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January 28, 2008

Posted by K in Diary.

Things are getting ridiculously rushed again.  I leave for Bombay this Friday. Stop. I leave for Bombay this Friday and will hence be incapable of rational thought and/or action two days before and two days after. At the very minimum. Therefore, in effect, I shall be mentally absent Wednesday to Monday. Eep.

(Okay, here is why I say eep. I have to submit three projects (1. Ogden Nash and his Poetry; 2. Phanton Comics and its African (un)context and 3. I Don’t Know) by the fifteenth of February. I have to read all the (many) novels in my course. I happen to have read 2 out of too many. I have to sit down with Lit Theory,properly, and organize my understanding of it. There will then be assignments to pass in Feb. Following which there will be Graduation to occupy one’s energies.

More to the point, before I leave for the gig, we have to screen a film, organize two talks, go to my NSS project, (compulsorily)volunteer for NSS Day. Oh yeah, and the Elections process has begun. And the ‘English War’ is to be held this Monday.

Eep. There are times when perhaps you are not physically doing a lot of work, but all these itty things to be done plague your happiness UNTIL they are done.

Muchly fun it all is 😉



1. aa - January 28, 2008

hah: a) sparknotes etc b) fill exam papers up with bullshit

this holds true for all du degrees, not just undergrad.

2. sporadicblogger - January 28, 2008

aa- Firstly, would you care to become un-anonymous?
And yeah, sparknotes saves me for exams, but I generally
place myself in the dilemma where I want to do well without actually
studying 😛

3. aa - January 29, 2008

you don’t know me… I don’t know you either apart from the fact that you’re doing english in du and may have been in tsrs.

4. pr3rna - January 29, 2008

Reading novels should be fun Sporadic 🙂

5. sporadicblogger - January 29, 2008

aa- Ok.

aunty-ah, but thats were the perversity of life sets in 😀 Novels in ones COURSE become un-novels…you end up reading things out of course…or sometimes, you don’t read at all! 😀

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