden and management. They also made us thank DNA, and for once I agree, and say again THANK YOU DNA (bring ’em again 😉 ) Their set seemed really short this time, they did the new stuff, which I like, but I wish they had played Open Skies again. The mad violinist has got even madder, Imran Khan smilie

The crowd was steadily growing by now, as I mentioned, and once Maiden came on, whoa, it was difficult to move. Blore, however, was more crowded, and the crowd at dear old Bengaluru had more energy!! From where I was standing, I could barely see people jumping and when I began jumping, two people gave me weird looks and said to each other ‘yeh to/isse to char gai hai’. Those two weren’t Maiden fans anyway, they just came coz they wanted to see a live concert. So whatever, I knew I looked mad, but this was about getting mad, anyway. I just hope my hair didn’t whip into too many people. I asked Akriti, who was directly behind me, but either she was too nice or she was so busy having the time of her life that she didn’t even notice smiliesmilie

I felt sorry for the people I was standing next to; I sing horribly and I was, well, singing along, singing wrong a lot of times, because I suck with lyrics in the ordinary way anyway, and in the middle of a gig how can I be expected to keep my wits about smilie

The setlist was mostly predictable but what the hell, we all loved it smilie

  1. Aces High (AMAZING live!! Churchill’s speech included)
  2. Two Minutes to Midnight
  3. Revelations (YAYAYAYAYAYAY smilie)
  4. Run to the Hills
  5. Fear of the Dark
  6. WASTED YEARS!!! smiliesmiliesmilie The crowd went MAD!
  7. Rime of the Ancient Mariner (Bone chilling, out of the planet, beyond words. Met up to expectation and more. He introduced it like he did on LAD, and I knew it was coming, so I went on like a broken record, saying ‘This is what NOT to do when a bird shits on you’ and then laughed like a maniac when he finally said it. ‘kin AWESOME!!!)
  8. Hallowed Be Thy Name (the classics and by now run of the mill, got the greatest crowd response. I’ve got to admit, the Mumbai crowd is more tuneful than Bangalore! smilie Bruce noticed too, you guys are good singers, he said smilie. )
  9. POWERSLAVE! (Bruce did many costume changes, more than I expectedsmilie He began with those BNW and DoD trousers, an armour like triangular jacket and a funny cap (beanie some called it…) on his head. He lost the cap soon, had a brilliant mask on for powerslave, an AMAZING cape for some, and ofcourse, he donned the red costume for Trooper again!!)
  10. The Number of the Beast (It was amazing when the crowd screamed out the intro words with Bruce… Woe to You Oh Earth and Sea… The 666 bit reverberated a fair bit, I can tell you!!)
  11. Can I Play with Madness (Another massive favourite)
  12. The Clairvoyant (I love this song, get goosebumps everytime I hear it)
  13. Iron Maiden ( always, ALWAYS a killer! The most simple song lyrically but BOY oh boy what madness it evokes and invokes in you!!smilie)
  14. MOONCHILD (A surprise; as Bruce himsef said, they haven’t done this in a while)
  15. Heaven Can Wait (AWESOME!!! Especially the chorus bit. I caught a passing glimpse of the fanclub members who got to go ‘whoa-o-o-o’ with the band..lucky bums!)

Bruce was quite chatty and funny. The Bombay/Mumbai confusion got a little time. “Good EVENING Bombay, Mumbai, whatever”. “When we were growing up we read about a place called Bombay,” he said. “And now, we’re told, it’s called Mumbai…We were told, no matter what you do, do NOT call it *pause* *pause* MUMBAI!” We all loved it, ofcourse smilie “So what we’re going to do is compromise and call it ‘M’ Bai!!” That had the crowd roaring with laughter again.

He indicated that India was now firmly on their touring map, so all of us basically get to see Maiden again…and again…and again…smiliesmiliesmilie He was in top form, his vocals are better than they have ever been, and his amazing stage presence is getting un-representable in the mere words of a mortal! He had fun with the crowd, asking us to “SCREAM FOR ME LONG BEACH haha” “I guess that only works in Long Beach”. He did many manic laughs and BOY do his manic laughs sound great! smilie While introducing the band, he introduced Nicko as the most sartorically challenged one, to an appreciative roar. I think Steve must have got the loudest cheer (YAY, hehe :D), and we were all chanting Bruce’s name as he paused theatrically before announcing himself. Actually, I dont remember if he did finally introduce himself smilie

There were a fair few foreigners again, with a Bangladeshi contingent this time ,who got themselves clicked with their flag. Sky News, Sam Dunn and several news channels were covering the gig. The press conference before the gig too can be found on the net. I shall link to them later.

There was an official merch store, and they had some cool stuff, including three tour shirts and an eye of Horus cap. I wish I had bought a tee, in hindsight. Shall hopefully see them around in stores like last timesmilie

Maiden began with a recording of Doctor Doctor and ended with Python’s Always Look on the Bright Side of Life as usual. I love them both, they are so typically maiden and appropriately indicative of what is to follow. Always Look on the Bright Side of Life especially seems to me to sum up all that is maiden- British, humour and british humour smilie amongst other things
I am SO glad I went!! I might have enjoyed the B’lore gig much more ( I would still rate that gig higher, for whatever reasons-mostly because of the crowd), but this was royal!!! I am sure I have left out many other amazing (there goes that word again! 😀 ) things, but I am still wallowing in the after-effects of the SECOND MAIDEN GIG OF MY LIFE!!!smiliesmilie

So begins the world tour of 2008…Somewhere Back in Time indeed!

SCREAAAM FOR ME MUMBAAIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


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 Is playing at Download this June. For the uninitiated… Download Festival at Donnington Park, London is one of THE biggest rock fests in Europe.

Maiden were so impressed by them that they’ve been asked to open for them.

PArikrama has created a myspace account, and they request all fans (and non fans who are willing to<–I add this) to please go to  myspace.com/parikramaindia and add themselves as friend.

Thank you the all 😀 Much obliged 😀