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The Season of Happiness is here! December 22, 2007

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So the exams are finally done with 🙂

The time consequent to that has been well spent, *nod nod*. A surprise birthday mini-party for a friend who turned 20 (although the ‘surprise’ didn’t entirely surprise her… :p), a nice long late-evening watching clips of Python and my Iron Maiden: The Early Days dvd after ages…a nice late morning with a long awaited trip to the bookstores (Calvin and Hobbes, Tom Holt-The Portable Door, Roald Dahl- collected short stories), a birthday lunch with the 20 year old friend, a night spend with Sholay, chicken cooking and pigging out, a visit to the school after a year and a half, a quick escape and Taare Zamin Par at the soon-to-be-extinct Chanakya….ah, bliss! 😀

And how can I leave out my spectacles scare! No, don’t laugh, it’s like this. I own a pair of purple (NOT pink!) spectacles (a replacement for the last time I lost my more conventional looking specs…) that I am much attached to. And, hm, occassionally dependant on. Now on the 20th we had Killer Paper, which explained why I was sort of distracted. Sometime much later in the day it struck me that my specs were not on my nose.

I tried a rewind, but drew an absolute blank. I couldn’t even remember if I had grabbed the specs in the morning. Thinking I would be resourceful, I asked (a fair few :p ) people if they remembered seeing me wear it. It was eventually established that I had a) Removed it from it’s place of nomadic existance at home and b) that I had misplaced it somewhere between the corridor where I was trying to pack in some last minute Foucault, and the room where I wrote my paper.

(No, I’m not done yet. The purple specs are important!)

Today I went to College with Pallavi where I insisted on reserving Lost Property as a last hope, and proceeded towards the room. On the way I checked every dustbin, even though Pallavi assured me that owner-less specs weren’t generally discarded along with banana peels and brethren. FINALLY, however, its purpleness was discovered in my desk! :D:D Let me just say I was relievedly happy 😀

The Somewhere Back In Time 2008 tickets for the Mumbai gig are out on the ticketpro homepage…came out on the 20th…to celebrate the end of my exams, I’m sure 😉

Taare Zamin Par, my dear fellows, is a must-watch movie. Admittedly it stimulates the tear glands (or tries to, in my case :p ) but the little boy who plays Ishaan Avasti is remarkable. It’s what I would call a Good Movie(and no, I’m not mocking it; for once the capital letters do not caricature).



1. ish - December 23, 2007

TZP only tried to stimulate your tear glands? Hell, I was crying like shit lol! And the movie was totally fab, must watch for many parents I know, including mine lol. And they did watch it, but I don’t know what they were feeling because I was too busy trying to mask my own crying as a lame cold lol. And the little boy who plays Ishaan Awasthi is called Darsheel Safary in real life and I don’t know how Aamir Khan managed to discover him. The guy is a genius even though the script and the story is not his own. But the effort shows big time.

Congrats that the exams finished and that you didn’t lose the spects. Have great holidays!

2. sporadicblogger - December 23, 2007

Ish- See, thats because I’m one of ’em jocks who don’t cry much 😛

It is a must watch for a lot of parents, especially parents of kids who are not considered ‘normal’. But yeah, its a must watch for all parents. Let us know through your blog is your parents change their stance after the movie 🙂

Yep, Darsheel Safary (I remembered the first name but not the last…was too lazy to look it up :P) Was discovered in a Shiamak Davar class by Amol Gupte. He is adorable 🙂

And thank you, congrats on turning 18 🙂

3. ish - December 23, 2007

Ah, I didn’t know he was discovered in a Shiamak Davar class. He’s trying to be a dancer too? Man kids these days are way too good. I mean what the hell are we lazy bum’s gonna do? 😛

My parents, ah well, nothing can change them. And moreover, I’m pretty much normal and only lazy so I don’t see any reason why they should feel sympathetic about me either. But hey, I liked one line in the movie a lot and that goes for normal kids too, Every kid takes their time to achieve what they want. But parents want only toppers in their family. I mean that’s really sad but totally true.

4. sporadicblogger - December 23, 2007

Ish- I did not imply you were ‘un-normal’ 🙂 I meant that ALL parents ought to watch it, because it’s about letting a child find his/her own happiness in the world.
And really, the older I’m growing, the more I’m realising that at the end of the day, all that matters is happiness, whether you get it by staring at lilies, competing or even slowly pushing your brain out, savouring a new experience at your own pace.

Living someone else’s life, or comparing to others achievments just makes one want to take the atoms from one’s body and smash it against the wall. 🙂

5. ish - December 24, 2007

Exactly! But parents don’t understand that. In my case, even my grandparents don’t. They seem to want me to be a perfect child who has all the good qualities of all the kids in the neighborhood which means that in the 24 hours of a day, 18 hours should be spent studying and 2 hours should be spent praying to God. In the remaining 4 hours, I’m expected to eat, go outdoors, help everyone at home, sleep and if there’s some time left, I might think about entertainment. Yeah right, as if that’s possible.

And even I feel that at the end of the day, if I’m a happy and satisfied person, nothing else matters. It’s my own life and I’m not going to live it trying to imitate everybody’s positive points. If people have to accept me, they have to accept me as what I am.

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