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Ramblings of an Unscholarly Mind… April 24, 2008

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To counter my absolute blankness when faced with the books I am supposed to answer 75 marks worth questions on, I opened my notebooks. I had a total of four notebooks this year (no, make that five…I think) to take, well, notes, and I had picked them all with tender loving care. My favourite one was the one with the champagne glass on the cover. It’s appeal is obvious 😉 Then there was the breathtaking art on the red one, which I reserved for one of my ex-favourite teachers. The one with the abandonment and music on the cover was rather nice as well, but the point I am trying to make, is that these beauteous notebooks…contain no classnotes.

I flip page after page, and find graffiti, doodles, graffiti, maiden, graffiti and…you get the picture. So I thought I would dedicate this post to my class time activities. Let me reproduce here the things that held my attention, while the rest of the class was (presumably) engaged in scholarly pursuit.

  • 29/02/08 (I have a habit of obsessively dating my ‘notes’) : In parentheses- Chucked out of previous two classes for not reading text *grin*

This would be the Conrad class, where for about 3-4 four classes the teacher taught 5 out of some 40 students, because the rest hadn’t read Heart of Darkness, teehee.

  • 15/02/08 (This is in Pallavi’s handwriting; we were mocking something, but I forgot what…) ‘Every woman needs her daily male’
  • 22/01/08 sees the pictoral, stick figure representation of The Life of A. Parthosarathy, and involves an attempt of said gentleman to understand his solitude…’cept there’s a power-cut and he forgets the question. I shall try and post a pic of it sometime.
  • 24/01/08: Pictoral depiction of two clouds trying to eat each other.
  • 18/01/08: ‘Fresh, crust, roast, crisp, crunch’. An enumeration of my favourite food sounds (I think I was hungry,lol)
  • 03/03/08: ‘We sail away… On ships of wonder’ Beautiful lyrics from Rainbow. Catch the Rainbow, I think. Minor case of ear worming, I think.
  • 29/01/08: A stylized ‘REAPERS REPOSE’. Two Eddies on the page, and the inevitable SCREAM FOR ME MUMBAI!!! Iron Maiden Somewhere Back in Time.
  • 17/01/08: “Give me freedom, or kill me!”
  • 20/09/07: In a Swift class, discussing the living dead, the Struldbrugs in Gulliver’s Travels – ‘Dead-in-Law’ Har har har.
  • 4/12/07: I was apparently in a ‘familial’ mood. Figures drawn of Eddie’s Mother, and Harlequin’s brother.
  • 17/01/ 08: scribbled along the margin top of the page- ‘sleepy sleepy sleepy Gray sleepy sleepy sleepy’. This was during a lecture on Thomas Gray, delivered by a teacher who is quite good, but unfortunately, possesses quite a soporific drone 🙂
  • 4/12/07(etched in blood, it says): (Hertfordshire) doesn’t get Maiden… Mumbai does. *GRIN* MODERN MAN fell asleep. Eddie woke him up and said “Will you scream for Bangalore? I am trying to shift the MAIDEN…INDIA…2008 venue.”
  • 17/10/07: Rama Rama Melodrama Sniff sniff sneeze Fly with the breeze Eat your pen Inhale.
  • 30/10/07: In a DH Lawrence Sons and Lovers class- ‘Mother did actually want to be a man’. ‘ Miriam…books did not matter to her’. (In my defense: I was busy admiring graffiti on desks in all DH Lawrence classes)
  • 29/08/07– Lots of Maiden… ‘Transcendental Eddie’.……’IRON MAIDEN OWNS YOUR SOUL (YOU JUST DON’T KNOW IT YET 😉 ) …………..Air Harris!……………FREEZE YOUR SOUL AND MAYBE EDDIE WON’T EAT YOU HAIR \m/

And so on, and so forth 🙂 I think I shall put up a post with all the graffiti I copied from desks…they deserve to be read 😀 What creativity people show, I tell you! 😀


August 14, 2007

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Sometime back I wrote about how ‘liberated’ I felt when two friends and I took a bus back at 9:30 at night.

