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Exam Diaries: Part IV December 14, 2007

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(And so they go on… violin.gif)


From Waiting for Godot:

Vladimir: Moron!

Estragon: Vermin!

Vladimir: Abortion!

Estragon: Morpion!

Vladimir: Sewer-rat!

Estragon: Curate!

Vladimir: Cretin!

Estragon: [With finality] Crritic!



And from Look Back in Anger:


Jimmy: I’m so tired of necking,

                Of pecking, home wrecking,

                Of empty bed blues-

                Just pass me the booze.

                I’m tired of being hetero,

                Rather ride on the metero,

                Just pass me the booze.

                This perpetual whoring

                Gets quite dull and boring.

Jimmy: And it won’t be recollected in tranquility either, picking daffodils with Auntie Wordsworth.

Jimmy: There are no dry cleaners in Cambodia

Jimmy: That’s not a direction-that’s an affliction!

Jimmy: She will pass away, my friends, leaving a trail of worms gasping for laxatives behind her- from purgatives to purgatory.


I am well prepared for my exam tomorrow. eusa_liar.gif



1. ish - December 14, 2007

Ah, exams really do suck. I’m having one tomorrow as well and here I am posting you a comment. It’s so dumb having to give exams ain’t it? Why should we need to test ourselves? We’ve done one thing, hell we’ve done it and should be confident when we say that. An exam can’t prove anything. Only the ones who mug up real well do well in exams, I believe. And that’s a good argument for doing badly too so suits me 😛

I love the violin smiley btw.

2. sporadicblogger - December 14, 2007

Hi Ish, thanks for dropping by 🙂

Funnily enough, I love and hate exams. I hate it because, really, my knowledge and understanding CANNOT be tested in such infantile conditions. However, being extremely lazy, the only time I actively engage with most of my texts is when Im forced to!

Best of luck for yours!

3. ish - December 14, 2007

It’s pretty much the same here. If there were no exams, I would probably not be knowing anything about whatever I’m studying right now. I do listen to everything very attentively in class but learning the stuff is done only when the exams loom over my head. I don’t like exams because mostly they don’t check your understanding, they only check your mugging up capability.

Thank you, Good luck to you too..sorry I forgot that in the previous comment. 😛

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