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Zzzz gag choke AAAARhhhh October 10, 2007

Posted by K in Abstract Ramblings, Calamity, Diary, Life.

Ok, so this blog will go to sleep, indefinitely. Stop checking. There will be no updates. I’ve realized that everytime I say this, I end up putting up a lengthy post the very next day. But this time I won’t. Or can’t, call it what you will. I have no Time, that insufferable thing. What I do to my Time, I cannot tell you. It is a State Secret. Unknown even to me.

But yes, no time coupled with Anxieties means I have no creative spill-over on this page of Nothing. Nothing, not even Nothing is being espewed. Yes, such an age has come to pass. The Qing of Nothing has failed to live up to her self-gifted heading.

What to do only…there is driving class to (finally) attend. Yes, I succumbed. My laziness was shoved under the carpet. I drove on a simulator(much fun, except crashes aren’t as exciting as I had imagined) and now I go for my license, the first one.

Then there is Vidya to go to. Where I (now. also) teach. VI-VIII standard chillun. Very rewarding, I must say. Most are smarter than I was at their age. I did not know there was more than one interpretation of the Ramayana at 13. I teach them English, and they learn fast and I teach okay. I am learning some choice cuss words(you should hear two of them go. Quietly, so that I don’t hear)

Then there is the yet-Un-named (and Historic, as I insist on insisting) Department Fest to organize. In less than a month. That means college to haggle with, sponsors to haggle with, printers to haggle with, committees to haggle with, and oh yeah, the big daddy of haggles-the ‘Café’ to haggle with. And there is the minor matter of guarding against massive screw ups, that LOVE to tail Historic Events.

There is also the very minor matter of deciding my future. Application Abroad (yuck yuck yuck. Scholarships. What? WHEN?How?How much? COURSE?? COLLEGE?? Reference. WHO?WHAT? Course specific? General specific?).

Applications Inbroad. (COURSE?? COLLEGE?? Huh, form out already? WHAT, business knowledge? In M.A?)

Year off?(Doing what,exactly…?)

Oh, and before I forget- academics. The October Break: time to Catch Up on zdudiez. Haha. Mirthless Laughter. The only book I have touched is Faust Among Equals. And a few other non-academic books. Lit theory? Projects? FOUR projects. Essays? Novels? Essays? Projects? No, I cannot reiterate this enough- PROJECTS! *Weeps*

Now club ALL THIS with Maiden…India…2008 (inscribed in all inscribe-able surfaces, by the way…). In Feb/March 2008.

THAT is why the blog will go to sleep. Indefinitely. Goodbye. See you. As soon as Life is done screwing my existence.


Ps. I have no cheer. Detect none in the above.



1. ibasu - October 10, 2007

oye. shut up. let me know about license?? and we need to meet. movie? ghar? priya? you need some rest 😛

2. pr3rna - October 12, 2007

Interesting times ahead @sporadic.Best of luck.

3. Sreejith - October 12, 2007

a simulator? they have those in India! neat!
and hope you figure out where your life is headed to… unlike some of us who go through most part of life without any direction 🙂

4. wild iris - October 12, 2007

heehee..take a year off, itellya. travel. learn languages. drive without crashing. teach more kids. erm…okay, i’ve run outta stuff.
i know your predicament. ezackly.
hey, btw, will teachers murder me if i dont give my project on the designated date ?(consider this a random query from a troubled fresher) so much to do somuchtodo *sigh*

5. keshav - October 14, 2007

you cant close down this blog indefinitely! 😡 :eyes:

6. sporadicblogger - October 14, 2007

ibasu-yep, tom. I will call. Be free!

aunty- Thank you 🙂 Interesting yes, I’m actually very excited about it all when I’m not hyperventilating 🙂

Sreejith- Indeed 😀 Much fun it is, although, like I said, crashing isn’t fun because the car seat doesn’t move etc. No special effects on the driver, though on screen you have everything, from trees falling on the road to hogs crossing in front, unexpectedly 😀

wildiris-how I envy you, young one! Hehe, first year…
(Don’t tell them I told you, but no, murder shall not happen :p. This is, ofcourse, STRICTLY CONFIDENTIAL, shhhhhhhh. )

keshav-the blog shall not be closed down, I’m too much in love with it for that! 😀 Updates shall be infrequent, which YOU of ALL people should have no problem with…seeing as you update once in a cheese blue moon!

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