This is connected to that.

Miss Delhi

Warren Hastings ka Saand June 30, 2007

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I have a tag to answer and Aridhi’s performance to write about. Tag I think I shall do later, aridhi’s acting review I’ll do now 😉 Atleast, a short one. I shall do all the writing later.

I loved her emoting on stage…it was very realistic, not melodramatic. I hate melodrama 🙂 As a Sutradhar, I thought she did a better job than most of the others. The right pauses, the right amount of referring to the projected painting on the curtain. The voice projection, enunciation and volume were rather brillaint too : )

The laughing role ( was it the Malin role?)  was awesome too. I think I liked her best in the comic roles. It is just her thing! I could not believe how she lifted the role of an ordinary cow to such levels! Yes, she played a cow, which meant that she covered herself in a white sheet, stooped and walked about the stage mooing with the other cows.

She, however, brought the cow alive. I don’t know why I go on and on about the cow role and not the others, but I guess it is because of the way a potentially low-key role was transformed into such a unique one. I wish I could do that : )

Oh dear, this sounds rather like a report card! I shall have to redo this post when I’m feeling chirpier 🙂 Goodbye till then 🙂

I Come February 8, 2007

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One step up

The measured tread

The sea is safely away


Two steps up

The sea still away

When the third-


Breaks the tread,

A monstrous wave

Savages the distance


The sand beneath the feet


Watch what washes out to sea.


April 27, 2006

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It was night time. The street was well lit. A girl was walking. Alone; but the street was well lit. every now and then she would turn around and check if anyone was there.

It was a long street.



It was daytime. People were moving on streets. One girl moved among them. Blind and paralysed.

“Shall I help you cross the street?” asked a kind soul.

The girl turned a sightless eye, but heard only a cacophony of noises.



It was a bright, sunny day. There were people on the beach. Everywhere you looked, you saw…friends.

“Let’s play!” said one of them.

And suddenly she slid to the centre. And the others rotated on a merry-go-round.



An ordinary day. A coffee table, a mug of coffee. A magazine, open on a centre page.

A bird flew in, hopped onto the table. Looked at the open page. A few moments of incomprehension; then with a start, it flew away.


The coffee remained undrunk; and then, a gust of wind swept in. The pages rustled, then flew about with frenzy. Suddenly, there was a thump. The magazine had fallen off the table, right side up.


Lost March 7, 2006

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There were two birds

Sat side by side

Pulling at twigs

They found beside

Hop and skip

Staid followed the other

An about turn:

Hop skipped the other

A friendly push

Back flew the other

Let’s watch the match

Said both together

“I lost a friend”

Confided one to another

“No, she lost you,”

Assured the other.

They stayed together

Through seasons many

Friends enough

To meet occasional monthly

A storm one season

A gathering tidal wave

That friend is gone

Remnants of a person remain.

The lone bird watches a wing tip

Wonders why

It doesn’t think to cry

Launches itself for an untroubled fly

Would be nice if it could remain

Trapped in the web of old

But birds of a feather flock together;

Born-again ones fly happily (uneasily?)alone.

A strange person February 23, 2006

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I know a girl who does strange things. She used to be a good friend of mine. But not any more. I didn’t like her strangeness.

I felt queer when I was with her after a point of time…I felt small, insignificant, an unattractive, bumbling fool. She picked another friend. Ganged up with her, I felt, in letting loose cruel, witty one liners that made me feel terrible, and left others laughing. I admired her talent.

Naturally I thought the fault lay in me. That I couldn’t take it sportingly, that I didn’t have a fast tongue. The cumulation of all these feeling led to an incident of crying. I cried. Had to be encouraged though; it was an unfamiliar experience 🙂

Now I know she does it to others as well. It was’t something about me specifically. I know her latest victim. Love her, she’s my friend. There is nothing in her that marks her as inferior to the Strange One. And I know that I didn’t necessarily over react in my time. It relieves me. I shed the load of two years the day before yesterday.