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November 5, 2008

Posted by K in Uncategorized.

How on EARTH do people move?? More pertinently, how on earth do nesters move?

To put the above questions in perspective-a) we’re moving, and b) half the family nests.

To illustrate b)- I have a pencil box that I have used since I was 10(green and yellow. Lion King. Simba and Timon(the little fellow?) repose in blessed bliss on the cover. And yes, I’m 21and I still use a pencil box). I was highly distressed when said pencil box disappeared a while back and wept with joy when it was recovered the following day, albeit missing a few beautiful implements (a pen which sheathed like a sword).

Oh yeah, and I have reports and projects and dried flowers and used wrapping papers and much much more to remind me of the years past. Other members of the family hoard pen cases and much, much more for pretty much the same reasons. Some also go to the other extreme and want throw away EVERYTHING, like old artwork and other things which, in most cases of relatively normal human beings, would hold sentimental value. The ‘some’ would actually go by the name of my brother, who in all his wisdom, nevertheless manages to create clutter by buying endless amounts of needlessly fat Commando Comics (and other needless books), needlessly frequently, and needlessly eating up space on the book-rack. And I have needlessly used needlessly too many times.

So, we move in less than a month. And I’m wondering how the hell it’ll ever happen.

Clever packing tips shall be appreciated. Jokes aimed at the pencil box shall not. Harumph.



1. Abhi - November 5, 2008

Very funny post! 🙂

Reminded me of my old pencilbox, which was shaped like a car, and had firefox written on it (wonder if it had any connection with the web browser). Used to ave two racks, and a dennis-the-meance cartoon on the top rack. I kept it even during my college year! 🙂

2. pr3rna - November 5, 2008

Sporadic,an important tip, pack your stuff and your brothers stuff separately. You can open your things at your convenience.

3. Aridhi - November 5, 2008

Hello. Weren’t you going to move ages ago? It’s weird that you’re moving, I guess I won’t get to see your old house again. Do you still have your sailor dress and mickey mouse ears? 🙂

I chucked out all my stuff a while ago. Everything except stuff I use often, or stuff that is wise to keep for other reasons. All my remaining stuff now (including clothes, books, etc) fits into a bag as small as 2ft x 2ft x 1ft. I don’t have such a bag but I estimate that if I put all my stuff together it would be about that big.

And I hardly have anything that I can’t easily replace, if I lose it or break it. It’s liberating, I am no longer a nester though I can relate to it as I used to be one, yet now standing on this side it’s the most amazing feeling in the world to have nothing of sentimental value stored up anywhere except in my heart (yes it’s very logical to keep the sentiments and the sentimentally valuable objects in the same place).

I didn’t have the heart to tear my old cards though and there was many of them… I didn’t even want to risk looking at them all in case it made me soft… So I put them in a bucket, filled it with water and half a spoon of Lizol.

Ouch. 🙂 But I’m free now.

This comment is the best packing tips I have to offer. It is likely to offend though so just read it like a story… 🙂

4. ish - November 6, 2008

I don’t know how people move. You’re talking about moving moving. I’m talking about moving from a room downstairs to a room upstairs. I’m changing rooms, yep. And its a nightmare. Everyday I keep losing something or the other, them earbuds for example.

And I wonder why mom always insists on being around when I’m checking out my stuff to see what has to be kept and what not. Now, how am I supposed to explain to her why I’m keeping certain things? I love my toys and absolutely refuse to throw them away. There’s this tiger, and this aeroplane. And then there’s other er “personal” stuff which I can’t explain to her. For example there’s this register which one of my like “big time crushes” touched once upon a time. And I absolutely refuse to chuck that away. How are you supposed to explain that to your mother?!

I never understand the people who can keep throwing things away and replacing them with new stuff. I don’t think I can do that. I don’t part away with things easily anyway. I like my stuff.

Er, and was I supposed to give packing tips in this post? I think I gave everything other than that. :/

5. sporadicblogger - November 6, 2008

Abhi- *shakes hands* Another pencil box story 🙂

Aunty- Thank you 🙂 Shall indeed try that.

Aridhi- You still read this blog? 🙂 Nope, it’s good advise that you give. I will need to become independant of my material needs at some point. And it is indeed liberating to let go. But, yet, it’s so hard! It was only last year that I finally got rid of all my cricket stuff…the magazines that I had cut stuff out of…the many photos from newspapers and all… the snippet about the south african schoolgirl cricketer and her record number of runs in a 40 over match (remember?) that was and is still taped to my writing bureau…:)

Ish-Hehehe. You seem even worse than me 😛

6. yaamyn - November 7, 2008

😀 No jokes about the pencil box? No fair!

As for keeping stuff, I’m sort of a keeper too, I guess. I guess it’s got more to do with my laziness than sentimental value. I haven’t really cleaned out my room since 1998.

I never go through my ‘treasure’ of old stuff. But when I DO see them, it does bring back memories. Hmm..

But then, my better half still keeps mushy love notes and poems from her ex.. and it sure does my ego no good!
That’s when my mind goes ‘Burn ’em all!’ :p

7. sporadicblogger - November 11, 2008

yaamyn- The pencil box is sacred! 😛
Yup, the laziness thing combines with sentimentality and tons of junk piles up. But, I’m doing what Aridhi suggested. I’m weeding out kilos of stuff. 🙂

8. sporadicblogger - November 11, 2008

yaamyn- The pencil box is sacred! 😛
Yup, the laziness thing combines with sentimentality and tons of junk pile up. But, I’m doing what Aridhi suggested. I’m weeding out kilos of stuff. 🙂

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