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Of Women, Veils and Islam January 31, 2007

Posted by K in contemporary, Gender.

The world and all it’s defenders-of-the-rights-of-women have a field day when discussing the Islamic Veil and Women. Tasleema Nasreen was recently given ample space by Outlook to condemn the veil and make a case for all Muslim women to abhor and reject it. I have two problems with this. One, just like I disagree with people who enforce the veil onto other people, I have a similar problem with those who presume to bash it on behalf of All Muslim Women. One cannot ever presume for other intelligent human beings. Marriages are known to break because this essential commandment of life is frequently disregarded.

My second problem with this is how in this whole debate about the veil and muslim women, and why they don’t speak out against it etc etc, is how one forgets that the veil(ghungat in this case) is predominant in the Hindu way of life as well. Find me enough non-urban (mostly newly)married women who show their faces to the world, and I’ll show you Santa’s green beard. The veil in its Hindu context is less often discussed. I certainly do not recall any controversies about it on a scale to rival the Muslim Veil issue.

Admittedly the two cases are not the same, and the issue of the Muslim veil is given more prominence, but isn’t that a malady that plagues islam in any case? Is the world not guilty of constantly creating an Alien of Islam? Does the world not scrutinise and re-scrutinise things Muslim more than they do things-other-religion? Am I mistaken in this belief of mine?

If I’m not too far mistaken, the veil is a part of many cultures worldwide irrespective of religion. The Veil is an unfortunate construct of patriarchy, and as patriarchy is still very much the norm worldwide, is it surprising that it(the Veil) pervades all cultures? What is surprising is, however, how the Veil gets noticed only in the Islamic context.

My personal take on the veil: I don’t know much about it, except that it would obstruct my view(and I do so enjoy my View), cover my face(which I do like to air), and come between me and fresh air(come on: who doesn’t fall for fresh air?). The headscarf has, I think, certain sartorial appeal, but everything thus loses its appeal if overused. I would personally never adopt it as regular headgear.

I recognise the fact that my opinion is mine alone, and would never presume to say that my views on the veil ought be every bodies view on it. I also understand that many people like the veil and the headscarf. As long as both wearers and non-wearers accept the truth of each others beliefs there ought not be a problem, but that is a utopic ideal. The wearers and pro-wearers find time to insist its benefits onto others, and the non-wearers make an inordinate amount of time to foist their self-righteousness upon the former.

To each his own, and acceptance to all, what?

January 31, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings.

Life sometimes catches you by your nose and you have to stop and laugh. Every little thing around you suddenly shows the colour it’s coated it; and its the colour of humour. Life is funny. When you stop and smell the roses, there’s always the chance that a bee will emerge and sting you on the outward manifestation of your olfactory senses. And that would be extremely funny.

No wonder I never need drugs. I can turn on the High(sigh *blissful grin*) and ramble at will.

I do apologise for this post 🙂

Poo! January 31, 2007

Posted by K in Nonsense.

Raindrops on roses

That wet little kittie noses

Little kittie noses?

What did little kittie want

With roses?

Ha ha ha! January 27, 2007

Posted by K in contemporary, Reviews/Rants.

“If you don’t stop Mallika now, she will strip all men in future.”

I don’t know whether to feel pity or contempt for such people. They put me in a moral dilemma. Can one condemn someone who doesn’t have the brains or sensibility to do something better with his life?

January 24, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings, Nonsense, Poem.

Mourning the lack of dawn

On a day that has no night

Methinks I shall fritter along

Till a dead man stakes his hay

A bumbling fool who mumbles

And crumbles

Bread crumbs for them sparrows

Knows not what a cricket match

Has in store for Satch.

A penniless window


That preens over full moon

A dainty fairy on a toadstool

Granting boon

After boon.

Will you take my arm and guide

This pen across paper?

On crime and Fowl I have to write

But my brain’s taken a breather.

To the Unknown Lady Who Bought Juice January 24, 2007

Posted by K in contemporary, Life, Poem.

