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Diya Mirza February 28, 2007

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Puts her foot in her mouth fairly frequently, doesn’t she? First there was that article she wrote for HT in support of Salman Bhai. Then she declares that it makes her upset when people view actresses as sex objects. We’re also (my emphasis; her foot, her mouth) responsible citizens too, feels the lady. Hm.

edit: This post obviously needs clarification. I cannot link to the articles I talk about, but they can be found in the Hindustan Times(Delhi edition) archives.

The object of this post was not to say that Diya Mirza is a sex object, but that she doesn’t articulate too well. I am firmly on her side as far as the image of actresses go- I abhor and deplore the view that seems to persist that if a girl dances on tv, she is ‘easy’.

It has now become necessary to further tag this under ‘gender’.

I remain sporadicblogger February 27, 2007

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 It’s spring! I don’t think I’ve ever noticed spring in delhi before. I imagined it to be like in the movies. Bare naked trees suddenly spouting colour. Which, ofcourse, is not something you get to see in Delhi’s climate, and hence I’ve missed my first sight of spring for years. Yesterday, however, it suddenly struck me that the big red/orange flowers that I kept seeing every now and then, on tall, white-trunked trees, were a  testimony to the fact that spring does hit Delhi 🙂 They look beautiful, so many  of them dotting the branches, and the trees are tall enough for them to be framed by the sky, which has kept amazing colour for the past few days. These trees even manage to make ugly buildings look presentable, so powerful is their effect 🙂 I seem to remember these flowers from my childhood. I think we had one of these trees in our colony. And if I remember correctly, they don’t smell too nice, and to a kid of eight, smell is boss. I used to turn up my nose at anything that didn’t have atleast a faint fragrance,:). Wisdom comes with age,lol 😉  wish I could stand with a camera, in the middle of the road, capturing these trees in bloom. However, my cranky cam, traffic, and distance to the nearest tree ensure that this will remain a dream, atleast for a while 🙂

I Change my Blogging Tactics February 25, 2007

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Ah, this blog needs some tender attention. I’ve been getting bored of some of the things that I post here, which Smita tels me appears ‘intellectual’. I hate to deceive, so my randomness will get no chance to pass of as the produce of intellegentsia, atleast for a week, as I chronicle my life. Boring as that will be for my few but well beloved readers 🙂 it will be something I’ve never done, atleast not consistently. I’ve caged my reality in faction sometimes, but its never been Out There. So, here goes.

Sunday, 17:26.

I was out of bed fairly quickly considering I went to be around 2:30 AM last night. What was I doing up till then, you might ask, especially as the net and tv are inaccessible at that time. I was Experimenting. Hee. Two if my friends went off to a photography workshop for two days, and Jess was Delighted with the results 🙂 As always, her enthusiasm rubs off on me, and I plagiarised her instructor(what do you call workshop takers?) idea of taking candlelight photos. So I waited for the family to go to bed, and set a candle on the table and proceeded to see what it did to the bamboo plant in front of it. I took some 144 photos, of which I now retain 5-6. Yes. I am talented. lol.

I, ofcourse, ran out of battery after the first few shots. It always happens. Everytime I’m all excited about shooting something wacko, the battery decides to run out. A Sign, do I hear you say? 😀

Anyway, while the battery charged, I attempted to Study. Yes, that needed to be capslocked because it’s a phenomenon that is becoming extremely rare in KL’s life. I managed a few academic words before the charger had done enough work to sustain a few 100 shots. And then I went to bed. I, ofcourse, put the alarm for 7 in the morning; why I bother I don’t even know. I never really get up.

Coming back to today, I can’t remember what I did. I recall a post-waking up nap sometime around mid morning, and a half hearted attempt to study, but thats it. I worked on my Artemis Fowl paper, experimented with my newly gifted dowser(amethyst), ate lots of Duke’s cooking chocolate…and procastinated about my Jacobean Drama project.

So for today, thats it folks 🙂 I promise to bore you in a similar vein till next sunday. Hope the week treats you well 😀

OpenCola February 19, 2007

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Saw an interesting blog on my dashboard and thought I’d link it.

