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August 20, 2007

Posted by K in Gender.

Strange things have been happening. The Delhi Police have taken out a handbook for northeast students (girls, mainly) that essentially tells them what to do to ‘fit in’. An example- don’t cook smelly food (I’m not kidding, it’s there).

And ofcourse, it advises the women on what not to do in order to NOT be raped. Don’t dress scantily (because that provokes men, duh), don’t dress scantily, don’t dress scantily.

The Hindu had a great edit page(I think) article about this ridiculous handbook. I can’t locate the link, but the article ended with a set of instructions for women-

Don’t go without clothes (It provokes men)

Don’t go with clothes (because some clothes provoke some men)

Avoid childhood (because children excite some men)

Avoid old age (because it excites some men)

etc. etc. It was a good piece.

Why do I go on and on and on about women and women’s issues? I don’t want to, but lately it has been hitting me more and more. This is yet another reason for my liking Chak De- I liked how they turned the stereotypes on their head, and mocked them, and mocked them singularly well for Bollywood.

And, I do admit, I lived vicariously through the McDonald’s scene 🙂



1. pallavi - August 21, 2007

ridiculous but i guess we dont get surprised anymore

we have to go watch chak de again

2. sporadicblogger - August 21, 2007

But I did. I did not imagine that an OFFICIAL document like this could ever be taken out.

3. jnarin - August 23, 2007

This is ridiculous!!

4. sporadicblogger - August 23, 2007


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