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June 30, 2007

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To be old, to rest on one’s laurels…is that ever to be? Does one ever get old, or for that matter, when can we rest on our laurels? Who are they who rest on their laurels? What do they expect from their passive action? Certainly they can expect no adulation, for the crowd goes where the action lies. Only they, who live for themselves, can ever rest easy, for their lives aren’t measured by the public. They lend a ear to the near and dear, but if it comes down to it, they will stick on their own.

   Are they selfish, those who celebrate life with themselves as the sole audience? Or are they the realisers of the beauty of life as can only be perceived by the best judge of it- themselves. Only then can they get the illusion of perfection and god alone knows they will bloody well settle for it.

   Everybody’s chasing perfection, and nobody’s finding it because everybody is living by somebody else’s rules. The idiocy of the situation strikes one a hefty blow, but only if they think it. Convention, not tradition, is the greatest of great evils. Logic defying actions are explained away as conventions. Just because it has always been done, it will continue to be done. The fools, them all!

     When does inaction cease to become a fault but a condition? When does a syndrome become tagged by a fancy name? If every human fallacy can be explained and put down to some gene or the conditioning of a gene or…just ask Freud, why then do we punish mistakes? It’s all predetermined. A man kills because he is pre-programmed. So why does he rot away in jail? Are we so stupid that we are unable to come up with a solution? Who are we to croak about our superiority?

      Yet we ignore some things. Man is stupid and inferior to its fellow creatures, if not by the so called intelligence, but by his laughable pretences. Atleast the creatures don’t suffer the delusion that they were born leader of the order.

     So much thought and research goes into the whole concept of life. We never hear from the successful pioneers. You know why? Because they see so immediately that we live in such a fool’s paradise that they make good their exit, fast. Who wants to stay back and explain something to the intellectually slow, especially as they do not wish to hear it?

  Yet as long as one doesn’t reach that exalted status, one must go through the useless motions, living life the way they are expected to. Small changes here and there, refusal to be led by the nose is only met by conflict. But it is that conflict that strings them together. Sometimes.



Happiness June 30, 2007

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I went back to Saket today, hoping to get my hands on 6 new cassettes, as well as on some CDs of Dio, Queensryche and Priest. I didn’t find 6 new cassettes that I would like to own, but was able to exchange a Dance Music cassette I accidentally picked up yesterday with a Queen best of!

So I now have Queen, Priest and Floyd for the combined price of 100!

Also picked up Painkiller, Queensryche and a Dio best-of. I am miserably short of cash post-transaction, but I can live like a miser until next month comes again 🙂

Warren Hastings ka Saand June 30, 2007

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I have a tag to answer and Aridhi’s performance to write about. Tag I think I shall do later, aridhi’s acting review I’ll do now 😉 Atleast, a short one. I shall do all the writing later.

I loved her emoting on stage…it was very realistic, not melodramatic. I hate melodrama 🙂 As a Sutradhar, I thought she did a better job than most of the others. The right pauses, the right amount of referring to the projected painting on the curtain. The voice projection, enunciation and volume were rather brillaint too : )

The laughing role ( was it the Malin role?)  was awesome too. I think I liked her best in the comic roles. It is just her thing! I could not believe how she lifted the role of an ordinary cow to such levels! Yes, she played a cow, which meant that she covered herself in a white sheet, stooped and walked about the stage mooing with the other cows.

She, however, brought the cow alive. I don’t know why I go on and on about the cow role and not the others, but I guess it is because of the way a potentially low-key role was transformed into such a unique one. I wish I could do that : )

Oh dear, this sounds rather like a report card! I shall have to redo this post when I’m feeling chirpier 🙂 Goodbye till then 🙂

June 29, 2007

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There is much i would like to write, but I have not the time to ramble. Therefore I shall make this short and sweet 😉

Went to see Shrek 3 today, and I was moderately pleased with it. I think I shall like it better when I see it on TV. It is still funny, but somehow I wish they had allowed the Ogre to be the King, instead of going for the White Male.

Surprisingly, I even picked up some wisdom from the movie. The White Male, aka Arthur, aka Arty, has a profound dialogue (or is it Shrek… I can compete with a Goldfish for the shortest memory)  where he says that the only one holding you back from what you want is you. That affected me quite a bit. I needed to hear that.

After the movie, owing to a happy accident (more specifically, a mis-estimation of the length of the film), I found myself wandering around Saket, with my poor brother forced to wander with me. I made him wander into a music store. Where I discovered cassettes were being sold at 6 for 99 rupees. Where I bought Priest (Demolition) and Floyd (Animals) and 4 random cassettes (owing to the fact that I found no more to my liking or taste). Where I shall be returning tomorrow.

I have now spent 230 rupees of my July allowance. I shall be spending 100 more tomorrow. And July hasn’t even begun. Sob.

June 27, 2007

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Dancing on the…

What? What?


Rolling dice


With the…



Its an object!

Your gambling with an



But you knew that

Didn’t you?

Hell’s Bells are tolling… June 27, 2007

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I am so pooped that I could cry myself to sleep,lol. I could stick my thumb in my mouth and roll up like a baby and not wake up till winter is here again. The heat doesn’t let up, does it? And the worst part is that its so darn sticky!!! My hair, not the best behaved in the best of times, is having a field day. I look as if I’ve been freshly electrocuted and wired to a steam machine!!

