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March 1, 2008

Posted by K in Uncategorized.

After sleeping ALL day, how on earth do I still feel sleepy? My love for sleep baffles me sometimes. It defies all logic, and I don’t like that.

I’m trying to work on an article about EmployAbility 2008, a job fair for disabled people, which was conducted on the 23rd and 24th of Feb. A bunch of friends and I were trying to document it, and the marvelous affair that it was, it deserves a good article. The problem is, I don’t know how to begin. I don’t know how to settle into it. And I don’t know what all I should be putting into it.

I got to meet some great people there; one of the candidates had severely impaired mobility, he was basically using his hands to swing himself in motion, his feet were useless, and yet he was there at DPS, R.K Puram on Saturday, and Pragati Maidan on Sunday. One gentleman from Indore, a professor, was there hoping to get a job in Delhi. He had a beautiful radio voice, spoke the most perfect Hindi. Speaking to him was inspirational. Then there were countless other people, some of who I tagged down on the second day, and basically kept hounding for bytes every hour or so 🙂 Remarkable patient they all were. Nobody told me to bugger off, although a woman and a boy, who we chose to refer to as Aggressive Woman and Aggressive Boy, pounced on us, questioning our intentions. Very self-righteous they were, imagining they had been wronged by Ability Foundation, that the advertisement had originally said CHENNAI as the venue for the fourth EmployAbility event, and that it was unfair to then bring it to delhi, bla bla. I do sympathise with her, having to travel a long way for a job is never fair, but for petes sake! Atleast make sure your grouse is well-founded!

The many recruiters of HCL were great to talk to. I think my bias against corporates eased a bit after talking to them.

Ofcourse, there were amusing incidences there as well. We spoke to the MD of CavinKare (or KavinCare…I always mix that up) for five minutes before discovering that he was not the CEO of naukri.com as we had been assuming! Quite embarrassing!

A fair few people landed jobs. More were promised a call back. But, I do not justice to the event or the article by this kind of a disconnected, jarring post. I shall come back to it later.

Adios, and check out http://www.abilityfoundation.org/ till then.



1. jnarin - March 6, 2008

Have you ever noticed that the more you sleep, the more sleepy you are? 🙂

A lot of employers these days are equal opportunity employers – you can see them publishing this information in the news papers, when they advertise for recruiting.

What people don’t get is this – most of the employers don’t design the office to be friendly for physically challenged people. For example, there’s no separate loo, and you have to climb up a step once in a while, which ain’t easy for everyone.

2. sporadicblogger - March 6, 2008

jnarin- Most unfortunately, yes I have 😦 Lol. I spent today sleeping as well, hehe.

And yes, exactly what you say. For thought and good intentions to translate into viable, practical reality, employers needs to work on infrastructure. It really is unfair otherwise; a blatant inflagration of human rights.

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