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New Year! December 31, 2007

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Yet another one. It has been a good one. 🙂 Let me go back a bit…

1) SCREAM FOR ME BANGALORRRE!!! The Iron Maiden concert had to be the most significant thing this year. Not only was it a wild wild dream come true, it spawned a different me, in more ways than one. I suspect my life has taken a definite turn post this event 🙂

2) The final exams of IInd year- memorable because I actually studied for it. True ‘studied’ was by my definition, but it was still more than I’ve probably ever done for any exam 🙂 It was memorable more so because I discovered I loved my texts, more than because of studying-for-the-sake-of-exams…always more important, isn’t it?

3)LiTMUS 2007…the first 2 day, English Literary fest LSR has ever had 🙂 That was an experience beyond what I can put down in words. It was the product of an entire department’s efforts, and the glitches I feared didn’t really make their presence felt! 🙂

4) This list actually deserves more time. I shall get back to it tomorrow.

Happy New Year everybody, and hope 2008 brings in lots of madness and joy! 😀

December 29, 2007

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There was a rumble in the sky and all the children ran out to see where it came from. Boys and girls, all in tattered remains of clothing, some chewing sugarcane, some chewing hair.

The rumble grew louder and a shadow began spreading over the sky. The boy with the bald head spat out his bit of sugarcane, and watched. The girl chewing on dry, brown hair grabbed the plant next to her and watched. They all watched, goggled eyed, mouths slowly opening out. Little statues, as the shadow became opaque.

The youngest among them, a little boy who liked to think he was a girl, squeaked out “Ma…!” But I don’t think his mother heard him.

I don’t think anyone above the age of 16 heard him or the rumble. Boom boom boom. Sonic filters that filtered out the able bodied populace of the tiny little village in the middle of nowhere.

Suddenly a rich black cloth descended towards earth. The children watched, transfixed, as it enveloped them all, and began to ooze blackness…into their eyes, into their thoughts, until they no longer remembered anything.

The rumble grew louder, the sky grew lighter, until, all of a sudden, the light burst through.

When the parents, grandparents, siblings came back in the evening, all they saw were strands of spit-covered hair, and chewed up bits of sugarcane.

Mothers clutched at their hair and screamed out their names. Fathers rode out to the forests. Brothers and sisters picked up toys, not sure whether to laugh or cry.

As for the opaque sky…it had gone forever.

December 28, 2007

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Medea started her journey with a sandwich and a cupcake. She had been told to take the second right turn home, but on the way she realized she didn’t know what home was. She had forgotten, just like the way-oops, sorry, no parallel here. She stopped by the wayside at a quarter to twelve, just as she had been told, and ate her cupcake. The sandwich she preserved for her four o’clock snack, unlike what she had been told.

Medea’s one significant characteristic was that she had none. Wait, this is quite like one of the bagful of storyteller’s clichés. What would be more accurate, would be that Medea could stand in the middle of the street and no one would see her. You know, quite like how spies and detectives fashion themselves, except in her case, no fashioning was required. She just was. And she knew it. What she felt about it was anybody’s guess, for she never told.

Yap yap, yappity yap. Medea fed the last of her cupcake to the scraggly little puppy that stood before her, wagging its dot of a tail.

“Where to, scruffy?” She asked.

“Wait; what am I doing? I’m talking to a dog. I never talk to things. Except myself, quite like what I’m doing right now, but that’s besides the point.” Hm.

She stood up, dusted the meagre crumbs into a heap where Scruffy could get at it, and watched as Scruffy was joined by other little scruffies.

“Quite a happy family,” she said, and her mood darkened.

Country roaaad…take me hommee…she sang in her head.

Four o’clock came, and she sat under the same tree and ate her sandwich. She noted discontentedly that it was a vegetable sandwich, and an average one at that.

Take the second right turn home, but where was home?       

“I do not have amnesia, no. Atleast not like how it is in the movies.” She remembered her name, and she knew she remembered the reason behind her name, except it was as if the knowledge was hiding behind a stone wall. Sometimes she wanted to claw at that wall, but it was never any good.

Home…she had secretly looked up the dictionary meaning of it, but the words did not ring any bells. She knew she had people who were close to her; there was a tiered system of affection, and home had something to do with that.

She knew her world was closing in on her, and she knew her mind was collapsing in on itself. A boulder rolling down a hill, closing in on her. A boulder bouncing like a ping pong ball, with her strapped to the table.

The sun rose in the morning, reached its peak when she had he cupcake, and set in the distance as she settled beneath the tree.

