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Zzzz gag choke AAAARhhhh October 10, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings, Calamity, Diary, Life.

Ok, so this blog will go to sleep, indefinitely. Stop checking. There will be no updates. I’ve realized that everytime I say this, I end up putting up a lengthy post the very next day. But this time I won’t. Or can’t, call it what you will. I have no Time, that insufferable thing. What I do to my Time, I cannot tell you. It is a State Secret. Unknown even to me.

But yes, no time coupled with Anxieties means I have no creative spill-over on this page of Nothing. Nothing, not even Nothing is being espewed. Yes, such an age has come to pass. The Qing of Nothing has failed to live up to her self-gifted heading.

What to do only…there is driving class to (finally) attend. Yes, I succumbed. My laziness was shoved under the carpet. I drove on a simulator(much fun, except crashes aren’t as exciting as I had imagined) and now I go for my license, the first one.

Then there is Vidya to go to. Where I (now. also) teach. VI-VIII standard chillun. Very rewarding, I must say. Most are smarter than I was at their age. I did not know there was more than one interpretation of the Ramayana at 13. I teach them English, and they learn fast and I teach okay. I am learning some choice cuss words(you should hear two of them go. Quietly, so that I don’t hear)

Then there is the yet-Un-named (and Historic, as I insist on insisting) Department Fest to organize. In less than a month. That means college to haggle with, sponsors to haggle with, printers to haggle with, committees to haggle with, and oh yeah, the big daddy of haggles-the ‘Café’ to haggle with. And there is the minor matter of guarding against massive screw ups, that LOVE to tail Historic Events.

There is also the very minor matter of deciding my future. Application Abroad (yuck yuck yuck. Scholarships. What? WHEN?How?How much? COURSE?? COLLEGE?? Reference. WHO?WHAT? Course specific? General specific?).

Applications Inbroad. (COURSE?? COLLEGE?? Huh, form out already? WHAT, business knowledge? In M.A?)

Year off?(Doing what,exactly…?)

Oh, and before I forget- academics. The October Break: time to Catch Up on zdudiez. Haha. Mirthless Laughter. The only book I have touched is Faust Among Equals. And a few other non-academic books. Lit theory? Projects? FOUR projects. Essays? Novels? Essays? Projects? No, I cannot reiterate this enough- PROJECTS! *Weeps*

Now club ALL THIS with Maiden…India…2008 (inscribed in all inscribe-able surfaces, by the way…). In Feb/March 2008.

THAT is why the blog will go to sleep. Indefinitely. Goodbye. See you. As soon as Life is done screwing my existence.


Ps. I have no cheer. Detect none in the above.

Sob. April 3, 2007

Posted by K in Calamity.

    I got back HI’s assignment today and I am highly distressed. I have written things like ‘…best summed up by Virginia Woolf who comments on how the tears in two in the readers hand.’ And this is a text I am talking about…. an opposition between fantasy at one level and social realism at another. *cringe*

    I sometimes wonder if I diligently switch off my brain whenever I sit down to write an assignment, or whether I am a medical miracle and have none!

    Forget the texts! I need to learn how to write!  

Call the World Cup off! March 24, 2007

Posted by K in Calamity, contemporary, Cricket.

 I cannot believe it! It has been confirmed; Woolmer was murdered!! What is the world coming to?!!

I agree with Alan Donald; how can you have the World Cup go on when there has been murder? Murder!  In cricket!!

Hell Hath no Fury like Nature Spurned February 23, 2006

Posted by K in Calamity, Death, Nature.
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You would think that in todays world it is impossible to be cut-off from civilization. I thought so too. But Nature is Boss. Trees uprooted,many falling on men and women running here and there. So much rain, like long knitting needles, scarring you maliciously. A sadistic pleasure, almost, in proving that anything can be unmade. The relief started coming in, but ours was a small place away from the lime light.

In a little shelter. Beds,cots, mattresses all thrown together. Still people sleeping on the floor. Sweat, tears, even love. A man next to me, always doing things that made people hate him. Why? It was as if he needed others to punish him for being unable to save his family. Even his oldest son was not spared. The old woman next to me, the orphaned girl, bother equally besieged by hysteria. Madness,madness! And why not? One devastating second- and suddenly, people dead everywhere! No warning, no time to prepare; how can you prepare to lose loved ones? Emptiness clawing at you. You want to believe. It agonises you that you cannot .An overwhelming sense of being all alone, even when you’re forced to share your blanket with two others.

So much activity, suddenly an avalanche of cameras. A donated radio tuned in to the local news-nothing but endless warnings about the turn of the weather .Experts predicting other such disasters in the near future.

I like your concern. Thank You for Feeling For Me.