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August 10, 2008

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And they all fall down.

Opinions, the Manu Smriti, etc. August 9, 2008

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What a pity we are all entitled to our own opinions.

(It is. Really. Because it then means that it is okay for a person to hold discriminatory opinions. It is okay to believe that a joke which goes like-there are three problems in the world, email, gmail and female-is funny. That believeing the Manu Smriti doesn’t spew venom against Shudras is ok.<–I was challenged to read the Manu Smriti and find out for myself whether the quotes used by Dalit Rights activists do actually figure in the ‘seminal’ text. I did; last night. I read 44 of the 274 pages, and then used the search feature to read every-tenet?- pertaining to Shudras. I will attach the link*, and the specific points that merit special reading, especially for those who still believe that the likes of Dr. Ambedkar were fools, and ranting out of context.)

(Somethings are just wrong. I won’t spend any energy trying to ‘compromise’/see the other side.)


Leave a comment if you want me to mail you the particularly obnoxious-article?-numbers.

Reaction: The Motorcycles Diaries (filmed) August 9, 2008

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Well, I saw the Motorcycle Diaries (finally). And frankly, I expected much more than a heroes gaze turned upon a larger than life character. The film was entertaining, undoubtedly, but I expected to see what went into creating Che Guevara, what made him the revolutionary that has since catapulted him into, ironically, bags and tshirts that continue to sell like hot cakes. All I saw was a lot of anguish on the rather,er, dashing, actor’s face; a brief moment of ‘understanding’ in a briefer episode with a mining couple; and a completely unnecessary swim across a river that pleased the crowd (and was meant to). The gaze of the camera is on Guevara, throughout; Guevara’s gaze is not what is effectively portrayed.

August 5, 2008

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Yawn. I’m sleepy. I’ve been maintaining odd hours for the past week or so, and scholasticism has little to do with the late hours. Having a laptop and an internet connection is hardly conducive to any sort of academic endeavour, as I now discover. For all those advocates of the internet and information revolution- I am, apologetically, an aberration. I do nothing ‘useful’ on the internet. I download movies(eep) and music (eep) and watch ‘em till I absolutely MUST go sleep.

Which is not to say I have no work. Lined up, in the distance, is my photocopy of Stiglitz and his Globalisation and its Discontents. In the bag hanging from the door handle, lies Arundhati Roy’s Beast. (Now that is voluntary reading. The problem is, most of my waking hours are spent either doing nothing or in doing nothing.) I have two other books to finish by Monday, and a presentation to prepare. I should really get to work.

(What price procrastination.)