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February 23, 2008

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings.

Not all of humanity sucks, no. Every now and then you meet people who show you that the other kind exists. Shows you what kind of a sheltered life you lead. The corporate dream is not always that. I mean, it also is, but its more about survival. They pay you more, and they are the ones willing to accomodate CSR. Although CSR as a term and policy sucks, it should not be down as such, and tax benefits shouldn’t be the reason. The govt. doesn’t care. Its idea of social responsibility is dole worth 200 bucks and a cane. But people still believe and struggle on, trying to make you see that you’re the one actually causing the struggle. See from how far I have come, they don’t say. They just see the happy end of the sun more often than people for whom the sun IS a happy end.
The odd bad egg turns up, they are people after all, and with them you do what you do with others- finish and move away quickly, but what you remember is the spirit of the others, spirit that is at the end of the day getting converted into jobs only because private players exist, and their greed for profit is also what motivates the hiring.

Two sides of a coin. Flip. Always.



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