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Change April 25, 2008

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I am finally bored of my template. It shall be changed.


The Yearbook Graffiti Article… April 24, 2008

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Graffiti: The Tale of the Table

Generations of dissidents have stamped their rebellion on walls, streets and public toilets. Generations of LSR students have silently subverted the fifty five minute class by occupying themselves in creative expression on desks.

Graffiti, the bane of the Establishment, and boon of countless bored students, could provide fodder for an intensive neurological study. Our brains are wired to produce rationality and coherence. How the process got hijacked midway is left to conjecture, but let there be no doubt: our minds are twisted and strange. Here’s why.

In the beginning God created the pre-oedipal Dada fodder. That would be us. Born free, born wild (in a manner of speaking).

Then we met the parents.

Then we become institutionalized.

And THEN… we went to college.

(Should that be enough? Need I go on? Do you not know what is to follow?)

Like a rubber band we were played by figures of Authority. They all took turns, and mocked our impotence. We waited, we watched, and in college, we produced this-

1) ‘DIE’

That out of the way, we moved on to other things. If Wordsworth and Co. would like you to believe that poetry is genius of the moment, then so would the undergraduates at LSR. If the thought appears, catch it before it flies away, or so would seem the motto. And judging by the artwork on the desks, it would seem we lack not the genius. A not-so-careful scrutiny will reveal pop art, elaborate squiggles, and the many wisdoms that pop to mind every now and then. The Tale of the Table; a relatively non-elitist occupation (esotericism is not an accusation that can be leveled against our art) of a fair section of elite LSR. Peruse at leisure.

Category 1(Miscellaneous Outpourings)

Wish you were here => Pink Floyd.

(The secret desire of an Undergraduate student revealed.)

‘Banana pancakes, Banana Pancakes’

‘I have momos…’’–> I want’

(Obviously hunger was uppermost on somebody’s mind)

‘Sneha’s pen is drunk’

(It seems that it is not just the flush that displays inappropriate behaviour in the English corridor.)

Certain teachers are a member of an exclusive body: CHTLL: Class Hungry Teachers League of LSR.

(Chiefly characterized by their refusal to cancel even one class)

‘I was here…

And you weren’t’

‘I wanna go to Cal.’


‘Namaskar! Pranaam!

Aadab! Hello!


(We are multi-lingual and polite)

Category 2(philosophical)

‘I am Tormented and Tortured’

‘Death is only the beginning…’

‘Have you been there?’ ‘ ya how do you know?’

‘No social Formations’


Love thy crooked neighbour

With thy crooked heart’

‘I hate people who tYp LyK dIs’

‘Start Studying’

(Valuable advice being dispensed)

Never tickle a sleeping dragon’

(Yeah, wake them up first…)

‘The tide is high

But I’m holding on

I’m going to do well

In these exams’

‘I have eloped with my dreams’

‘Plz dnt show your creativity on the tables.’

‘Why Not? *So what are you doing expressing your own here!!

Its FUN.’

‘Yeah! And neway, class is so boring.’

‘Stop Moral Policing’

(A five way conversation being carried out in absentia. The debate on graffiti shall live on.)

Category 3(plain bored)




‘Here lies the bored body of Smrithi’

(Oops. We should probably not have printed the name! 😉 )

‘If Lara Dutta

Marries Brian Lara

She’ll be Lara Lara. Bolo Tara Ra Ra’

‘Please find me a pg…”


(Presumably the body rotted un-noticed in class…)

Category 4 (Academics!)



‘I dislike Eco from the deepest

Recesses of my souls core!’

‘Robi is a HUNK

Tridib’s a HERO.’

