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May 14, 2008

Posted by K in Uncategorized.

Thunder and lightening ought to stimulate the mind into producing a half decent post, nyet?



1. aa - May 14, 2008

no but I think it shorted out your spelling

2. ish - May 14, 2008

Umm, technically Yea but umm. Iono.

3. sporadicblogger - May 14, 2008

aa- LOL. So it did. I think I have always spelt it as ‘lightening’!

ish- lono?

4. Nidhi - May 29, 2008

ah yes. but the heat is back. and ish meant ‘i don’t know’=’i dunno’=’iono’
took me a long time to figure. lol.

5. Reema - June 13, 2008

Yup it does..I got inspired and blogged about my favorite rain songs!!!
Nice blog u have here.

6. sporadicblogger - June 13, 2008

Reema- Hello 🙂 It’s so good to have new readers even when I’m being such a lazy blogger! Thanks for commenting! I am now popping over to read yours. Cheers!:)

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