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A Tryst with the Rector-finally! December 27, 2007

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Well, the Rector’s Prize examination, anyway 🙂

In the good ole days when I used to attend assembly I heard an announcement regarding something called the Rector’s Prize examination. The name notwithstanding(er, em…) I was an enthusiastic fresher, looking to Participate. And I’ve always been a sucker for these Olympiad type exams- I derive and have derived amusement from attempting examinations that lie outside the syllabus, except, ofcourse, I have never prepared for any, and have consequently fared accordingly 😀

I signed up for it, paid something like Rs25 as registration, and waited for something to happen. Nothing, however, ‘happened’, no notification regarding dates or admit cards, so I forgot all about it. It became a lost memory, a distant thought, a wisp of past that had better places to be in. Er, moving on…I became a second year student. A second year student who suddenly got a courier from Delhi University- “On Government Duty/Service”…it sounded grand, if nothing else 🙂 – saying that the exam was to be held in December 2006.

December 2006 came, and as I had to be in Calcutta on the say of the examination, I was unable to attempt it. There it went, I thought.

But apparently not.

December 2007- I am sitting on the floor, surrounded by the Romantics, attempting to study. The bell rings, and an envelope “On Government Duty/Service” arrives. The Rector’s Prize examination was being re-conducted on the 27th of December. Yay, brilliant.

North Campus was reached, the Department was Chemistry was located, and some 15-ish students giving the exam were found. I was the only 2005’er. The poor fellows(yes, its used for both genders) who registered in 2005, and gave the exam in 2006 had to re-take the exam.

The timings for the two papers were funny. One paper finished at 11:00AM, and the next began at 2:30PM.

Anyway, the paper on General Knowledge turned out to be an essay type test. I wrote and wrote and wrote(nonsense-but I still wrote and wrote and wrote :D)-and only later realised why they stress on the importance of READING instructions; one was supposed to attempt all four questions in not more than 200 words. (HOW can you ‘give the solutions to global terrorism’ in TWO HUNDRED words?!!! Maybe I need to start thinking thoughts in precis.)

There went that one.

The second paper was a bit ridiculous. But, anyway, atleast I got acquainted  with the Rector’s (WHO keeps such a name?!! Rofl!) Prize Exam :D.

ps- North Campus is so un-wordably georgeous! smilie



1. ish - December 28, 2007

Haha, so reminds me of all those exams I’ve given too. I never prepared for any single one of them so would just go, sit, come back and laugh when others were scratching their heads at how difficult the paper was.

I did win a distinction in one of those McMillan English ones though. English is the only thing I’ve ever been good at. I remember I got the lowest marks in my school in a science olympiad exam. Hell I was even below the guy who had failed in the same grade twice.

2. pallavi - December 28, 2007

make me proud ye koyel

3. anonymouse - December 31, 2007

Solution to terrorism: Genocide.

Or if you prefer it, Ender’s Game.

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