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July 17, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings, Nonsense.

The weather is a MONSTER! *Shakes fist at unknown weather god*

I mean, what does one do to stay relatively cool when the sun is shining almost fiercely and the humidity is so thick that you can practically reach out and grab it?! I remember reading somewhere that London school teachers were launching a movement to have the government pass a law allowing them to suspend classes when the temperature crossed a certain mark. I do not remember what the exact temperature was,  but I  remember I laughed when I read it. Actually, I slapped my knees and guffawed. I think the number was close to Delhi’s spring time temperature. ‘Delicate darlings!’ I remember thinking 🙂

However, it really is difficult to study when it is as hot and humid as it is now. (The worst part is that the air is so still…there is no breeze) No matter what you do (and believe me, I’ve tried it all) you still end up looking and smelling like a sweaty potato. Yech!

Perhaps they should shift the October break to July…and only have classes mid-august onwards 🙂

It’s in times like this that I feel like that Chinese Emperor…the one who ordered his attendants to cover the sky 🙂

Of silly little things…:D July 8, 2007

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Sometimes I wonder if I’m twenty, going on two, hehe. My mum and I went for a play yesterday(more on that later) and we sat down in one of those movie-theatre seats. The seat beside me was unoccupied, so I happily appropriated for myself both arm-rests. Such pleasures are short-lived, as I was to find out.

Soon enough, an old gentleman(with blocked sinuses) rolled in with his wife, and plonked himself down beside me. It didn’t take long for me to realise that my elbow, which had been happily resting on the armrest, was suddenly not on the armrest.

I looked at my displaced elbow, and blinked. Then I looked at him and blinked. He had made himself at home. He was lounging in his seat in the way old men do.

I tried to discretely re-insert my elbow, but to no avail. He just wouldn’t share.

(This is where the twenty-going-on-two- bit appears)

So, when the curtains came down after the first half, I rubbed my palms and cackled with glee as he went off to pee(presumably. Old men…ergo). With great deliberation, I planted my entire arm on the arm-rest(tee hee) and looked straight ahead, with a deceptively innocent face (but ofcourse 😉 )

He came back, he sat down, he attempted to make himself at home, when, HA! what does he find? There isn’t place for him on the arm rest! He tried to nudge my elbow off, he tried coughing, he tried shifting again and again in his seat to convey to me that he wanted it back. But, muahaha, I wasn’t shifting my arm, if it was the last thing I did 😀 (That doesn’t sound too grammatical. Oh well. I couldn’t be bothered with the nuances of the language at the moment)

But, I’m a good child. I enjoyed my ‘elbow-joust’, but towards the end of the play, I felt sorry for him, and relinquished my territory 🙂

The play(and now on to more grown-up things 😀 ) was rather brilliant. It was a bengali play by a very famous theatre group from WB, and it was everything I could have wished it to be. The acting was marvelous, the dialogue was brilliant. It was funny and philosophical at the same time. And it brought in Dali and surrealism without whacking you in the face with it. Brilliant! Superb! Encore!

Actually, there is an encore. Today evening they perform again. Another play. Alas, we cannot go.

I might as well throw this in 🙂 I saw Depp’s Charlie and the Chocolate Factory a few days back. Finally! I had been longing to see this because the previous adaptation that I had watched (on, what else, Hallmark) was rather watery and insipid.

This was good. Once you get used to a Wonka that speaks with an American accent, you get down to loving it. I hate to admit it, but Depp is a bloody good actor. Ya.

(I shall leave off talking about the oompa-loompas, and the way they are portrayed etc etc. I will not rant,no. *Makes grunting noises, and pries fingers off keyboard*).

July 1, 2007

Posted by K in Nonsense.

Hiding from the little green gremlin

Drinking wine with Rumplestiltskin

As the world in all its in-glory

Goes marching by.

Seei- glug,glug, crash.

Oh my. That was strong wine.

June 27, 2007

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Dancing on the…

What? What?


Rolling dice


With the…



Its an object!

Your gambling with an



But you knew that

Didn’t you?

June 26, 2007

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In the distance



A sprightly mind

A frenzied dance




And quietly moved the mouse.

May 23, 2007

Posted by K in Nonsense.


And a whistle dee dee

The cover on the raindrop


To reveal a nasty


Who let her out?

Little kitty’s tout?

Little kitty’s MEAN.



hehe. I need to add a new category…absolute nonsense.

An Ode To Unrequited Love May 6, 2007

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My love was seated on a pony

He rode just out of sight;

I asked if I could take with him

Just one last ride.



Stars shone in his teeth,

His head eclipsed the moon;

I was drunk, dear reader, with desire,

When he smiled at me.



He looked me with clouded eyes

His lips spoke of tender times;

His hair glistened in the moonlight

Oh for that one last ride!


His soft brown hair and gentle eyes

Bent towards my face,

“My love- I’d grant you it

But for my pony’s size”


“My heart wills it to be bigger

But, m’dear, fact is fact;

Tis all it can do to hold me up

Us both would make it wither.”


“I know you pine, I would have you smile

For this one last time.

But, my dear, I’ve upon it!

You may walk beside!


Like Joseph led the donkey

You lead my bonny ride;

Into the sunset

The three of us shall stride


I have no weighty produce

To justify your labour;

But the memory of our Divine Love

Will move your feet with pleasure.”


“Come, my dear, let us foray

Into our last, lingering ride;

I shall be gentle, I’ll hold your hand,

As you match us, stride for stride.”



So saying my love began

Our penultimate journey;

The hand I clutched stilled for me

Those dregs of precious tine.


I roved, it seemed, a new found land

My lover lay as a painting;

My upturned eyes content to watch

His tender, holy face.


All good things cage everyone

And the ship takes us all to sea;

The foolish beat their heads and cry,

But I


Unrequited love.

May 5, 2007

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A senseless world?

I wish.

A genie in a bottle

To grant that wish.

Genie, genie, wash out to sea?

Pleasure,pleasure, ECSTACY!

A robin, blue bobbin


The world is a fool

And you’re a tool


The curtain’s up.

April 3, 2007

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Spinning on my tippy toes

Idiot grin playing my lips

Tossing my head from side to side

(I’m so happy)

The fool look stays

Even as I laugh

At me.

All rise.

The autumn leaves are shedding.

Giggle March 27, 2007

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A flick of the wrist sent the feather afar

A gentle breeze swung it further afar

Onto the water, a crest and a trough

Until onward it goes, afar, afar.


A bobbing bottle carries it out to sea

Where the gulls mull over it

While the fish

Pull it under; afar, afar.


A blue land, bereft of light

The darkness plays

A vacuumed haze

And the feather-sucked in afar, afar.


A glaze, a maze, the feathered daze

Lost in nothingness

Carried-afar- by a bolt of

Seaweed lightening.


Out of the sea

Back in the air

Shot down by a ship

Afar from land, afar afar.


A child’s hand

Stuck out to sea

Daddy-look a feather!

Leave it child, God knows where it’s been.


Mollusca, ferry weather, tipple tee, absaluski,

The feather, the feather,

Look, it’s a feather that

Has been on shore, off shore



A feather that flies!

Afar, afar!