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The Obsession with Weight September 30, 2006

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Why is it that whenever one isn’t sufficiently plump, accusations of dieting comes their way? Every aunty/uncle worth his/her salt thinks talk of skinny models makes for good dinner table conversation. Beta, why aren’t you eating (because I stuffed myself silly before dinner?)? Did you know that even models are being told to fatten up( while we’re on the topic… um, no! Irritating and disgusting as it is, internationally, skinny models still fill out(pun not intended) the most expensive lingerie for the haute-est audience). A knowing laugh shared with the rest of the adult population and- really girls these days…!

The way I look at this, there are too many problems with this..this..this whatchamacalit(auntygiri? Girth-obssessed-giri?).

Firstly, just because I am physically incapable of dieting, it doesn’t mean that dieting in itself is a dirty concept. A good diet comprises healthy food, eaten at regular intervals-no oily, fried, and other no-no food items ingested…so if one were on a diet, wouldn’t it be a good thing? Shouldn’t it be aunty/uncle pleasing material in the same category as old-people-worship and singing/dancing Indianally?

And secondly, what makes a particular weight the ‘right’ weight? Who’s to say that I at my weight can’t physically outperform those twice it? What determines ‘health’? Not the weighing machine, I know.

The assumption that ‘girls these days’ obsess about weight, food intake and looks irritates me. There might be some girls (and boys, dear aunty/uncle) who do indeed sit down with calorie-calculators before any meal, but its downright silly to generalise and assume the entire female/male population within a certain age category is victim to the illness. I remember an article in Brunch some months back on this topic. The writer, an obnoxious, self- obsessed woman with controversial views, claimed that no woman can consume food without being conscious of the calorie intake. According to her, no woman (and what bugged me the most about her as-usual irritating piece was that she insisted on generalising) can eat a chocolate pastry or any other such item without feeling guilty. She went on giving many more examples, each time emphasizing how NO woman has ever eaten a cream filled pastry without feeling guilty before/during/after the event.

What a preposterous assumption! Most women I know (and not all have svelte figures either, and neither do they gym) cheerfully consume sinful deserts without giving a thought to guilt. Ours, thankfully, is not yet a weight-obsessed nation, though that will change soon enough. Globalisation, in all his kindness, will see to that.


Mmmm…The smell of a library… September 29, 2006

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I entered a t.r.u.e library after ages. A t.r.u.e library has to have old, crumbly books alongwith new. Therefore, the BCL doesn’t fall into the hallowed category of t.r.u.e libraries. And my t.r.u.e library happens to be my college library which I was forced to ignore until now for lack of Pink Library Card. Which is lost. Gone. And was un-replaceable till today. Replacement over, and Admin ehm-up meant lots of time on hand, so into the library I went. And stayed. I saw the library with new eyes today. It deserves respect. It has a respectable collection. I was spoilt for choice, and ended up with five books (after much deliberation and longs walks to distant shelves to replace previously favoured books) of which I picked three. Three that just happened to be the fattest of the lot, and consequently the heaviest. My bag was full. I depend upon public transporation( translate: buses). Enough said.

The spirituality and religion section had cobwebs coating it. An example of its readership? I hope not. There are some good books there. I have been recommended Conversations With God. Which I found on the cobwebbed shelves but couldn’t borrow because I have but three pink cards.

Enough of stilted writing. Ugh. Must write when brain works.

September 25, 2006

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The pall of death.Gloomy, all-encompassing, terrifying. Everybody is dying, all of a sudden. Dying physically, mentally, ideologically… man kills himself (alcoholic, father of five, no money), woman, 33, hangs herself. From a hook in the ceiling, meant for a fan. The man or the woman? Doesn’t matter. The horror remains. Driver, owner of Santro car, murders Belgian employer. Stab wounds…22 of them. Knife breaks-broken bit stuck in body. Stops only because knife breaks. I’m supposed to be fascinated by these stories, according to some thinkers. Man is supposed to have some inherent streak of animality. The desire to kill is translated into a mad rush to cementify the world. I don’t think any of these murders could fascinate anyone. It could make them despair, and arouse in them the coldest of fears. What if instead of them, it was us? What if we had a family that we weren’t sure we wanted and had no income? What if I were an alcoholic, never mind how I became an alcoholic-if I’m an alcoholic, I’m an alcoholic with no way out. What would I do? What if someone I disagreed with decided I needed to die? How long have you or I in this reality?


There’s not much time left

I’m coming.

September 23, 2006

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Been tagged by Diana

Rabbit- rabbit stew. been yearning to try ever since I read about it in Bimbo and Topsy 😀

Piano- cold, keys.
Paint-yum! dirty fingers, globs of colour

Stone- grey and round
Cookie- chocolate chip!

GoHa September 10, 2006

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I’m off. For a week. Intend to have fun. And eat much. And come back with hippy clothes.

Blogs back when I am (not that its kicking right now 😉 )

Zidane September 6, 2006

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I would prefer your sister.



Really! :eyes:

September 2, 2006

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Faustus’s Fate September 2, 2006

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Stabbed in the head

Homosexual after death

It’s a brand new world

Portended by age

Ushered in when


Was just the same.

Pick up a scope

Look back in vain

Two things running parallel

Train crossing train.

A back to Nature

While Man romped on

Disbelief Displeasure

Fear of a punctured faith

If you tested



Or, oh my, Challenged



Right in your head.

Tender fragile unstable?

Is such your faith?

Insecure Superior Intolerant?

Is such your God?



Then fear?

September 2, 2006

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Liffen up with raindrops

Your sorrow little heart

What do you know what I’m talking about.

Do you read into my head?

Do you you do you?

A play of words

Mere yl a phamcion wordsmith

A madness?

Sorry child

You wish.

Protected: September 1, 2006

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