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Mera Bharat Mahan. May 27, 2006

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I don’t understand the Govt. It capitulates to the demands of terrorists and hijackers, especially when the daughter of a politician is at stake, releasing dangerous criminals, but it refuses to concede to the legitimate demands of medicos. If lives were involved in the IC-814 case, so are they now! I would hate to think how many people are slipping into critical conditions, and even dying because the doctors are locked in a stalemate with the government.
For crying out loud, the latest reservations are so obviously a political move, aimed more at securing electoral berths than at creating a more equal India. If they had been honestly attempting to do something for the future of India, I would understand their sticking by their decisions and convictions. But I don’t understand their refusal to budge significantly from their position, when LIVES of non-participants are at stake.


May 25, 2006

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There will be a protest march (against the latest reservation skadoodle) in the ramlila grounds on saturday at 5:oopm. f anyone is interested, kindly join.

May 25, 2006

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I’m taking a bus again today after aggggeeesss. on a route where no man has ever gone before. actually where i’ve never gone before. by bus.
it will be fun!:D

May 25, 2006

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For the times that you hold that pallette in your hand, gazing at the colours, a happy smile lingering, mind sanguine, floating,floating, just above. A weightless being, cruising the by lanes of bliss. You pick the brush and contemplate which colour to use. A splash of paint, but where to dab it? Then you behold the pallette again, and with your brush, paint on it.

May 24, 2006

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And suddenly it liberates!

The sun comes leaping through

The gnat that sat

The irritation that grew

The gnat

That sat

And sucked

The spirit away

Became suddenly

Just that.

A gnat.

What you learn as a child May 24, 2006

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Remains with you through life. Child psychologists tell parents that, and I never realised how uncannily true that is sometimes.
I remember as a kid, a friend of mine told me that white pigeons are doves(lol, emiko). And since then, I’ve always thought doves were just the whiter pigeons 😀 Its only recently that I found out that doves are in fact another breed altogether.
And the strangest thing was, my mother knew that and I never asked her. It never occured to me to clarify my ‘knowledge’ lol. This made me think; what if instead of being told white pigeons are doves, I had been told black is bad, women are weaker, and our race is superior? It could have rested, similarly, at the back of my head, warranting no questioning. My parents and other better educated people wouldn’t have been able to set me straight because they wouldn’t have known that I had been fed vicious untruths.
Are some bigots born like this? Did Hitler’s parents have any idea what thoughts their son harboured about aryans and jews?
Ofcourse, a lot of the times bigots receive home training; free of charge. These, I would imagine, would be examples of gender and religious indoctrination. But I don’t know.
Its a scary, yet at the same time, exhilerating thought. Imagine what power lies in childhood teachings. Teach a kid to be good, and he’ll remember. Teach a kid to think, and he’ll think.
I recomment Hallmark’s Child of our Time to whoever has the time to watch it. Sundays 8:30 PM I think.

Doctors Strike May 22, 2006

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This is something that bothrs me. These people have takenm the oath of Hippocrates(correct me if I'm wrong). they have sworn totreat patients to the best of their ability. Do they then have the right to strike off work, letting patients suffer. When a paient needs treatment, he needs treatment. It can be a life and death issue, and in such cases, things like reservations seems,suddenly, unimportant.

   I realise that in a country like ours, politicians only react to the danda. And the only danda we Indians seem to know, is a strike. Hartal.

   I am at a loss when I try to come up with a viable alternative to doctors going on strike. They cannot leave patients to die, yet they need to have a lever as well.

  This badly worded, badly structured post  needs to be seen in isolationI promoise the next one will be better.


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You don't start beating up policemen and media persons; you don't start lathi charges, you just don't hit another human being!! Watching the footage on TV made me sick. The coments the camera caught were even more horrifying-"maar saale ko! mar! mar!" Again and again. Blood lust. Disgusting. Have we fucking LOST our MINDS???

  The pro-quota protesters turned violent. They injured a policeman. They eon the media. Why? Because…?Because…?

Fucking a******s were probably on the bloody protest coz they wanted a cushy life. Actually forget the bloody reason for their protest! Thats not the point? What is the point in hitting defenseless media persons? Why turn on the police? The last time I checked, it was Arjun Singh who started the whole bloody cartoon show.

  I can't write. I'm too disgusted, I want to throw up. Is this what we have come down to? Is this what 'India' is?  I was so glad to hear Kiran Bedi's comments. She sounded anguished, as she probably was. I was glad she made it clear that this is NOT what the police are trained to do. The police has a bloody poor image in India. And incidents like this further work to alienate the public.

T his is the ugliest side of India I have ever seen. I have seen footage of lathi charges before; but never for so long. Never have I heard the crazed, blood thirsty voices of policemen egging each other on. Never have I heard the thunk while lathi connects with skull.

 Disgusting. Disgusting.  

May 16, 2006

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I don’t get the inbuilt stat counter. 8 hits today, but the only person who’s come is Pallavi, and against her name i see 5 visits. And it doesn’t count mine. weird or what?

May 15, 2006

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Why do i have 14 visitors on a day i write crap??