(Extra-textual judgement of Shadow Lines)


Has a Devil

Put aside

For Me’

(Yeah, dream on, baby…)


If found, please contact:


‘Paradise Regained

We’re finally done with MILTON’

‘Dil mein mere hai dardnak Derrida

Dardnak Derrida, dardnak Derrida…’

Ramblings of an Unscholarly Mind… April 24, 2008

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To counter my absolute blankness when faced with the books I am supposed to answer 75 marks worth questions on, I opened my notebooks. I had a total of four notebooks this year (no, make that five…I think) to take, well, notes, and I had picked them all with tender loving care. My favourite one was the one with the champagne glass on the cover. It’s appeal is obvious 😉 Then there was the breathtaking art on the red one, which I reserved for one of my ex-favourite teachers. The one with the abandonment and music on the cover was rather nice as well, but the point I am trying to make, is that these beauteous notebooks…contain no classnotes.

I flip page after page, and find graffiti, doodles, graffiti, maiden, graffiti and…you get the picture. So I thought I would dedicate this post to my class time activities. Let me reproduce here the things that held my attention, while the rest of the class was (presumably) engaged in scholarly pursuit.

  • 29/02/08 (I have a habit of obsessively dating my ‘notes’) : In parentheses- Chucked out of previous two classes for not reading text *grin*

This would be the Conrad class, where for about 3-4 four classes the teacher taught 5 out of some 40 students, because the rest hadn’t read Heart of Darkness, teehee.

  • 15/02/08 (This is in Pallavi’s handwriting; we were mocking something, but I forgot what…) ‘Every woman needs her daily male’
  • 22/01/08 sees the pictoral, stick figure representation of The Life of A. Parthosarathy, and involves an attempt of said gentleman to understand his solitude…’cept there’s a power-cut and he forgets the question. I shall try and post a pic of it sometime.
  • 24/01/08: Pictoral depiction of two clouds trying to eat each other.
  • 18/01/08: ‘Fresh, crust, roast, crisp, crunch’. An enumeration of my favourite food sounds (I think I was hungry,lol)
  • 03/03/08: ‘We sail away… On ships of wonder’ Beautiful lyrics from Rainbow. Catch the Rainbow, I think. Minor case of ear worming, I think.
  • 29/01/08: A stylized ‘REAPERS REPOSE’. Two Eddies on the page, and the inevitable SCREAM FOR ME MUMBAI!!! Iron Maiden Somewhere Back in Time.
  • 17/01/08: “Give me freedom, or kill me!”
  • 20/09/07: In a Swift class, discussing the living dead, the Struldbrugs in Gulliver’s Travels – ‘Dead-in-Law’ Har har har.
  • 4/12/07: I was apparently in a ‘familial’ mood. Figures drawn of Eddie’s Mother, and Harlequin’s brother.
  • 17/01/ 08: scribbled along the margin top of the page- ‘sleepy sleepy sleepy Gray sleepy sleepy sleepy’. This was during a lecture on Thomas Gray, delivered by a teacher who is quite good, but unfortunately, possesses quite a soporific drone 🙂
  • 4/12/07(etched in blood, it says): (Hertfordshire) doesn’t get Maiden… Mumbai does. *GRIN* MODERN MAN fell asleep. Eddie woke him up and said “Will you scream for Bangalore? I am trying to shift the MAIDEN…INDIA…2008 venue.”
  • 17/10/07: Rama Rama Melodrama Sniff sniff sneeze Fly with the breeze Eat your pen Inhale.
  • 30/10/07: In a DH Lawrence Sons and Lovers class- ‘Mother did actually want to be a man’. ‘ Miriam…books did not matter to her’. (In my defense: I was busy admiring graffiti on desks in all DH Lawrence classes)
  • 29/08/07– Lots of Maiden… ‘Transcendental Eddie’.……’IRON MAIDEN OWNS YOUR SOUL (YOU JUST DON’T KNOW IT YET 😉 ) …………..Air Harris!……………FREEZE YOUR SOUL AND MAYBE EDDIE WON’T EAT YOU HAIR \m/

And so on, and so forth 🙂 I think I shall put up a post with all the graffiti I copied from desks…they deserve to be read 😀 What creativity people show, I tell you! 😀

In Preparation! April 24, 2008

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Before an exam

I swallow up paper

After paper

With small neat handwriting

Cramming Knowledge

Into a blank space

(Till) there is a revolt

(From somewhere within the void)

And reel after reel

Of broken movie scenes

Swallow me,

Bury me.

