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Ilish Machh! August 29, 2007

Posted by K in food.

I am a Bengali, I am a Bengali, yay! 😀 Actually, I AM a Bengali…I always knew that (except, I don’t sing or dance), but living in metropolitan Delhi, I need a reconfirmation now and then…by means of Durga Puja and Ilish Machh. Oh, the wonders of ilish maachh! Now, in the ordinary way of things, I loathe fish. Okay, maybe not loathe, my palate is widening, but given a choice between fish and meat, I’d go for the latter ninety seven times out of hundred (this would disqualify me as a Bengali, most times, except, the rules differ for almost-Delhi-born-confused-bongs), however, I NEVER, and I mean NEVER say no to Ilish-Hilsa to you non-bongs.

Ilish has a unique flavour- it is delicate and it explodes in your mouth. It is subtle, yet it bursts with a sense of ‘freshness’. And if you are a true blue Ilish aficionado, you will know to keep away from the Myanmari variety- the Bangladeshi Ilish are top of the pack.

Ilish can be had in many, many ways, but I personally prefer the subtler curries, which allow you to disseminate the taste of the fish on your tongue.

Ilish eating can be time-consuming- there are bones and bones and bones, but at the end of that half hour(which is how long I take,lol) you will be one satisfied foodie.

Oh, and I got asked if I’m a south Indian today. At a bus stop. Hm. And this is not the first time either…



1. pr3rna - August 30, 2007

What an irony, vegetarians can’t make use of this great post. Very good description. Are there vegetarian Bengali dishes too? Somebody recommended a very good Bengali Restaurant in Delhi. I am not sure if there are enough vegetarian dishes in Bangla cuisine.

2. anonymouse - August 30, 2007

I am sure there are enough vegeterian dishes. If not, just eat the sweets 😉

3. sporadicblogger - August 31, 2007

aunty- oh there are many many veggie bong dishes as well-in fact, I actually love the veggie stuff, and I generally avoid vegetarian meals when I can :p
Are you talking about Babu Moshai in CR Park? I’ve heard a lot about that but not been there yet…

anonymouse- I don’t understand why people like bong sweets!!

4. pr3rna - August 31, 2007

I am talking about O’ Calcutta in Nehru Place. I love bong sweets too.

5. anonymouse - September 1, 2007

They are sweets. What’s not to like?

6. Sreejith - September 1, 2007

i got to try this fish. Mallus and bongs are really soul sisters. Communism and love of fish! Bong sweets…well sondesh wasn’t good at all! But rasogullas are lip smacking! so a mixed plate i would say.

7. sporadicblogger - September 1, 2007

aunty- Oh Calcutta! is supposed to be amazing! As far as I know, the owner of Oh Calcutta! and Mainland China are the same, and both rock! 😀

anonymouse-er, that they are sweets! Hehehe.

Sreejith-lol,yeah! And you must try the soft sondesh-IMO they own kara pak(the hard ones) 🙂

8. Hanedin - September 3, 2007

Aaloo Posto
Luchi Aaloor Dum
Jhinge Posto
Thor Ghonto
Posto Baata
Daal Puri
Beguni/Begun Bhaaja
Mochar Ghonto..

Sigh, salivating too much. Shall blog about bong food.
Yummy. I want Mutton Ghugni now…sigh.

9. pr3rna - September 3, 2007

I knew about Luchi Aaloor Dum.

10. kyra - September 7, 2007

oh great. now i miss cal also. as if missing delhi wasn’t enough.

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