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Ole! (With an accent, like the bull fighting chappies) November 26, 2007

Posted by K in Blog equivalent of forwards.

Random Humour
Three men walked into a bar……



*eyes* Okay, you must admit you fell off your chair laughing. You did. You know you did.

Okay, and also “You are not only genius, you are INDIgenous” :D:D This,ofcourse, comes from DDLJ. Which I saw for the first time this saturday. On Emiko’s insistence. Emiko has an SRK wallpaper on her desktop. And while I haven’t yet fallen that deep, I must admit I am newly addicted to Bollywood and Shahrukh Khan 😀

Random Book

Sorting Out Billy. Must I explain?
Random Boredom

Writing Scream for me Bangalore!! on every write-able surface, and then scratching it out to replace Bangalore with Bombay. But that isn’t exactly boredom…

Boredom would be writing ‘Friday’ on all my notes today, then regretfully scratching it out to replace it with ‘Monday’. But that was a genuine mistake(or wishful thinking).

Random boredom-tripping in my head I guess. Checking the net 10 times each day just for the heck of it.

Random Worries

All my teeth falling out before their time.

All my hair falling out before their time.Actually, ANY time.

Yes, it’s all physical. I’m fickle.

Random Memories

Making up whoppers about dramatically falling on a crow that was lying with it’s beak up in the air, and having the beak pierce my stomach. I don’t remember if I needed hospitalisation and/or medical attention. Not, I suspect…

Random Realizations
I’m selfish.

I like my time alone.

I eat. A lot.

I spend a lot of money on food.

I use ‘I’ a lot.

My social skills wold make most people weep.

I like randomness.

I’m not as ‘growed up’ as I think or wish.

Oh, and I tag everybody on my blogroll. I mean it!



1. Sreejith - November 28, 2007

you are insane… holy crow!

2. sporadicblogger - November 28, 2007

Thank you! 😀

3. Vasudha - November 28, 2007

haha! a crow’s beak piercing your stomach? 😛
you think a lot, don’t you?

4. sporadicblogger - November 28, 2007

Vasudha- that one was when I was in KG(one of my most productive years,hahaha). If I remember correctly, my friends swallowed it…and so did I,lol.

5. anonymouse - November 30, 2007

sporadicblogger isn’t insane, she’s approaching insanity from the other side.

6. jnarin - December 6, 2007

Interesting.. 🙂 I was once knocked by a crow. It thought I was too close to it’s nest..

7. sporadicblogger - December 6, 2007


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