She didn’t know where home was, but she wasn’t bothered. Someone would tell her, she knew.

Yes, Global Terrorism and all that… December 27, 2007

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How does one stop global terrorism? I know today I wrote a whole shpiel on how terrorism is a matter of who defines it and how we are all potential terrorists and how intellectually we can never be rid of terrorism…but all that seems so far away…theorizing and all is fine, but what does one do now, at this very moment, to stop people blowing up people? What concrete steps can be taken by the establishment to stop the most visible face of terror?

One thing is obvious; it’s all a matter of money. Goons need money to buy the AK-47s, to buy bombs, to buy the material to make bombs. STOP the flow of money, trace the lines of funding and cut it off! If anybody is serious about fighting this kind of violence, this is the very least that they can and must do! As for the deeper questions of what is a terrorist- let the bloodshed stop, and maybe we can take it up from there…

A Tryst with the Rector-finally! December 27, 2007

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Well, the Rector’s Prize examination, anyway 🙂

In the good ole days when I used to attend assembly I heard an announcement regarding something called the Rector’s Prize examination. The name notwithstanding(er, em…) I was an enthusiastic fresher, looking to Participate. And I’ve always been a sucker for these Olympiad type exams- I derive and have derived amusement from attempting examinations that lie outside the syllabus, except, ofcourse, I have never prepared for any, and have consequently fared accordingly 😀

I signed up for it, paid something like Rs25 as registration, and waited for something to happen. Nothing, however, ‘happened’, no notification regarding dates or admit cards, so I forgot all about it. It became a lost memory, a distant thought, a wisp of past that had better places to be in. Er, moving on…I became a second year student. A second year student who suddenly got a courier from Delhi University- “On Government Duty/Service”…it sounded grand, if nothing else 🙂 – saying that the exam was to be held in December 2006.

December 2006 came, and as I had to be in Calcutta on the say of the examination, I was unable to attempt it. There it went, I thought.

But apparently not.

December 2007- I am sitting on the floor, surrounded by the Romantics, attempting to study. The bell rings, and an envelope “On Government Duty/Service” arrives. The Rector’s Prize examination was being re-conducted on the 27th of December. Yay, brilliant.

North Campus was reached, the Department was Chemistry was located, and some 15-ish students giving the exam were found. I was the only 2005’er. The poor fellows(yes, its used for both genders) who registered in 2005, and gave the exam in 2006 had to re-take the exam.

The timings for the two papers were funny. One paper finished at 11:00AM, and the next began at 2:30PM.

Anyway, the paper on General Knowledge turned out to be an essay type test. I wrote and wrote and wrote(nonsense-but I still wrote and wrote and wrote :D)-and only later realised why they stress on the importance of READING instructions; one was supposed to attempt all four questions in not more than 200 words. (HOW can you ‘give the solutions to global terrorism’ in TWO HUNDRED words?!!! Maybe I need to start thinking thoughts in precis.)

There went that one.

The second paper was a bit ridiculous. But, anyway, atleast I got acquainted  with the Rector’s (WHO keeps such a name?!! Rofl!) Prize Exam :D.

ps- North Campus is so un-wordably georgeous! smilie

December 25, 2007

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Today is the day….Pallavi was born 😀

Oh yeah, Christ too 😀

Pallavi blogs here. Christ-well, I don’t think he blogs 😀

Happy season, all 🙂

Sporadicsaying:Do NOT make someone miserable, and bring a smile once a day.  Amen, and Hariomhari.


The Season of Happiness is here! December 22, 2007

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So the exams are finally done with 🙂

The time consequent to that has been well spent, *nod nod*. A surprise birthday mini-party for a friend who turned 20 (although the ‘surprise’ didn’t entirely surprise her… :p), a nice long late-evening watching clips of Python and my Iron Maiden: The Early Days dvd after ages…a nice late morning with a long awaited trip to the bookstores (Calvin and Hobbes, Tom Holt-The Portable Door, Roald Dahl- collected short stories), a birthday lunch with the 20 year old friend, a night spend with Sholay, chicken cooking and pigging out, a visit to the school after a year and a half, a quick escape and Taare Zamin Par at the soon-to-be-extinct Chanakya….ah, bliss! 😀

And how can I leave out my spectacles scare! No, don’t laugh, it’s like this. I own a pair of purple (NOT pink!) spectacles (a replacement for the last time I lost my more conventional looking specs…) that I am much attached to. And, hm, occassionally dependant on. Now on the 20th we had Killer Paper, which explained why I was sort of distracted. Sometime much later in the day it struck me that my specs were not on my nose.

