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Merryweather, Cherryleather, Goobledydook. July 30, 2007

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Lona thought she would ask a question so she did. It was a highly relevant question, and one she needed to have an answer to.

So she went up to the first big ant she saw and asked, ‘Is the sky blue?’

The big ant smiled with apples in its cheek and said, ‘Wait, let me ask my friend.’

The big ant rolled up to another big ant and said, ‘I’ve been asked if the sky is blue. Is the sky blue?’

The other big ant smiled and said, ‘You’ll have to ask Photon over there. He’ll know.’

The two big ants and the other big ant said to Lona, ‘We’ll have to ponder over it. Come back tomorrow.”




‘The sky is blue.’

‘But if you can get the sun to admit it is white, then it is white.’

So Lona went to the sun and asked it the question. The Sun whispered in her ear.


‘What did the sun say,’ asked the ant

‘It said it is colourless’, said she.

‘Ah, alright, colourless it is, then.’


‘Is that your answer then? Is the sky colourless?’ asked Lona


‘Well, if you can get the sun to sign a statement saying that the sky is colourless then we have no problem.’ So said ants one, two and three.


Lona went to the sun with a piece of paper. The ants followed her and found that the true question was not whether the sky was blue, but whether all three tied their show laces in the same way. They couldn’t decide. So they went to Lona, and told her-


‘The sky is not your problem. Our shoelaces are.’


‘Indeed, our shoe laces are.’

‘We shall have to solve the problem of our shoe laces, if we are to know the colour of the sky.’

‘Maybe the sun should decide the problem of our shoe laces.’

Said the three in unison, ‘Aye, the sun will decide. Come back tomorrow.’


Lona-got up and squashed the ants.

July 28, 2007

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People can be rather strange at times.

HT Platform: Nandita Sengupta July 27, 2007

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Sex Education begins at home, she says. The lady feels that sex education in schools should be ‘put on hold for the moment’

Sample her gems-

‘In December 2004, two teenagers showed us why introducing sex education in Indian schools is asking for trouble’. She was, ofcourse, referring to the infamous MMS case. Note the keywords: teenagers, INDIAN SCHOOLS, trouble…

She follows that up by contradicting herself by stating in the last sentence of the rubbish piece that- ‘In school, ‘sex education’ with all its overwhelming relevance (????!!!) is best left alone. …The same way that teaching youngsters about religion does not lead to fundamentalism, telling them about sex does not lead to irresponsible behaviour(my italics).’

The woman is daft. I wonder how she got herself published in the edit page. She tries to make a case but her ‘arguments’ are pathetic at best. At one point she attempts to be a great debater and says that ‘Sadly, the aguments for sex education (her italics) are even more hackneyed than those against it-the opponents at least known for thei dogmatic approach’. Er, yeah. Right. Ofcourse, she doesn’t go on to show HOW the arguments are ‘sadly’ more hackneyed. She tries, though. Here, THIS is why she believes it is more ‘hackneyed’-

‘The ‘progressive’ (she puts the word within ‘ ‘) reasoning behind talking about sex is to make minors aware of AIDS so that they can be cautious about their sexual behaviour. It is an unfortunate generation for which sex and talking about sex will be associated with a disease and its entailing burden’.

This sentence astounded me. I mean, what does the idiot want? The world to bury its head under the sand and look the other way? Because, well,er,*cough cough*, AIDS is a burgeoning threat in todays world!! Lets not talk about safe sex because the young shouldn’t forever associate it with yucky disease...

Stupid woman.

Sex education in schools is a must. Most parents feel uncomfortable discussion sex and sexuality with their children. There are children as old as 14-15 (and this is only in my experience…I’m sure the figures an be more horrifying) who do not know what a condom is, who do not know how one becomes pregnant, and that oral sex can transmit the virus.

The point is children WILL find out about dirty dirty sex. (They aren’t blind, and we must credit them with the bare minimum of intelligence. ) Shouldn’t they then be given the correct information about it?

This strange author(her, not me) can choose to live in her own blessed world, but the point is, yes, it would be GREAT if sex education started at home, but in all likelihood, this won’t happen soon. And EVEN if it did, it needs to be supplemented at school. After all, just because they are Parents, it does not mean they have all the information.

