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I flickr October 3, 2007

Posted by K in Photos.

Te he. Finally got an account. Some photos are up. If anybody has time, I’d appreciate comments.

Motion Clickness 



1. anonymouse - October 3, 2007

Good stuff. I like your work.

Delhi’s skies aren’t quite blue though.

Oh, and I think you should play around with longer exposure times and smaller apertures in evening shots. Late evening stuff comes out even more interestingly that way.

2. sporadicblogger - October 4, 2007

Thanks for commenting 🙂 .
I used to think we don’t have blue skies, but this year I saw some blueness that compared to Kerala’s blueness. I wasn’t able to capture it, because I was invariably traveling camera-less.

I cannot control the aperture- I have a point and shoot. Someday I need to sit down somewhere and shoot the evening- all the shots that I uploaded were clicked from a car, hence the poor quality.

3. pr3rna - October 4, 2007

Nice photographs.

4. Sreejith - October 4, 2007

the first page was really good stuff! u have the eye.

5. anonymouse - October 5, 2007

Nah, I kinda like comparing with the blueness of Ladakh (or any other place with few vehicles).

Just before Rohtang, from the bus.


Ladakh, on the Ladakh-Keylong road, from the bus.

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