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August 31, 2007

Posted by K in Uncategorized.

How different are we from animals. No, really. What sets us apart from the aimality of animals?

They turned their noses up at me for asking, but I still don’t think we are that different.



1. anonymouse - September 1, 2007

Nothing, except the unwillingness of the average human to accept it

2. anonymouse - September 1, 2007

Oh yeah, I’m in DEL till the 9th, +919819802108 if you want to schedule a coffee.

3. Sreejith - September 1, 2007

i believe its the feedback mechanism thats different. We learn and adapt quicker. Speech i strongly feel is too overhyped a reason… you realize that only when u see movies like Pushpak 🙂

4. Paul Sunstone - September 1, 2007

That’s an excellent question!

It seems the more we learn of other animals, the less we can say we are all that different from them. For instance: In some recent studies, chimpanzees were observed to engage in altruistic behavior. Until those studies came out, people were saying one big difference between us and other animals is that we show things like altruism and other animals don’t. Now we can no longer say that.

I think Sreejith is right that we learn and adapt quicker than most other animals. But even that seems a mere difference of degree. Other animals also learn and adapt — we’re just faster.

So, I think the main difference between us and other animals is we do some things better than they do (and maybe other things worse than they do!). But it’s not like we do much that it is totally unheard of any other animal doing.

5. yaamyn - September 2, 2007

Let’s see… animals don’t blog rhetorical questions that gather scientific comments.. they don’t have 9-5 schedules… they laze around all day… choose their mates… have offspring they don’t have to spend on… most of them are mature by teenage… make more accurate weather predictions than my human weatherman… they don’t give a damn about their creator, much less fight over whose creator is better… don’t smoke up or booze or wear underwear, and yet, can be macho… don’t wear stupid crowns or hold silly sceptres but still have their own dominion… and when there’s nothing much left to do, can gather thousands of other male and female animals and have their own version of the naked mile over the ! STAMPEDE!! If you’re a sea-creature, you’re don’t even need bathing suits or inflated rings for your first swim! And if you’re a migratory bird, actually have a world tour every season – 365 days on holiday – free of charge! And the male walruses dont give a damn about the female’s figure…
in other words.. they’re a hell lot better off socially than us ‘social animals’.
P.S. – but we DO have HEATING in our homes, you know.

6. jnarin - September 3, 2007

Not much, as far as I can see. Except we call ourselves “Developed”, and kick the animals out of their homes, and environments.

7. wild iris - September 4, 2007

heyy nice blog!
n i notice u comment on my bro’s blog but not mine *sniff*

8. sporadicblogger - September 4, 2007

Lol, hello 🙂 I do comment on your blog! Its just that I haven’t been actively blogging or blog-reading for a while- his Maiden article and Artemis Fowl caught ,my attention 🙂

9. pallavi - September 7, 2007

turned up noses be supplied with snuff powder

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