An avalanche of gem-clipped paper

(Pretty purple and pink)

Swallowing me.

April 22, 2008

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Everything is stale.

April 17, 2008

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As it so happens, mosquitoes bother me. I am not one of them who can absently swat at one of them irritating buggers and flip the page in the same motion. I start up when I hear the whine in my ear, wildly slap at it, and nurse my coffee waiting to hear it approach again. I cannot concentrate when there are mosquitoes around me, I cannot sleep if I see a mosquito in the vicinity.

People are scared of snakes. I fear mosquitoes.

The other day, I was at a coffee shop, drinking coffee and silently waiting for ideas to catch me. It was good coffee, and the sun was lazy, so I was willing to indulge their absence. Besides, I had money, for a change.

How long can a good morning last? Before soon, I heard an electric crack. The fly catcher had caught a mosquito. My scalp prickled. Where there is one, there are bound to be others. A crazed brood, out for psychological blood.

I think they know their power. I am convinced they know the potency of their whine, otherwise, why do they fly around your ear? If it was food they were after, a quick swoop and a suck ought to have satiated them. I would never grudge them their nutrition; it’s the whine I object to.

I want to reach for my hair and tear them out, when I hear it…

I shifted to another table, but it was futile. The mosquitoes entered like a swarm and smothered the tiny place. I pushed back my chair, struggled with my wallet, and ran for the door. Beads of sweat dotted my middle-aged brow.

Out on the pavement, the sun was suddenly scorching hot, and there were suddenly too many people. Nobody seemed to mind the mosquitoes except for me.

They were blackening the horizon, like the locust clouds I had seen on teevee. My skin was suddenly tight against my throat, and I couldn’t breathe. I gasped and gagged, and staggered past people carrying umbrellas and children.

Shield the children! I wanted to squeak. The mosquitoes are coming!

The mosquitoes are coming…

The mosquitoes are coming…

India. Myanmar. Tibet. April 8, 2008

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India does not want Myanmar freed of Military despotism. India does not want a free Tibet.

India needs the Military Junta so that we can sell them arms. And indulge in shady agreements, such as the recent proposal to build a waterway project upto Myanmar and through it into the Northeast, because Bangladesh won’t allow India to access the North East through it. The waterway project costs some many crores, and in return, Myanmar get a dam or some other structure paid for by India.

I don’t understand why we need to access a limb of our country through such a circuitous route. I can understand why the Chicken’s Neck makes life difficult, but surely we could have tried to go through Nepal and/or Bhutan through existing roads. Both are friendly countries.

If anybody knows more about this particular issue, do leave a comment…

(Oh yeah, I remember I was much amused when I read this piece in the paper: an MP from the North East, I forget which State, threatened the Parliament that if the Centre did not provide Rail Connectivity to the North East, then they would ask China to do so! 😀 Very effective strategy, I must say…I am anticipating work beginning soon…) (PS- I was shocked to know the North East did not have rail connectivity…my hegemonised mind assumed all of India had access to the chuk chuk gaari.)

As for Tibet…enough has been written about it politically. I don’t want to add my uninformed two bits here. I am just SO glad Tibetans around the world are causing the Chinese Establishment to choke and sputter ahead of the Games 😀

Parisian Tibetans- great job on extinguishing the Torch (‘technical fault’ or otherwise…!!) 😀

April 6, 2008

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I am still not studying.

Terry Eagleton and the text on Marxism are lying on my desk while I busy myself reading a shit of a bestseller (pardon my french) called The Lion’s Game. Eight Hundred pages of bullshit dealt with happily, while concern for lack of preparation fails to fell me.

I need inspiration. (*In an aside she  recommends Mother Dairy’s Kesar Kulfi to all her readers. She also thanks the readers for beings her readers*)