I tried a rewind, but drew an absolute blank. I couldn’t even remember if I had grabbed the specs in the morning. Thinking I would be resourceful, I asked (a fair few :p ) people if they remembered seeing me wear it. It was eventually established that I had a) Removed it from it’s place of nomadic existance at home and b) that I had misplaced it somewhere between the corridor where I was trying to pack in some last minute Foucault, and the room where I wrote my paper.

(No, I’m not done yet. The purple specs are important!)

Today I went to College with Pallavi where I insisted on reserving Lost Property as a last hope, and proceeded towards the room. On the way I checked every dustbin, even though Pallavi assured me that owner-less specs weren’t generally discarded along with banana peels and brethren. FINALLY, however, its purpleness was discovered in my desk! :D:D Let me just say I was relievedly happy 😀

The Somewhere Back In Time 2008 tickets for the Mumbai gig are out on the ticketpro homepage…came out on the 20th…to celebrate the end of my exams, I’m sure 😉

Taare Zamin Par, my dear fellows, is a must-watch movie. Admittedly it stimulates the tear glands (or tries to, in my case :p ) but the little boy who plays Ishaan Avasti is remarkable. It’s what I would call a Good Movie(and no, I’m not mocking it; for once the capital letters do not caricature).

Exam Diaries: Part V December 17, 2007

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I have a condition: it’s called eat-like-a-pig-during-exams. Actually, make that eat-like-a-pig-duringexams. The correct syllables ought to be stressed 😉

Two down, two to go. And this time I’m worse off than ever before. Its about 20:30, and I have more than half my syllabus to-did you think I’d say revise? Did you? Did you?!- start and finish.


Guilt December 15, 2007

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Today’s newspaper carried a story about a train that rammed into a bus carrying a lot of school children. The story struck me as tragic at many levels. Not only did 16 people die, but many of those school children would normally not have taken the bus. Their parents had banned them from cycling that day because of the fog.

I’m trying to put myself into the shoes of the mother who lost two children because she sent them by bus. What must she be feeling? How long will it be till she’s able to forgive herself? Will her decision ever stop haunting her? Will she be able to go on living?

What about the siblings of these children? Not only do they have to bear the loss of a brother or sister, they will also have to carry the pain of parents who might be too guilt-ridden to be themselves, if not forever, but atleast for a very very long time to come.

The collision occurred because the children had begged the gate keeper to let them go because they were late for their exams. I know nothing can excuse the dereliction of duty, and one would perhaps be justified in condemning his action, but that still doesn’t matter in the present, does it? What has happened has happened, wrong or right, but how is he to reconcile himself to his action?

His 11 year old daughter too got on to the bus. She, however, was miraculously saved. The guilt he must be feeling must be two-fold. Survivors guilt; what I did killed other children, not mine. Joy that his daughter was spared, and guilt immediately after.

How does one live with oneself when one has killed/hurt a near and dear one, or even a complete stranger, unintentionally?

I remember an Oprah episode about such incidences. There was a mother who had accidentally killed some of her children by falling asleep at the wheel. A grandmother who had reversed over her tiny grandson. A boy who had rammed into his mother’s car, killing her.

The worst kind of prison has to be this. Self imposed and un-relenting. If there is one thing I never wish upon anybody, it has got to be this.

Quote Misquote December 15, 2007

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Hindustan Times occasionally manages to nail it 😀 I am talking, ofcourse, about the ‘Quote Misquote‘ feature on their editorial page, where they (11doh.gif) quote someone (usually famous) and take the piss with a What he/she really meant and What he/she definitely didn’t column. Today’s features Modi.

” Do you want Modi to be CM?

Do you trust Modi?

Do you love Modi?

Don’t you think Modi lives only for Gujarat”

What he really meant

Who’s your daddy? Who’s your daddy? Who’s your daddy?lol.giflol.giflol.gif

What he definitely didn’t

I must say it’s odd to refer to myself in the third person singular, but it makes me less of an ego-centric person, doesn’t it? I hope you answered yes,yes and yes to the questions on your left(referring to the quotes) , otherwise I’m afraid Modi will be very, very upset.

I hope the bastard doesn’t win the elections, but I’m afraid he will. I am finding it quite hard to believe how even after Tehelka’s systematic expose(yes,yes, I know we all knew anyway, but this just seems to put it on a platter, doesn’t it?) NOTHING is happening with regard to him.