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May 13, 2009

Posted by K in Uncategorized.


WordPress refused to allow me to access my little home in cyberspace for too damn long! And now that I’ve stopped using my Reliance Netconnect (too slow, suddenly), midnight inspirations (ha!) don’t get translated into posts.

So what would I have blogged about? The elections, my love and hope for the Third Front, Vir Sanghvi’s article  damning and spelling the doom of coalition politics (it may not be functioning perfectly, but to call for a two party system in India is like begging for the end of democracy, me thinks), the experience of voting for a Lok Sabha election (powerful, and not just because I had to roll out of bed at the ungodly hour of 7:30 AM; it made me strangely warm and happy to see people everywhere going to vote. Old men and women, people with newly repaired limbs, people with less than month old babies…they all came to vote).

I’ve also been steadily flirting with the idea of appearing for the UPSC exams, and had a first proper look at the syllabus. Let’s just say my admiration for civil servants mounted many times over on seeing the volume and variety that needs to be intelligently studied. I’ve sort of settled on optionals of Geography (strangely alluring and less frightening), and English literature (but ofcourse 😀 ). It remains to be seen whether I have it in me to put in the work that will be needed.

Oranges keep appearing. My Bombay habits of shopping for food lingers on, and everytime I go to the British Council Library (post-renovation I love the place.eusa_liar.gif), I buy fruits from the lane between Barakhamba road and Kasturba Gandhi Road. My regular Oranges aunty wasn’t there today, and I got massively cheated on stone-like apricots and rotten phalse. I have no idea where I kept my attention, because it certainly wasn’t where it should have been!mad.gif Anyway, I was very surprised to see oranges being sold further on, so ofcourse I bought somebiggrin.gif

I’ve borrowed myself a Romila Thapar. Let’s see how I get on with it.

(If you like to read and reserve contempt for the British Council Library, become a member of the Sahitya Academi Library. It is lusciousedrool.gif)

(Oh, and I succesfully made chocolate pudding, a cake involving orange rind (finally!), cinnamon, cardamom and other such things, pasta and shrimps with a dash of old port wineeusa_dance.gif)



1. yaamyn - May 14, 2009

Ah. The secular Third Front.

While I’m all for an all out no-nonsense secular govt. at the center.. but seriously, they need to start with a name that’s a little more ambitious than ‘THIRD front’.

How about the United Liberal No-Nonsense Secular Coalition? :p

And oh. Feels good to finally read an article that doesn’t end before I begin reading.

(P.S. Wow! You got a CONNECTION?! I’m dying for broadband.)

2. kishore - May 14, 2009

Don’t think the third front will make it. I have a feeling they’ll side with the congress, all they want is power.
And mayawati as p.m is an option, although meek *sigh*

3. kishore - May 25, 2009

watched flight 666?:P

4. k - June 1, 2009

good to have you not blogging about exams

Civil service? Really? Most of the study that takes place is cramming rote-based repetition; I don’t want to dissuade you but facts are facts. In any case this is never used in the actual job.

I say this because I’d considered this and my dad was highly discouraging (he’s in the Civil Service himself and I can only say that the law of averages better start catching up for someone who’s given a lot to something that treats him like a nobody; the price of honesty I suppose).

When I was 19, the idea of going into the heart of some part of India to do ground level administrative work was very tempting. I’d be an agent of change, I figured. I had read about Che and Cuba and was filled with romantic nonsense. The reality as my dad revealed was a disillusionment with government, politicians and people; and a life filled with watching less worthy people attaining respectable positions with less respectable methods.

Do something cool and become a playwright/journalist. Money…who needs money?

Poverty is attractive and poetic (to the rich). So marry a businessman.

I didn’t mean to dump all this on you, just the mention of Civil services got my blood running.

5. Sumedha - June 8, 2009

I’m glad you’re back and blogging! And I’m looking forward to voting… well, I could have this year, but I was in Singapore at the time. The problem with voting is, I really want to know who to vote for. And that requires a lot of research done before the Day. When I do get the chance to vote, I shall do my best to do all that research so that my vote means something, has a reason!

Also, I hate oranges! 😛

6. parivrajak - June 12, 2009

It seems to take long between posts, doesn’t it? How is the studying going? 🙂

7. sporadicblogger - June 12, 2009

Sorry for the very late replies. I have 2 good reasons for that 😛
1) I’ve started working and am out for 12 hours everyday.
2)My mtnl broadband still refuses to open wordpress and wordpress blogs. I have to use my Reliance for this.

parivrajak- Yes, I think of a few posts, but just dont have the inclination tp sit before the computer at home too 🙂

Sumedha-Hello! Your blog has been hibernating too, the last time I checked! And you hate oranges!! How can you! Lol.
(the research-I thought I would, too. But then I decided that since it was the parliamentary elections I was going to vote for the party and not the candidate.)

K- I like blogging about exams! Exams entertain me very much.
Yeah, I have had that reaction from people too. But, lets see. I haven’t begun studying as yet, neither have I taken the exam. I shall take it one step at a time.

Kishore-:) And no, sadly I have not watched it yet. And frankly speaking, I dont want to watch it at the moment. I can’t summon the mood 🙂 Did you watch it??

Yaamyn-I’m going to read your blog right now.

8. kishore - June 17, 2009

no:( exams and exams. I want to buy the double dvd. heard it’s good. And Lars is in it again. wtf.

9. Medha - September 12, 2009

one of those times when i cudn’t take my eyes off the blog..really liked the way u recreated the mundane so effortlessly..will look forward to more such writings..”keep ticking,” indeed.

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