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July 22, 2008

Posted by K in Uncategorized.

I have a 9 o’clock class tomorrow.

PS- (My) Post-graduation education has proved to be highly disappointing so far.



1. Vidha - July 26, 2008

Post-graduation? Mumbai? Co-ed colleges? Something tells me you’re not in Delhi anymore?! How? When? Why?

2. sporadicblogger - July 26, 2008

Hehe, yeah, sorry, should have updated! 🙂 I’m in Mumbai for a year, doing my post-grad. Seriously contemplated chucking it all up, and coming back home, but figured I might as well soldier on for a few months…

3. hot donkey - July 28, 2008

hot donkey seeks a soulmate!

4. Nishant - July 29, 2008

aaah. never minding this PG business away, i shall ask (since it has been a long time) only the most relevant question – have you gotten into led zeppelin yet?

reply now!

5. Sreejith - July 30, 2008

aaha! i just enrolled for PG as well. mine has been rather eventful though 🙂 all the best!

6. aa - July 30, 2008

should be rephrased as “have you gotten into the five-odd decent songs zeppelin did?”

7. Vidha - July 31, 2008

No!! You want to throw away one whole year in Mumbai to come back to the life you’ve lived for 21 years of life?! Why! There are people out there who would kill to be where you are! (I’ll give you a hint. Her name starts with a V and ends with a idha) You go have a great year with lots of mind broadening experience and self discovery you hear?

Theatrics aside, why though?

8. sporadicblogger - July 31, 2008

Nishant- Sorry for the late reply, but yes, I have sort of gotten into Zep 🙂 But I still need waay more Zep songs to decide whether I’m IN in 🙂

aa- And those, according to you, would be?

Vidha- hehe. Ok, now that you put it thataway 🙂 Actually the why would be because the academics suck, and the academic atmosphere sucks as well. Questions-are-not-welcome-and-we-have-archaic-ideas…that would be my teachers 🙂 However. I’m thinking this is life. And thankfully in most other ways, things are looking up 🙂

9. Nishant - August 1, 2008

so ask me!

10. aa - August 1, 2008

oh I’d say Stairway, Babe I’m Gonna Leave You, Over the Hills etc, No Quarter, and… possibly Communication Breakdown and Immigrant Song

11. anonymouse - August 10, 2008

Hmmmm, so you are more local than before.

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