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Boss, where is toilet? August 26, 2006

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What is it about people and small rock venues and endless cigarettes? Cigarette after cigarette after cigarette. Turquoise Cottage was my first taste of the metal/rock scene in Delhi, and India. And the first taste was not pleasant. I wasn’t aware that followers of rock music were into smokes. Beer, it was traditionally, nyet? And it was about ordinary everyday people coming in and letting loose. Down to earth. Basic. No bullshit. Has the face of metal changed world over? Or am I seeing with dimmed eyes into a microcosmic world that is unreal? There were elements of reality. A boy on crutches. Several student-types, several genuine music lovers. But there were also the society types, further back, tis true, but they were there. There were people who, for some reason, thought a maiden tribute night was perfect for a romantic date. Then there was a guy who came with 3 ‘girl friends’, all of who were all over him, and all of who he, in turn, felt up. In my direct line of sight. Disgust is too mild a term for what I felt. I wanted to be sick all over. Still do, infact. And burn all over with anger. Disgust and anger. Fine cocktail.

Maybe it’s bounds to be an elitist occupation in India-tis English, the instruments are expensive, and the tapes are expensive. That’s why I want to go to England and catch maiden. Hopefully the venue will be full of people who haven’t come because their parents are more generous than they should be, but because its something that they want in their bones.

There are people like that here too. I obviously did not look at everybody there. I know the people I keep in touch with are different. And the south, too, is probably diff. And the north. But I know I was able to feel the music more when I sat down, and when I was out of sight. Not that I was ever ‘in sight’.

Was it a waste of 100 bucks? No. It was an experience that had to be had. Will I do it again? Yes, if it’s a maiden tribute. Its worth many things to hear Bruce’s statement to Indian Fans. Its worth many things to hear maiden songs resung by excellent bands.

To sum up(I like doing that, don’t I 😉 ) I liked the music(maiden bits), liked the concept, appreciated the effort. The crowd was a let down. As was the smoking, tiny and packed venue and my general sense of out-of-placeness in a very public place.



1. diana - August 28, 2006

hehehehe *hugs* i like your title
did u change it? wasnt it a different title before?
good luck catching maiden in a posh crowd hahaha
sorry lol
u know theres always people who want something in their bones and people who are.. vela. lol.
number of each type varies according to *thing*.

2. sporadicblogger - August 28, 2006

yup, changed it,lol.
remembered this guy asking for the toilet and just had to include it. guy was funny. put his mouth close to ear of bouncer covered his mouth like lil children whisper things and says- boss, where is toilet 😀 thought that was so cute!

3. sporadicblogger - August 28, 2006

mind u- this guy was all long hair and macho look in place and all 🙂

4. diana - August 30, 2006

LOL thats hilarious dude
ok wrote a new poem today… missin ya!!!
love u girl mwah

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