Seems to be about a cola that the manufacturers give you the recipe and know-how of. Too good to be true? In a way 🙂 It was meant to advertise for some software/programme/something, but the company went kaput though the cola didn’t 🙂

The Countdown…has begun :) February 18, 2007

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Tickets should arrive-March 1.

Leave for bangalore- March16

MAIDEN :D- March 17.

And then- Exams 😦 lol.

This has been a singularly unproductive weekend. I have worked on-zilch. I have had the intention of working on-zilch. Projects due- still four. Sigh. I do create nice situations for myself. I even bunked my increasingly frustrating music class.

And Now…Khushwant Singh on Taslima Nasreen February 17, 2007

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Defending not only Taslima Nasreen, but extending support to ‘Taslima’s call to burn Burqas’. I loath quoting in isolation, but the last sentence of his article in the Saturday Hindustan Times reads, the burqa ‘has become an emblem of jehalat- ignorance and backwardness’. I have already written about what I feel about such all-encompassing statements.

In his article he says that it is our sacred duty to protect her from harm. I agree; expressing of personal opinion ought not, cannot, be seen as and used as reason to gather in large numbers below someone’s house to threaten, shout slogans and generally be nasty. Nor can you take out a fatwa, and claim control over a life. If one disagrees with someone’s personal opinion, then one is entitled to publish a reasoned counter-opinion. Like that of the purdah being spoken of in the context of men before it coming down to women, and of showing the inaccuracy of the passages quoted by Nasreen, as many bloggers have.

Khushwant Singh seems to imply that women who wear the burqa cannot be (as they are not allowed to be) productive, ‘free’ members of society. I cannot help disagreeing with that. The burqa can chain only if one is forced into it. If one wears it of one’s own free and reasoned will, can it remain an emblem of ‘ignorance and backwardness’?

Happy Velentine’s Day February 16, 2007

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No,no, not a typo. Just me attempting to point finger and laugh. Ha ha. What an idiotic concept. Yes, yes, I’m aware it has larger connotations than just girlfriend-boyfriend, but I’m making fun of that particular bit. So have relationship? Will Valentine. Because I need one day of the year to declare my unending love for my beloved and spend ridiculous amounts of money convincing the beloved of my love. Sheesh. When I have a beloved(a human beloved) I shall proceed to do anything but spend an obscene 400 bucks(so the newspapers say) on a dozen roses. 400 can buy me 4 pairs of gypsy wear/books/a maiden cd.

I don’t mock love. Just the day needed to express it yearly.

February 15, 2007

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Heh, I’ve been told I look stoned pretty much all the time,lolol. Hm. I do actually, dont I?rofl

Stone Bunnies February 14, 2007

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On a happier note, Iron Maiden has confirmed their Bangalore 17th gig. Ticketpro.in has started advance booking, and I will be going. Before I click the ‘send’ button with my details, I’ll have to do something about the stone bunnies jumping about my insides. I’m very worried. I’ll be going alone, since none of my friends who like maiden will be able to make it, but that is not so much of a problem. I’m worried about the crowd I will get there, I’m worried if there will be a stampede, because it is quite easy to stamp over me; I’m not so high off the ground. I’m worried because don’t know if a moshpit will open up. Maiden gigs never have moshpits, because maiden isn’t a violent thrashy band, but what if the over excited fans decide hey! an international act is coming to Bangalore for the first time(a metal band); lets mosh! I’m worried because I don’t know if I’ll feel out of place; I’m not like most metal fans.

I’m also excited because I love Maiden, and this is a once in a lifetime opportunity. I do know some maiden fans from india who I interact with over the internet, but most of them are not going. They are nice people. I’m aware that I can choose to stand close to an exit so if I get uncomfortable, I can always leave.

But most of all-I’m scared of being let down. What if I don’t enjoy myself? It’s in times like this that I wish I were a boy.

Sit down, you!

February 14, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings.

Don’t you sometimes feel like digging a hole in the ground and disappearing forever?