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November 10, 2007

Posted by K in Uncategorized.

I can never make up my mind about festivals. I want to like them, and feel all Festive and Joyous. Except, everybody seems to think that Festive and Joyous is how the day ought to feel…and because finding a day of un-ending, uninterrupted joyousness is a near impossibility (shit happens; its a fact of life), the heightened expectations just make it all the worse. There are times when I want to scream I HATE bloody Occassions (now including birthdays), and there are times when I go all dopey and feel all goey, and ‘connected’ (to what? with what?).

The last of all Occassions (atleast for the bangaali) approaches. Bhai Phota. Except, I probably won’t be doing much phota-ing because I left Yeats, Swift AND Foucault (and Gramsci and Althuser) for today. Oh, and did I mention? The remaining litfest details (*DRUMROLL* LiTMUS 2007: The English Literary Fest ) are to be sorted today. And I shall attempt to balance the Litfesting Fixing with the academicking with reading God Of Small Things…yet another book that I refused to touch till now because it was raved about (but atleast sometimes I am right…Five Point Someone was horrible). It is quite un-put-downable.

In a tiny little aside, the JMC english entrance test had (as I now discover) a passage from this very book. And I now see how completely off the mark my interpretation was…if I remember correctly, I read incest into it. Oh well. Atleast I had fun supporting my argument,lol. And,really, for someone who hasn’t read the book, the extract could have signified incest!! *tries to convince she-doesn’t-know-who*

In an edit: (And I do feel smug about this… :p) There IS incest! I wasn’t so off the mark afterall, haha. :p



1. anonymouse - November 11, 2007

I have to admit that I haven’t dared to read five point someone, and IMHO, ‘The God of Small Things’ sucked. As did Shantaram.

2. Vasudha - November 11, 2007

Five Point Someone….literary crap at best.And I say at best, because I dared to mention the book and literary in the same sentence 😐 I have God of Small Things in my list of to-be-read books, which seems to be getting bigger by the mo’ [and in inverse proportion to the closeness of my exams 😦 gah.] But right now….its Ana Karenina 🙂

3. aa - November 11, 2007

“As did Shantaram”

ding ding correct. couldn’t finish it.

4. Sreejith - November 11, 2007

the litmus link is broke. and who named the quiz ‘literminator’!! 😛 and you are LSRC! 🙂 i’ve heard great things about the people there 😉

5. sporadicblogger - November 12, 2007

Sreejith- link fixed, I think…dunno what went wrong.

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