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Reaction: The Motorcycles Diaries (filmed) August 9, 2008

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Well, I saw the Motorcycle Diaries (finally). And frankly, I expected much more than a heroes gaze turned upon a larger than life character. The film was entertaining, undoubtedly, but I expected to see what went into creating Che Guevara, what made him the revolutionary that has since catapulted him into, ironically, bags and tshirts that continue to sell like hot cakes. All I saw was a lot of anguish on the rather,er, dashing, actor’s face; a brief moment of ‘understanding’ in a briefer episode with a mining couple; and a completely unnecessary swim across a river that pleased the crowd (and was meant to). The gaze of the camera is on Guevara, throughout; Guevara’s gaze is not what is effectively portrayed.



1. Sankalp Varma - November 4, 2008

I agree with you…it did not potray Che Guevara that well,for the revolutionary hero that he is…I suppose you saw the movie on zee cafe..do u remember the song which was played in the commercial on Zee cafe for the three movies: Motorcycle diaries,Cinderella Man,and Hurricane..its a Bryan Adams song for sure but dont know which one…the commercial had those motivating quotes like “when there was no road…they found their own way…etc etc”….cant seem to recall anything of the song…but if you have any idea about it…please do tell me!

2. sporadicblogger - November 5, 2008

Hello 🙂 Thanks for reading. Actually, I have come to question whether Che was a revolutionary hero at all. What did he do or achieve?

Nope, didn’t see it on Zee Cafe..a classmate had it on his laptop, so we watched a screening of it in class 🙂

3. Sankalp Varma - November 6, 2008

The movie actually portrayed only a part of his life…which were based on the memoirs of his motorcycle journey across South America…He also had a significant contribution in the Cuban revolution overthrowing the dictatorship…although there are different views about him also…but he still is considered to be an inspirational hero because of the changes that he brought…I feel his image has basically been merchandised by the consumer capitalists who are just making profits out of it by creating a hype…
The movie had aired around on in the first week of august..and your post was on Aug 9th..so i guessed you might have seen it on Zee cafe 🙂 ..anyways thanks!!!

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