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June 14, 2009

Posted by K in Uncategorized.

Monalisa thought she smelt leaking gas, so she went to the kitchen and lit a match. Monalisa(her parent was a fan) had time to utter a mildly surprised, oh, before the flame was snatched out of her hand. Ah, I was right, she thought to herself, watching the flames curl around her.

Just as the last bit of her turned to ash, she blinked her eyes and woke up.

“Welcome to Heaven” said a disembodied voice.

“Ah, but I am an atheist”, said she (now nameless, owing to death).

“Yes I know,” said the disembodied voice (no thunder bolts of lightening, very, very frightening. Just a woosh sound).

And Monalisa (just so you know who I am referring to) woke up to find she was now —- . The Grandmother was a fan.

The disembodied voice clicked off google and had a giggle.



1. pallavi - July 14, 2009

yummy post

2. sporadicblogger - July 20, 2009


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