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January 15, 2009

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I wonder how bean bag sellers hit upon this common strategy of spray paint advertising. Everywhere I go, I see ‘BEAN BAG’ and a mobile number sprayed onto tin shacks, walls, boulders. Why bean bags?

Everytime I forget that in Bombay (maharashtra?) it is compulsory to have the names of commercial establishments (only shops?) written in (atleast) Hindi as well, I run into another amusing effect of a posh store in devanagiri script.

Assam Bhavan, in Vashi, is home away from home. Food-wise. For twenty five rupees, you are offered unlimited amounts of rice, dal, two sabzis, and (most importantly) fresh slices of lemon. The dal isn’t the bullshit cauldron of oil and masala that passes in most college canteens/dining halls. It is a light, flavourful piece of genius. Likewise for the vegetables. Beautiful phulkopir dalna (a cauliflower preparation perfected by Bengalis. And Assamese. And people of that region.), and other fresh vegetables coaxed to exude their natural flavour. Oh, and the fish and chicken at ten bucks apiece. If you have the option of popping in for a meal, do go. It’s waiting to be discovered 🙂

January 3, 2009

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I was on the lookout for a bloggable incident today, but the day was sadly bereft of anything noteworthy. I tried to make it wee more interesting by imagining pixie ears on the Finnish guest lecturer’s head (didn’t have to try too hard), and pretending that a wreath of cartoony winged creatures were whispering his lecture into his ears. Kind of like an automated piece of metal, but never mind.

(I’m thinking of something else to write in here, but, as is evident, the attempt is failing miserably. The eyes shall stay peeled…)

January 1, 2009

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Oh wow! I see wordpress has changed the ‘Add New Post’ page. It’s quite fancy now. Bleh. I miss the old one (smilie)

Ok, so tra la la la, the new year is here. The papers declare India CAN and WILL. As far as *I* am concerned, I don’t give a **** eusa_whistle.gif

Which is not to say I’ve turned cynical. I’m just older and WISER pppp.gif (Yes,yes, excessive usage of emoticons. But what better way for this half of me to say hi to maidenfansunited.com this lovely new year.)

So 2008 saw my vocabulory adopt new phrases, quite a few of which include domesticative items. I discovered my OCD-ness. And Maiden is coming again (somethings never changenelson3.gif)

A lot of people died in 2008. Right up to December 31, 2008.

Milk is suddenly a beverage worth investing in.

Tamil pulp fiction is also worth investing in.

Grey’s Anatomy ought to have quit while ahead.

ZooZimps rule!fist.gif

And most importantly, Eddie continues to own your soul.

Happy New Year, folks. Keep it ticking.