Why can people not read? Why, why, WHY?! When I was a tender young faccha, I did NOT go for verification with half filled forms. I did NOT leave columns blank, and I asked, AT THE MOST, one question…Sigh. The youth of today…lol.

I take all my hats off to the union members…all two of them 😀 I have no idea how they are dealing with all this…all this…I am speechless, I do not know what to call this whole…admissions thing…and not losing their brains again and again. I wish I had such patience! : )

In other matters…I went to see Aridhi’s play yesterday. I loved it, and discovered that a) She makes a helluva cow 🙂 and b) I really like hindi plays. I want to go play watching more frequently now, and if possible, act in one. Its been a secret wish of mine for a long time now : )

Also (and I need to add this because my day would be incomplete if I didn’t 😉 ) Parikrama is being very well received in the UK :D:D I am so glad!

I also understand (now!) what people mean when they say I’ll miss Delhi once I move out. It isn’t such a bad place after all 🙂

Ps- My left ear refuses to accept earphones! Wot is this…grumble grumble. *Goes away grumbling at annoying left ear holes*

June 26, 2007

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In the distance



A sprightly mind

A frenzied dance




And quietly moved the mouse.

June 26, 2007

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I was at college today, manning the area in front of the board where the results of the english entrance test were put up. I did this last year as well, and this is something I will never get tired of doing.

There isn’t much one has to do, except ensure that the orange badge is prominently displayed. Anxious parents and kids and ecstatic parents and kids will spot your orange-ness and ask you (mostly) sane questions.

However, why I like it is because I get to see so many reactions. Some candidates line up early in the morning and anxiously run in to check if they have made it. If they have, a smile or an expression of relief sprouts up immediately, if they haven’t, you can tell they are devastated. A few cry, and you really wish they had made it.

Some parents hug their children hard, and you know this result means a lot to them. I saw one such parent and I almost had tears in my eyes : ). Almost. : )

It is very heartening to see the reactions of some parents…if their ward hasn’t made it to anything they smile encouragingly and say never mind, there are other colleges to check. More than their words, its the expression that matters…you can say the most encouraging things with the longest face and you will not fool anybody. You know and they know that you are really disappointed.

I am happy for everybody that made it. It is a good course in a good college. 🙂

June 25, 2007

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What is the lamest thing you’ve ever done? No,really. What is the lamest thing you’ve ever done.

June 25, 2007

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Yesterday’s We The People discussed drugs and India’s inability to say ‘no’. It was an interesting show as usual, although I feel myself getting anxious for the ‘normal’ audience as they speak, as I keep waiting for Barkha Dutt to snatch the microphone from them and complete their sentences.

Ujjwal Mishra had interesting things to say. Prahlad Kakkar, ofcourse, was entertaining as usual(hint: I don’t much like the guy 😀 ) He thought everybody should try drugs under supervision. Okay, I’ll be charitable to him…he probably let that slip in the heat of the moment and didn’t really mean it. But he did say that he would have a ‘dialogue’ with his son and tell him that if he had a ‘kira’ in his head, he must try the drug in front of papa.

The audience erupted after that, naturally. Pertinent question: what if the son said ‘papa, guess what! I like this stuff!’ Where would the modern parent go from there? ‘Dialogue’ him into not becoming an addict?

I am not anti-dialogue. Quite the opposite in fact. Bullying would never have worked with me 🙂 and I appreciate the attempts of my parents to reason out things with me. However, I have also never had the kind of peer group that throws parents into the nail-chewing mode. Had I been a part of such a group, would dialogue of any sort have worked with me? Especially if I was hell bent on rolling a joint and smoking up?

As a child I could not understand the concept of anything that could get you addicted for life. Even as a teeny tot I have been obsessive about the whole ‘being in control’ thing. So I couldn’t imagine a substance that would not leave me alone, would make me run to it ever so often. I couldn’t imagine what it was about it that would cause me to ingest(I did not know the concept of injecting at that time, hehe) it again and again. I was too young for biology and neuroscience(but obviously 🙂 ) and I imagined it as individual components of taste and smell, neither of which had the power to entrap me.

Thus I would declare to my parents that I didn’t really ‘get’ the drug thing and would try it atleast once in my life. It was more of a rebellious try-and-hook-me-if-you can (to the drugs ) than I’m-curious-so-I -must-try.

My parents being my parents(and hence knowing me 🙂 ) would react mildly. They would tell me that I didn’t understand how they worked and the power they had to hook a person, and it would be left at that.

By the time I did understand biology and the power of addiction(books; books helped me understand the concept of addiction. I was even worried for a while. Without a daily ‘fix’ of a few hours even during important exams, I was unable to get down to studying.) I knew there was no way I was interested in confronting drugs. I figured that people get into them to get high and ‘fit in’. I didn’t need any chemical to get high and I have never had time for the concept of ‘fitting in’.

But, this isn’t about me. This is about We The People and the question of how ‘modern’ parents deal with the issue of drugs. Do they say go ahead and try it, but let me be there, or do they say a NO! in which case they would risk being called dictatorial and old-fashioned?