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August 20, 2009

Posted by K in Uncategorized.

I’ve been out of commission for a week without really having a proper reason for being out of commission. An external malady having an internal expression. Rather than the other way around.

Some weeks ago I came across articles damning bloggers who damn people. And how you can be prosecuted for starting ‘I hate my President’ or even ‘I hate the RSS’ clubs online (on ORKUT for heaven’s sake!). And that poor fellow who criticised Barkha Dutt’s style of journalism and nearly got taken to the cleaners- that was the most shocking (hit me for a link if google is not behaving itself). So essentially, you have to limit your expression, and even more so if yours is a well-read blog. How chinese of us*.

I’ve been hit with a sudden craving for creative writing courses. I’ve been looking for interesting programmes both within India and abroad. I’ve had limited results so far. (If anybody reading this knows of anything that is potentially exciting, do leave me a link 🙂 )

And that will be all folks. (The Art mela at Pragati Mela looks to be exciting, by the way.)

This blog will be re-structured soon. Less of the casual flippancy and more of Writing. Training the mind and all that. I give myself a deadline of end August. Goodbye till then.

*Gagging of online expression. Ofcourse, it isn’t only China that monitors online content.



1. kishore - September 1, 2009

Yes it’s just like stealing our right to express on the ‘portal’ that is the internet. Something i find funny though is, How come no one in the upper circles does anything about the vidoes that were released during ‘the cash for votes’ scam. Fascinating only. What they choose to hide and what should be hidden:)

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