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In Preparation! April 24, 2008

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Before an exam

I swallow up paper

After paper

With small neat handwriting

Cramming Knowledge

Into a blank space

(Till) there is a revolt

(From somewhere within the void)

And reel after reel

Of broken movie scenes

Swallow me,

Bury me.

An avalanche of gem-clipped paper

(Pretty purple and pink)

Swallowing me.

March 22, 2008

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Ask me, not the mother

Where I hid the bride

Ask me, not the air above my head

What I did to my life

Ask me, not my teacher

How much I manage to whine

Ask me, not my preacher

How much I resent to being.


Holy is the mug that cast

My ironic supper

Sit with me and look through me

As I ask my maker.

Found this is an old notebook. February 11, 2008

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A haunting tune

Runs my ears

A ghostly voice

Singing aloud


Who is she

That sings so long?

A part of me,

Extended to the world.


A silence in the dark

Shimmering with stillness

A lone leaf shaking

In the breeze that is blowing


A footfall

That stops

A footfall

That stalks.


The haunting tune

Spinning wool

A thousand years

Of preying eyes.


It’s today

Womens’ Day.

Remunimunations January 15, 2008

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There was a time

Quite long ago

When I believed I would learn

The nuances of being


The years came and went

But I remained

Dreadfully incompetent.


Is there a way

A truth or a pattern

To wish my crowsfeet away?

They come when I smile

At people senile

When they ask me what I have made of my life.


Born astride a grave,

Fighting karma,

Explaining miseries away;

There is a god

No there is not

Come let’s play at it anyway


Deep orange ochre

A Fool and a joker

Building a castle

Of hay


Burble blip

Hop skippetty skip

Let’s dance, let’s play

In forced ignorance.

More Nonsense Poetry September 15, 2007

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My love affair with nonsense poetry continues. Sample these gems from The Nation’s Favourite Comic Poems


Gelett Burgess wrote the Purple Cow


I never saw a Purple Cow,

I never hope to see one;

But I can tell you, anyhow,

I’d rather see than be one.


Some years later he wrote again:


Ah yes! I wrote the ‘Purple Cow’-

I’m sorry, now, I Wrote it!

But I can Tell you, Anyhow,

I’ll Kill you if you Quote it!


This one from Hilaire Belloc-


Lord Finchley

Lord Finchley tried to mend the Electric Light

Himself. It struck him dead: And serve him right!

It is the business of the wealthy man

To give employment to the artisan.


By John Hegley-


In the Arms of my Glasses

they can call me softy

as ofty

as they please

but still I’ll stand by these

my little optical accessories

as they stop me walking into lamposts

and trees

when it’s foggy

and I’m out walking with my doggie



This is my favourite-


Spring in the Bronx


Spring is sprung,

Duh grass is riz

I wonder where dem boidies is.

Duh little boids is on duh wing-

But dat’s absoid:

Duh little wing is on duh boid.

August 25, 2007

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Rag tag


Sitting on a tuft of grass






(Of coffee liquor)

Baby bunching

phantom sticker


Pale wisps of pink

Floating by

Brazen dreams

bidding goodbye?


An addict


August 13, 2007

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A strange-er walking alone;

A blind man’s staff held out ahead

To feel a broken road.


Footfalls on path

Path before fall

Pebbles that you knew were there

Crumble on their own.


What mirror will you hold to me

What magic can you create

So a face will tell a face’s tale

Not nothing no more no less.

June 27, 2007

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Dancing on the…

What? What?


Rolling dice


With the…



Its an object!

Your gambling with an



But you knew that

Didn’t you?

The Candle of Life May 15, 2007

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The candle

Burns while we live,

The flicker in the flame-

Those bursts

Of glorious light.

The candle of life

Shortens, shortens;

That flame remains

Alive as ever;

The candle withers-

The flame leaps,

The candle loses shape,

The happy flame heeds naught.

The wax trickles down,

The flame shines forth;

The candle is just a stub,

The flame is the brightest;

When all of a sudden-


There is no candle,

There is no flame.


Is Life.


(This is what I was referring to. I did warn you its bad 🙂 )

An Ode To Unrequited Love May 6, 2007

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My love was seated on a pony

He rode just out of sight;

I asked if I could take with him

Just one last ride.



Stars shone in his teeth,

His head eclipsed the moon;

I was drunk, dear reader, with desire,

When he smiled at me.



He looked me with clouded eyes

His lips spoke of tender times;

His hair glistened in the moonlight

Oh for that one last ride!


His soft brown hair and gentle eyes

Bent towards my face,

“My love- I’d grant you it

But for my pony’s size”


“My heart wills it to be bigger

But, m’dear, fact is fact;

Tis all it can do to hold me up

Us both would make it wither.”


“I know you pine, I would have you smile

For this one last time.

But, my dear, I’ve upon it!

You may walk beside!


Like Joseph led the donkey

You lead my bonny ride;

Into the sunset

The three of us shall stride


I have no weighty produce

To justify your labour;

But the memory of our Divine Love

Will move your feet with pleasure.”


“Come, my dear, let us foray

Into our last, lingering ride;

I shall be gentle, I’ll hold your hand,

As you match us, stride for stride.”



So saying my love began

Our penultimate journey;

The hand I clutched stilled for me

Those dregs of precious tine.


I roved, it seemed, a new found land

My lover lay as a painting;

My upturned eyes content to watch

His tender, holy face.


All good things cage everyone

And the ship takes us all to sea;

The foolish beat their heads and cry,

But I


Unrequited love.