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January 5, 2008

Posted by K in Uncategorized.

There is a man and he is on top of a steeple. He wears a dhoti and a top hat, and clutched in his manicured hand is an umbrella. The toe of the shoe balances on the steeple point, as he revolves, once, twice, around the spot. Suddenly he swoops, and upside down he falls; a man with an open umbrella, the top hat un-dislodged.

On his way down, the church turns into an apartment, with yellow, lighted windows. He swoops and he sees inside the window, a table pushed against the wall, a yellow lamp against a table cloth, and a family of 6. Cutlery framed against glasses of wine and lobster. The woman who served had a mole on her elbow, and her smile sucked out the button from his coat. He flew down as the button swooped inside the room, whizzed around the warmth and exited from the other end, going down, button against man.



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2. ish - January 6, 2008

So, when the man with the umbrella is falling down, isn’t there a risk of the dhoti opening or else maybe going up like a skirt would? I’m sorry for being shallow yet again. But the guy must be having hawk eyes to have observed so much while he was falling down, I would be screaming instead.

3. sporadicblogger - January 6, 2008

ish- Ah, see 🙂 He isn’t falling down, he is flying on his way down. And he’s defying gravity because he isn’t falling as fast as he would or should have.
And see, he is falling upside down, which is why the air stream is helping in maintaining his dhoti’s dignity 🙂

The guy actually observed more 🙂

4. Vasudha - January 6, 2008

‘course he was flying.He took lessons from Arthur Dent, didn’t he? 😀

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