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Back to Projects January 2, 2008

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings, Diary, Life.

12 days of glorious aimlessness now need to come to an end. I have projects that need to be done, and while I do not in the least feel inclined to, or capable of, writing something that is not trash, I guess I will eventually have to get down to them. My objective mind tells me that I would rather not keep anything for the end of Jan, as MAIDEN…INDIA…2008! will mess with my Being. And I do know that the mind is right, except it’s so darn hard!! To do as it says, I mean.

I have discovered I am quite useless at research. I do not have the patience or respect for it. Pages and pages of work, both intellectual and physical, penned down in obtuse words…I know I ought to give due respect to Knowledge, except these days I’m thinking (more and more!) that Knowledge is really all bull. I am at the stage where I glorify non-sense because that is the only thing that makes sense; it seems to be the only thing reflecting the essence of life. I pick up books of nonsense poetry, read authors who give the finger to language(well, nonsense poets, mostly) and basically stick their tongues out to the world and burble away.

I am sick and tired of engaging with issues of politics, discrimination, injustice. I know my being sick and tired of them doesn’t make them go away, and neither is it my agenda to make them go away. I am just choosing to inhabit the plane that lies above them, and for as long as I see the existence of that plane. And in that plane, the brain is not required to function in ways that are necessary to write 1500 word (times four) projects.

However, I shall never again suffer the quality of projects I turned in last year. And it’s not fair to make the professors suffer them either.

My Resolution for early 2008 is to…*blank blank blank*. Damn that plane!

(Now where does that leave me?)



1. ish - January 3, 2008

12 days of glorious aimlessness now need to come to an end.

I can totally understand that and it’s pretty much the same here except that my days of glorious aimlessness lasted less than 6 days. Time to get back to the usual shit now which is basically mug things up until you’re ready to explode. The monotony and the uselessness of it all makes me wanna bang my head on the walls sometimes. And with school comes that terrible fear of all the exams that await me at the end of the next two months. Not a very nice feeling I tell you.

2. anonymouse - January 4, 2008

How zen!

3. sporadicblogger - January 4, 2008

ish- Don’t worry, the Boards aren’t that bad. And they are there and over before you know it, and really, a few months after tge results come, you realise how insignificant Boards and the marks really are 🙂 Best of luck, nonetheless.

anonymouse-I have a vague idea about ‘zen-ness’…kindly elaborate as I’m too buse(haha) to google and self-educate.

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