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Tagged October 27, 2007

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By Indrani and Nishant

List 5 things that you want to say to people but never will. Dont say who they are.

Eh, my memory fails me. I have sporadic amnesia.
Five Things I’d Love To Do Before I Die

(In no particular order)

  1. Go Bald
  2. Ride a bike
  3. Act
  4. Fall in love and stay that way.
  5. Make a film. Publish a book. Change one life.

Five Things I Will Not Do Even If It Kills Me

  1. Flirt
  2. Sell my soul
  3. Smoke
  4. Trust the internet
  5. Pay to use the IMOC 😀
  6. Oh, and wear flowers

Five Things I Do When I’m Away From The Public

  1. Sing along to Bruce
  2. Stare at the mirror pulling faces
  3. Avoid a bath( In winter! In winter!)
  4. Create stories in my head. Which sometimes continue in serial format 😀
  5. I overshot previous limit. I compensate.

Five Fave Sentences/Quotes

  1. Innumerable Monty Python ones.
  2. He thought the lion was dead, and the lion thought it wasn’t.
  4. I know there are more…

Five Things I’ll Make You Wish You Didnt Do, If You Did

  1. Mess with me
  2. Mess with me
  3. And, oh yeah, mess with me
  4. Mess with someone I don’t wish you to mess with
  5. Call me weak/frail/etc

Five People To Tag

  1. Pallavi
  2. Aishwarya
  3. Haz
  4. Sreejith
  5. Vasudha
  6. jnarin
  7. Manas

Ok. So I have a problem with sticking to rules. Or numbers, perhaps it is numbers…


LOL October 27, 2007

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From here.

” Mosh Pit :is common in every metal show. The cops in India should be explained that if a mosh pit occurs not to intervene as it is part of the show.

A mosh pit is when people collide against each other just like atoms and molecules. If this starts and it’s your first time stay away from it as it may injure you. If you want to have some fun you can join the pit for once in a life time experience (but carefully).”

October 20, 2007

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And there were…none.

October 20, 2007

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Some things surprise you, no, sock you in the guts initially. And you don’t know what to make of it. You don’t know what part you played in a drama that manages to place you as a character, even though you never auditioned. You read the script while the rehearsal is on, except, you don’t know whether the rehearsal is the final peformance or not.

I’m immune to life, I think, and I am, really, atleast to these unfair performances, but I know the immunity arises out of a case history that I am familiar with. Had the past been different, I would have fallen to pieces on stage.

Ofcourse I cannot be more lucid, therefore it is probably unfair for me to be this vague on a public forum. But I am pissed at the script writers- but wait, they aren’t the script writers. But it’s pissing off nonetheless.

October 20, 2007

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The Annual Pandal Hop(and everything that goes with it :D)  has begun (some time back, actually, but what the heck.)

Happy Puja, all, may your senses be pleasantly assaulted 🙂

October 18, 2007

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Life is a razor blade.

A Lesser People October 14, 2007

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The matchstick body lay around. Nobody noticed it until I picked it up and claimed it to be mine. Everybody wanted it then. But obviously. I gain visibility only when I stick my neck out and claim a possession. You see, I was born possession-less, and that’s how they want me to remain. I am poor, and so it shall be.

There are rich people. I don’t know if I hate them. But one day, I want to be rich. I don’t care how. I don’t want just my 3 meals a day; great if they come, but they shall remain insufficient. I want more. I demand more.

But how. They say you can do what you want. But my teachers don’t teach at school. Volunteers come to my slum and teach. We have fun, but they go eventually. They have thirty hours to complete here.

So how do I become rich? How do I compete in all your examinations? Without electricity. Without a room of my own, or even a room to share. Without a coaching centre. Without reference books. Without everything that you used to begin preparing for your exam. And then you say it’s unfair to keep reservations. I agree. You see, life has already reserved a berth for you in your journey. I object to that.


88% of Scheduled castes and tribes live on less than Rs.20 a day. Twenty rupees.

Zzzz gag choke AAAARhhhh October 10, 2007

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Ok, so this blog will go to sleep, indefinitely. Stop checking. There will be no updates. I’ve realized that everytime I say this, I end up putting up a lengthy post the very next day. But this time I won’t. Or can’t, call it what you will. I have no Time, that insufferable thing. What I do to my Time, I cannot tell you. It is a State Secret. Unknown even to me.

But yes, no time coupled with Anxieties means I have no creative spill-over on this page of Nothing. Nothing, not even Nothing is being espewed. Yes, such an age has come to pass. The Qing of Nothing has failed to live up to her self-gifted heading.

What to do only…there is driving class to (finally) attend. Yes, I succumbed. My laziness was shoved under the carpet. I drove on a simulator(much fun, except crashes aren’t as exciting as I had imagined) and now I go for my license, the first one.

Then there is Vidya to go to. Where I (now. also) teach. VI-VIII standard chillun. Very rewarding, I must say. Most are smarter than I was at their age. I did not know there was more than one interpretation of the Ramayana at 13. I teach them English, and they learn fast and I teach okay. I am learning some choice cuss words(you should hear two of them go. Quietly, so that I don’t hear)

Then there is the yet-Un-named (and Historic, as I insist on insisting) Department Fest to organize. In less than a month. That means college to haggle with, sponsors to haggle with, printers to haggle with, committees to haggle with, and oh yeah, the big daddy of haggles-the ‘Café’ to haggle with. And there is the minor matter of guarding against massive screw ups, that LOVE to tail Historic Events.

There is also the very minor matter of deciding my future. Application Abroad (yuck yuck yuck. Scholarships. What? WHEN?How?How much? COURSE?? COLLEGE?? Reference. WHO?WHAT? Course specific? General specific?).

Applications Inbroad. (COURSE?? COLLEGE?? Huh, form out already? WHAT, business knowledge? In M.A?)

Year off?(Doing what,exactly…?)

Oh, and before I forget- academics. The October Break: time to Catch Up on zdudiez. Haha. Mirthless Laughter. The only book I have touched is Faust Among Equals. And a few other non-academic books. Lit theory? Projects? FOUR projects. Essays? Novels? Essays? Projects? No, I cannot reiterate this enough- PROJECTS! *Weeps*

Now club ALL THIS with Maiden…India…2008 (inscribed in all inscribe-able surfaces, by the way…). In Feb/March 2008.

THAT is why the blog will go to sleep. Indefinitely. Goodbye. See you. As soon as Life is done screwing my existence.


Ps. I have no cheer. Detect none in the above.

I flickr October 3, 2007

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Te he. Finally got an account. Some photos are up. If anybody has time, I’d appreciate comments.

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