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Riverbendblog October 30, 2006

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Is back. I was kind of worried for a while.


Designer Bags October 29, 2006

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What is it with the feminine obssession with Louis Vuitton? His bags I mean. I just don’t get it. Why would someone want to fork out god knows how much to display a spectacularly ugly hand bag? Me thinks the fellow needs a lesson in aesthetics.

October 22, 2006

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This blog has been on and is still on vacation.

Language October 12, 2006

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I crave home

My language isn’t mine

A perpetual stranger

In a strange land

What is mine

Will be claimed

When the fingers

Of my soul

Extend a palm of desperate desire.

October 11, 2006

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Mutton Chop

On Chicken Spring Roll

In Sarojini

Lala Lajpat Rai

Said Never Shine Shoes

But what if I can Save you?

An Ice Tray

Water levelling next cube

A rising loaf


The Great No.2

Edward The Great October 10, 2006

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Inne he han’some? My relationship with him started badly-hated his guts(no pun intended 🙂 ). But eventually saw that he was the best mascot maiden could have come up with. This is a Riggs cover, by the way; Derek Riggs, master artist. He embodies Maiden and the British stereotype(created by me. The stereotype)- The tongue-in-cheek, Python-esque humour. Ed is lovable ,and beautiful.

Thou shalt worship him. eyes.gif

Some photos… October 9, 2006

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More Feasting. All hail Eddie October 9, 2006

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Feast Your eyes :) October 9, 2006

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Private Breeg





Crossed Guns






Isn’ he pretty 🙂


Slayer’s Christ Illusion controversy October 7, 2006

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Christ Illusion Cover Art
Slayer’s new album is generating quite a bit of controversy. The cover art has pissed off Christian Bodies in America and now India. They’ve been forced to change their cover for their american audiences, and now, as EMI announced yesterday, they will be pulling off all copies of Christ Illusion from stores, and destroying them.

The objection seems to be largely with depicting Christ as an amputee, and the lyrics also seem to draw some flak, although that could just be a facade. Many bands have objectionable lyrics- I don’t notice purists latching on to them.

I must confess I do not see what the problem is with depicting Christ with a missing eye and limbs, and looking extremely bedraggled. How is it an insult to show someone as disabled? Do they mean to say that people will missing eyes and limbs are dispreputable? That they are imperfect? Or is the problem that Christ, the Perfect Being, cannot be shown to be touched by human suffereing?Did he not take on the suffereing of the Human race? It’s got to show! And wasn’t Christ a human being? And showing a bedgraggled Christ (no where, btw, is it explicitly mentioned that the gentleman depicted on the cover is Jesus; it’s an inference that is drawn. Now whether the inference was meant to be drawn or not is irrelevant- the point is the observer draws an independant conclusion.) can be a mere symbol of the state of todays world- religious and other wise.

Ofcourse the art could be a publicity stunt- and if it is that and only that, then I abhor what they’ve done. Publicity stunts in all shapes and colours are reprehensible- especially in a creative field.

Ok, now I’m not a Slayer fangirl. I don’t like thrash metal. But I have a problem with the problems raised against them –

1) The depiction of Christ on the cover

2) The lyrics of some songs, especially Jihad.

3)The (bad) reputation of the band.

The cover I’ve already gone over, and I see nothing wrong with it. I quite like it. It arouses the same kind of feeling in me as does the Emaciated Buddha. I strongly suspect that the objection raised by the Christian Bodies is linked to their own fears and insecurities about an ideal they are not sure enough of to be secure in. I’m sure Christ is having a laugh, or even solemnly agreeing with the art.
The lyrics; you judge. This is Jihad (written from the point of view of the terrorists)

5. Jihad

[Lyrics: Araya; Music: Hanneman]

have witnessed your death
I’ve seen it many times
Your tortured scrams
Your decrypted little mind
A father’s son
With pathetic eyes that bleed
Twins in the end
Begin and let the brothers fall

I will see you buried alive
Screaming for your God
I will watch you die again for him

God won’t touch what I’ve done
He cries upon my feet
A privilege pain
Beneath buried are your dead
On splintered bones I walk
Sifting through the blood
Besieged in fear
Await the coming of the God

I will watch you die again for him

Blood is raining downward
The stain reflects the sun
Conquer divide within
Terrorize the mind
I have seen the end it’s yours
Rosary in hand
Your selfish flesh it melts
Spilling from the sky

I will see you burn alive
Screaming for your God
I will watch you die

This is God’s War
God’s War
This God’s War
God’s War

War of Holy principles
I’m seeking God’s help in your destruction
Slit the throat of heathen man
And let his blood dilute the water
Bury your dead

Fuck your God erase his name
A lady weeps insane with sorrow
I’ll take his towers from the world
You’re fucking raped upon your deathbed

This is God’s War
God’s War
This God’s War
God’s War
Fucking Holy War

(Lead – Hanneman, King)

Be optimistic, happy and calm
Show no fear or anxiety
Smile at the face of God
And your reward will be eternity
Holy warriors
Your patience will be justified
Everything is for him
You must not comfort the animal before you kill it
Strike as champions at the heart of the nonbelievers
Strike above the neck and at all extremities
For it’s a point of no return for almighty God
God will give victory to his faithful servant
When you reach ground zero you will have killed the enemy
The great Satan


Not the most eloquent, or the best written lyrics, but it is meant to be a representation of how the “other side” thinks. Again, i’m not a fan of their lyrics, but i don’t see skin head tendencies in them either.


As for their reputation- I heard they got a lot of flak aftr some fanstrashed a seminary on 06/06/06. I don’t have much info on that, so comments will be welcome.


To end a not-so-coherent post, this is what a band member has to say about the art-“We wanted Christ in a sea of despair. The first version that came back looked like he was just chilling out in the water!