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Tagged October 27, 2007

Posted by K in Blog equivalent of forwards.

By Indrani and Nishant

List 5 things that you want to say to people but never will. Dont say who they are.

Eh, my memory fails me. I have sporadic amnesia.
Five Things I’d Love To Do Before I Die

(In no particular order)

  1. Go Bald
  2. Ride a bike
  3. Act
  4. Fall in love and stay that way.
  5. Make a film. Publish a book. Change one life.

Five Things I Will Not Do Even If It Kills Me

  1. Flirt
  2. Sell my soul
  3. Smoke
  4. Trust the internet
  5. Pay to use the IMOC 😀
  6. Oh, and wear flowers

Five Things I Do When I’m Away From The Public

  1. Sing along to Bruce
  2. Stare at the mirror pulling faces
  3. Avoid a bath( In winter! In winter!)
  4. Create stories in my head. Which sometimes continue in serial format 😀
  5. I overshot previous limit. I compensate.

Five Fave Sentences/Quotes

  1. Innumerable Monty Python ones.
  2. He thought the lion was dead, and the lion thought it wasn’t.
  4. I know there are more…

Five Things I’ll Make You Wish You Didnt Do, If You Did

  1. Mess with me
  2. Mess with me
  3. And, oh yeah, mess with me
  4. Mess with someone I don’t wish you to mess with
  5. Call me weak/frail/etc

Five People To Tag

  1. Pallavi
  2. Aishwarya
  3. Haz
  4. Sreejith
  5. Vasudha
  6. jnarin
  7. Manas

Ok. So I have a problem with sticking to rules. Or numbers, perhaps it is numbers…



1. Tagged! « Through My Words… - October 28, 2007

[…] My Words… ? « On Mobile Phones When Driving.. Tagged! October 28th, 2007 SporadicBlogger has tagged […]

2. anonymouse - October 29, 2007

So you don’t use MSFT Windows|Mac OS X, right?

3. Seven Fives « Reflections - October 29, 2007

[…] Oct 29th, 2007 by Manas Blame it on Sporadic. […]

4. sporadicblogger - October 29, 2007

anonymouse- erm,no, why do you ask? 🙂

5. anonymouse - October 29, 2007

The price of Windows is your soul, and your firstborn. So what do you use?

6. Keshav - October 30, 2007

i shall be in the NAtional Capital on the 6th

7. aa - October 30, 2007

“Five Things I Do When I’m Away From The Public:

Avoid a bath”

So you bathe in public?

8. sporadicblogger - October 30, 2007

anonymouse- I didn’t get your question. MSFT? I do use windows, and no, it is not begotten at the cost of my soul. 😉

Keshav- let me guess…AIESEC? :p

aa- No, not exactly 🙂

9. aa - October 31, 2007

wanking makes you bald, btw. at least I think that’s what happened to me.

10. anonymouse - October 31, 2007

MSFT == Microsoft.

And you don’t know about the loss of your soul yet.

11. aa - October 31, 2007

you weren’t in tsrs were you?

12. sporadicblogger - October 31, 2007

anonymouse- Hehe

aa- Who are you?

13. aa - October 31, 2007

that’s a yes then

never mind, just curious

14. Sreejith - October 31, 2007

scream for me bangalore… me too 🙂 will let you know when i do the tag.. lot of water will flow before that though. btw did u catch sepultura?

15. sporadicblogger - October 31, 2007

Sreejith- 🙂 No, not very fond of Sepulture…whatever little I have heard of them. You couldn’t, could you? :p

Maiden India 2008 announced, btw…Feb 1, Mumbai :D:D

16. Vasudha - November 1, 2007

Tagged! 😀
even though I’ve been an evil sporadic commenter lately 😦 *reddens abashedly*

17. sporadicblogger - November 1, 2007

aa- must have missed your last comment. Your conclusion is unconclusive 🙂

18. keshv - November 7, 2007

not aiesec. i hve life. the first letter of the lphbet doesnt seem to be working.

19. sporadicblogger - November 7, 2007

lolol. Isn’t AIESEC your life? :p

How do you know her then?

20. sporadicblogger - November 7, 2007

Ooh, looks like I’ve confused a few forums. You are in Delhi not because of AIESEC but you know her through AIESEC…?

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