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March 6, 2009

Posted by K in Uncategorized.

I haven’t done an I-have-so-many-submissions post in a while now 🙂 But now I will.

I have 3 term papers to write, two assignments to prepare and one presentation to make. Everything has to be submitted next week, and not only am I pressed for time, I am very disinterested in most. I just want to throw together something, have a fairly decent number of words, and be done with it. Exams begin last week of this month, and I don’t even know what papers I have, its all a muddle (and it’s not entirely my fault, either 😛 ).

I’m out of Bombay in a few weeks. My stint here is done. We hand over the keys of our accomodation on March 31, and head back home. The rest of my flatmates come back for the second year in the hostel, but I do my internship in Delhi for a semester. And for the last semester, I don’t need to be in Mumbai.

I can hardly believe it is time to give up our flat. While it never became ‘home’ for me, we had all got used to it. The walls they attempt tp grow on you. I think I’m even getting to like Bombay now. What it lacks for in warmth, it more than makes up for in public transport. And by that I mean all aspects of public transport, including the kind of people who travel in them.

So we pack in all traces of our existence in less than a month and its time to adjust again. While the pros and cons have been measured (many times), I’d have to say I do finally see the balance levelling a bit. When I first moved out of home I hated the idea of falling sick. Now I know I can handle illness and anything else that might come my way, including Public ‘conveniences’ and laundry issues. My ‘comfort zone’ expanded considerably, and that is worth a lot of the shit that came with the year 🙂

This year I turn 22. I’m ageing! The clocks should be forcibly held at 20, by far the best number to be.



1. Sumedha - March 13, 2009

I’ve been thinking on somewhat similar lines recently. While you’re moving out, I’m going to be moving into an apartment next month. And even though it’s been nearly a year since I moved away from home, I really don’t know whether I’ll be able to handle all the responsibilities. Any tips? 😉

And I hope you enjoy yourself in Delhi. My family and I moved there two years ago. Like your apartment for you, Delhi never really became “home” for me, but I did get used to it, and I liked all the lights and the malls and the shopping. 🙂

2. sporadicblogger - March 15, 2009

Hey, thanks for stopping by! Haha, ofcourse you’ll be able to handle the responsibility 😀 Just make sure you get good flatmates if you’re sharing 😛

I’m not surprised Delhi didn’t race to a spot in your heart 🙂 It is a difficult city to love.

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