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This Seat is Reserved April 24, 2010

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Your seat
To that man in front of you!
He is old and wobbly.
Is your excuse?

And while you sit there,
Let us talk about the ‘ladiej’.
Every time you claim it,
Do you let it
Hijack, divert, distract,
From your fragrant, enticing, dangerous,
Chamber of living death,
(Hi. I am only 22.39% oppressed. And you?)
Golden bird, middle class,
In that proverbial cage?

When does your vagina
Entitle you to a seat?
Never when you are face to face
With a wobbly old man on his feet.



1. neel - July 23, 2010

awesome !

2. sporadicblogger - July 24, 2010

Thanks neel 🙂 Glad you dropped into my now-dead blog 🙂

3. yaamyn - March 7, 2011

Don’t call it ‘now-dead’!

Un-kill it. Some of us readers shall swarm around it like fellow zombies, with our best undead voices calling for for ‘blooogs.. blooogs’.

;-)Corny. but seriously. Write stuff here.

4. K - March 8, 2011

yaamyn-Thanks for your kind comment. No, seiously 🙂

I’ve started blogging at another address because I feel I’ve outgrown this. I guess I should link it on this blog too. Be glad if you drop in!


5. yaamyn - March 8, 2011

Egad. And you’ve been blogging there some months too, it appears.

How behind the times I am.

6. yaamyn - March 8, 2011

Also, thanks for the link. I’ll enjoy reading it.

7. K - March 8, 2011


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