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January 15, 2009

Posted by K in Uncategorized.

I wonder how bean bag sellers hit upon this common strategy of spray paint advertising. Everywhere I go, I see ‘BEAN BAG’ and a mobile number sprayed onto tin shacks, walls, boulders. Why bean bags?

Everytime I forget that in Bombay (maharashtra?) it is compulsory to have the names of commercial establishments (only shops?) written in (atleast) Hindi as well, I run into another amusing effect of a posh store in devanagiri script.

Assam Bhavan, in Vashi, is home away from home. Food-wise. For twenty five rupees, you are offered unlimited amounts of rice, dal, two sabzis, and (most importantly) fresh slices of lemon. The dal isn’t the bullshit cauldron of oil and masala that passes in most college canteens/dining halls. It is a light, flavourful piece of genius. Likewise for the vegetables. Beautiful phulkopir dalna (a cauliflower preparation perfected by Bengalis. And Assamese. And people of that region.), and other fresh vegetables coaxed to exude their natural flavour. Oh, and the fish and chicken at ten bucks apiece. If you have the option of popping in for a meal, do go. It’s waiting to be discovered 🙂



1. yaamyn - January 19, 2009

I remember reading about these ‘bean bag’ defacers. One good way of finding out how they hit upon that strategy is to.. well, call them.

I wonder if it’s a smart thing to deface public property and leave your phone number on it!

2. sporadicblogger - January 23, 2009

Lol, yeah. It’s smart, though…If I wanted to buy one, I might even call 😀

3. Sachin - February 2, 2009

Fantastic blog, especially the Maiden worship.

Booked your tickets to Bangalore yet? 😀

4. sporadicblogger - February 2, 2009

Sachin- Unfortunately, no, not yet 😦 Waiting till the last week to know if I can make it this time!

5. Sachin - February 2, 2009

Same for me too. 😦

Hope the tickets don’t sell out before I make a decision. I’ll sell my soul to watch them again!

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