A Rumble

From the other side

A veiled face,

Truly the emblem of grace

Couched in ugly roars


A drive down my side

Rear view cocked; I ride

The fence down the middle

Resplendent in yellow

But where the sun kisses life

It hides,


That rise

Till risen eyes


At the skies;

So why, padre

Did you


To tell (who)

All these


Why create

A jail that needs to be daily

Bolstered, re-erected, re-made?

But it’s all a lie, you know and I

As that unwitting grin pops

Unbidden, leading thoughts to-


The unknown lady who bought juice

Where I packed chaat

And could have disliked

my symbolic gesture

But instead,

She smiled.

Have a Nice Day January 16, 2007

Posted by K in Travel.

Since wordpress doesn’t come equipped with a voice that orders visitors to” have a nice day,the office will be locked till monday”, I must do the job. Heh. I’m off to Amritsar with friends ( 😀 ), hopefully my writer’s block will disappear by then. I’ve started on a story which I’d like to pick up on. Soon. The soon-to-be-endless-supply of butter chicken and kababs had better have the desired effect!!

An Ode to a Cellphone.. January 15, 2007

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The computer took ill, hence the absence of a post which ought to have taken birth on Saturday; the momentous day when I bid farewell to my faithful old 1100. It was a good phone.May it evenually R.I.P.Sob. Its beautiful form, its in-built flashlight, its remarkable strength of form (its unblemished mukhchandra despite its many unfortunate encounters with gravity bear testimony to above point) will be sorely missed. What a pity Nokia decided to discontinue it, because I would have bought the same model again. But fools will be fools, and they periodically change all models, no matter how brilliant the design might have been. So, Saturday, I forayed into an alien world to re-procure for myself an instrument of constant connectivity. Or enslavement, whichever you prefer. My budget was modest-I wasn’t willing to spend more than 5000 on one; and I’m loyal to Nokia, mostly because it can survive a million achhars (meaning bad, bad fall in Bengali) and I am the quintessential Butter Fingers. All the phones in that range were remarkably ugly, so I decided to go for the cheapest ugly phone;1112. In hindsight, it’s backside is quite aesthetically appealing, but it’s front could do with an encounter of the orange-shell kind. And so begins the process of bonding-man and machine, and the tension between.

   I do apologise for that corny post; I do rather get emotionally attached to objects that stay in my possession for that long.

  In other matters, the recently(in a manner of speaking) introduced comic strip in HT City by Rajneesh (Kapoor, I think) is horrendous. Lacks humour, artistic skill and did I mention,humour.

   I know I had better things to say today, but I guess I’ve forgotten. Winter can do that to me.

Freeze well.

January 12, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings, Nonsense.

I feel like Phantom today. You know, the Diamond comics one. Atleast I think its diamond comics! They used to show Phantom on DD Metro in the children’s hour every evening, only it was not the Phantom of the comics. This was an urban-dwelling Phantom who was skinny and drove a swanky car. I didn’t like it much; it gave me a dark and gloomy feeling, but I never missed it because I was reliant on DD for entertainment. We got cable late, you see 🙂 And now we are back to an almost cable-less existence. We haven’t decided on what option to switch to, and three of us are secretly glad that that tv is almost out of our lives. My brother is the only one who pines for his daily dose,lol. I thought I would miss television, but I find that if its not there, I forget about it. So much for addiction.

   But, I deviate. I was talking about Phantom and why I feel like him today. No deep psychological reason; just a biggish ring on my finger which suddenly felt like the skull one he wore and left cool prints with. The ring is a watch as well, and shaped like a blue beetle or kettle, can’t figure out exactly, and has 2 siblings. I must dig out the two copies of Phantom, one of which is in bengali, that I possess: I’m suddenly feeling like reading about Denkali and Phantom, with his cool uniform and even cooler eye shades 🙂 

January 11, 2007

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I thought I wouldn’t write a post today because I’m cold, but then I read this post, and the comments on it and the blogs it linked to and the ones those linked to, and I thought what a pity; had my fingers defrosted then it would have made an interesting post 🙂

Glandheim’s dada poem also got me excited, but what the hell-frozen fingers call the shots 🙂