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Dabbas, Alibaug, and blogposts. September 7, 2008

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I just came back from a trip to Alibag (the ‘u’ was just for style 😉 ) and I’m struggling to stop the words 🙂 From a drought to a flood (in my head, atleast…) and I’m lovin’ it 😉

Last Saturday, some of us from class sat around in the basketball court, well fed from a nearly canteen, talking about work. And obviously the topic strayed to things un-work and we came up with the bright idea of making a class trip of Alibag. Actually, it went like this: “I’ve heard Alibag is a nice place-” “We should go there some time-” “How about next saturday?” (Yep. With the dashes.)

So fifteen of us made the journey-but only six came back.

*Dramatic pause*

Tee hee. The rest pushed off early because they wanted to take the 4.15 ferry back to Mumbai. We, on the other hand, decided to chance the MSRTC.

Ah, the MSRTC. It is THE way to travel. The very act of entering one exposes you to potential damage, in multiple ways, multiple times. They are the triple D- dirty, dangerous dabbas-and I love them.

Indian buses come personalised. Every journeyman* considers it a bounden duty to leave behind a mark to commemorate the journey. And comes suitably equipped with multi-coloured sketch pens. Creative.

I have always had bad luck with crank calls. Neither have I ever been able to make a successful one, nor have I ever had the opportunity of giving any interesting replies. Some people, on the other hand, hit the jackpot. Imagine having an STD crank caller ask you where you are…and being able to say- in the middle of the sea, on a tonga. I mean, if I were the crank caller, I would hang up my boots. You can’t better that. Especially when it is the truth.

The sea, once, very famously parted for Moses. So what, right? The sea parts twice, daily, for all visitors to the Colaba Fort. (Obviously I’m taking some poetic liberties here. But hey, so were they.)

The Fort houses a small community of pujaris who maintain a temple on the the premises-the only structure still left standing-or made to remain standing-and the journey is unforgettable. When you’re on the horse drawn cart (which almost seems to double as a ferry!) and can see the sea ahead of you and behind you, it can be-quite unique. It is one of those things that ought to fill the pages of Things-To-Do-Before-One-Dies kind of books. Unless ofcourse I’m completely unaware of other such structures around. Ooh, quite close to the Colaba fort lie the-ruins?- of another fort which has a temple dedicated to Betaal- the king of ghosts, if I’m not mistaken. Now THAT I want to visit!!:D:D

Anyway, simply put, or rather, simbly put-the day was marrvellouz.

Random, uninformed wandering in the galis of a strange town.

Drinking a cola (after ages, and as an exception. I’m still off those things) and watching lawyers at a nearby courthouse. Dressed in black suits in the scorching heat, while I was in shorts. (Poor things. Can’t they rebel against the ridiculous and asinine dress code??)

Splicing open various parts of my feet and hand on underwater rocks( Ok, I just wanted to use the word 😛 But yeah, those underwater rocks can be mean! I have a few nasty-ish cuts on the sole of my foot and on a finger.) in a bid to see a crab (which scuttled away and remained unseen).

Getting a real glimpse of underwater life for the first time. Tiny shells…with creatures in them. Tiny holes, and pretty patterns on the beach. Made presumably by baby crabs?

Watching a moth explode out of the head of the person sitting in front of me. (Allow me the dramatic inaccuracies.) And feeling like a King because I pretended that the man had a thought which the moth caught and flew away with(it sounds better in hindi). I haven’t had an idiotic thought like that in quite a while now- so I know I haven’t completely lost It.

Feeling the beginnings of a blogpost(I can stretch the term a little…) in my head and getting all pukey because of typing it out on the cell, on a moving MSRTC DDD.

Reaching home, tired and dirty, tentatively hoping to have turned a corner. In life, and otherwise.

I love Alibaug 🙂

*used gender-neutrally,



1. wild iris - September 7, 2008

Fun, and funny 😉
Can I steal this for the Wayfarers? You know, my comatose travel blog? Puhlease?

2. sporadicblogger - September 7, 2008

Hahaha, ofcourse you may 😉

3. sporadicblogger - September 7, 2008

You have a travel blog? Link!

4. Hershey Desai - September 9, 2008

🙂 alibaug…memories.

why do all plans to go to alibaug start that way? stuffing yourself in the canteen, talking about assignments then suddenly mathematical equations turn into the number of people coming for the trip.

I LOVE THE BUS. Its the poor man’s lazyboy5000(massage chair)

You have never made a successful crank call?? ever? You disappoint me.

Moses was overrated. The sea parted for him coz he smelled like crap after walking through the desert for so many days and not showering even once.

???there is a temple dedicated to a ghost…
now I disappoint myself for not having this particular information. Thank you for blessing my humble mind with this knowledge 😛

A laywer in shorts…no one will take the poor guy seriously.
“milord, I plead the defendent not..”
“put some pants on before you plead anything”

:)Baby crabs… Btw, I am a crab myself..

“Watching a moth explode out of the head of the person sitting in front of me.”
…. no comment.

finally home.
next visit. A simple trek up Karnala.

5. anonymouse - September 9, 2008

If you are into trekking, some of us are trekking Harishchandragad over the next weekend (20th and 21st).

6. wild iris - September 14, 2008

yayee 🙂
the link is http://globetrottingwayfarers.blogspot.com/
😦 😦

7. iconoplastic - September 17, 2008

Aliba(u)g is brilliant isn’t it?
I much prefer the drive to the place and the vada pavs along the way. Especially in winters.
Sigh. Need a trip to soothe my frayed nerves.

8. Salil - September 18, 2008

This is one of the most hilarious blogs I have read. Good work there.
And thanks to Wild iris, I got here from there.
Waiting for more funny blogs from you.

9. sporadicblogger - September 23, 2008

H. Desai- 🙂 Thanks for the comment. Apologies for the late reaction.

anonymouse-I don’t think I’ve ever trekked before; atleast, not a proper trek. 🙂 Thanks for the invite, I’ll look it up later. At the moment I have too much work to take time off to travel, though.

Kriti- thanks 🙂 The link has just been clicked.

iconoplastic-Yup, it is 🙂 The place has a charm to it that is very…charming 😀 I want to take a bus again just for the view along the way 🙂 And best of luck about the frayed nerves!

Salil- Hi, and thank you 🙂 I am kicked that you like it 🙂

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