Group Blog July 27, 2007

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Does anyone here operate a group blog? Does anyone have knowledge about a wordpress group blog? I would like to know how that works (how to make a user an admin, how to protect the blog against bored people who might think it a laugh to change the password and thus block the access of the other bloggers, etc), and if someone can help me out, I shall be muchly grateful.

(This will be a blog with many many users-I’m estimating about 20 at the very least)

PS- I think I’ve figured it out. However, all users need to be wordpressers. Any further tips shall, however, still be appreciated 🙂

July 27, 2007

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Every once in a while the Establishment pops around the bend when you least expect it, and does things that are markedly ‘Establishmentesque’. One is always aware of the E word lurking around the corner, but that consciousness is relegated to the back of one’s mind until a need to confront it comes up. And confront one must, for a variety of reasons, not the least of which is being true to one’s integrity.

The fruits shall be reaped, doubtless…the discourse of power and the powerful is relevant and applicable to all E worded entities. However, protest one must. It’s the very least one can do. And sometimes, it is enough.

July 21, 2007

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I have the Potter Book. I am reading it. Shoo, go away.

Tee hee.

July 19, 2007

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If there is one sentence I absolutely loathe, it is ‘ it is not safe for a girl to …(fill in the blanks, A B C…)’.

[No comments will be entertained on this🙂 …the previous thread went on for far too long.]

I’ve finally sat down and listened to all my new music. I had a craving for non-Maiden music sometime back, and got some Queensryche, Dio, Priest and downloaded some Saxon, Queen, more Queensryche, JETHRO TULL,lol, etcetera. I have now had my fill of them, and my verdict-

Queensryche disappointed me. The album I bought, Empire, was okay when I heard it the first time. The second time, when I listened more closely, I discovered they sing about the same old cliched stuff. Can’t spend another night without you…Jet City Woman…sappy love songs, in other words. The CD booklet also disabused me of my notion that they were an old, British band. They are, infact, a newish AMERICAN band. That explains a lot…;) It’s strange how certain songs by certain bands really appeal to you, but when you get listening, you discover that you don’t really like their other material. I had liked Queensryche’s Queen of the Reich, and Rush’s Bastille Day, but the other Rush album I bought really disappointed me. I still cannot figure out how the same band can produce something as heavy duty(in a screechy, metal-y way) as Bastille Day and something like Vapour Trails, which is PURE candy floss.

Dio…it was a best of CD, and other than the first two songs, I didn’t think it was exceptional. I love Holy Diver(the song; not heard the album), but what I really want is more Dio with Rainbow…now THAT was a holy combination!:)

Priest is divine, but I do prefer the Halford days. Halford is extraordinary. He is unparalleled in the world of metal vocalists. Bruce is right there with him, but there is just that something which sets him apart.

Now that I’ve ‘been out’ and had my fun, it’s back to old school metal for me 🙂 I’ve been listening to the double Reunion release of Sabbath, and it’s been making me very happy 🙂 Old school metal is my dal-bhat…every now and then I will want to venture out and will enjoy my fling with classic rock, progressive rock/metal/bluesy stuff, but four months on(thus long it has been,indeed,hehe) I will want to snuggle up to my hot cup of lemon tea 🙂

Moo! :) July 19, 2007

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I ate an ice-cream called Moo today :D:D It is rather fascinating, I must say…

July 17, 2007

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The weather is a MONSTER! *Shakes fist at unknown weather god*

I mean, what does one do to stay relatively cool when the sun is shining almost fiercely and the humidity is so thick that you can practically reach out and grab it?! I remember reading somewhere that London school teachers were launching a movement to have the government pass a law allowing them to suspend classes when the temperature crossed a certain mark. I do not remember what the exact temperature was,  but I  remember I laughed when I read it. Actually, I slapped my knees and guffawed. I think the number was close to Delhi’s spring time temperature. ‘Delicate darlings!’ I remember thinking 🙂

However, it really is difficult to study when it is as hot and humid as it is now. (The worst part is that the air is so still…there is no breeze) No matter what you do (and believe me, I’ve tried it all) you still end up looking and smelling like a sweaty potato. Yech!

Perhaps they should shift the October break to July…and only have classes mid-august onwards 🙂

It’s in times like this that I feel like that Chinese Emperor…the one who ordered his attendants to cover the sky 🙂

July 16, 2007

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College has reopened and it feels GOOD 🙂

Now the cobwebs will finally get cleared! I’m quite looking forward to the course this year. It promises great things.

A momentous year has begun! 🙂